MultiSelect Test

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Perform all the following tests in your main inventory window, a secondary inventory window, an object window, and texture picker

1) Select multiple items by Ctrl-clicking on each item in sequence and verify the following

  • Ctrl-clicking an already-selected item deselects it
  • The last selected item is highlighted with a white outline
  • You cannot select an item that is a child of a selected folder

2) Shift-click to extend from the current highlighted item to the item you clicked on

  • Shift-click will not work from an item in one folder to an item in another
  • Shift-click does not destroy current selection (after Ctrl-clicking multiple items)

3) Right click on a multiple selection

  • Verify that context menu opens up with generic options and all items work
    • Open (clicking this opens tabbed preview window for all items)
    • Properties (opens tabbed properties window for all items)
    • Copy (copies multiple items)
    • Paste (pastes to multiple destinations)
    • Delete (deletes multiple items)
  • Context menu items disabled when any one item cannot perform operation
    • For example, folders can't be copied

4) Tabbed previews - verify the following

  • Parent preview window is big enough for the largest child
  • Contents scale properly with parent window
  • Can "tear off" individual windows
  • Closing or tearing off all child windows closes the parent window

5) Drag and Drop

  • Clicking on one item out of a multiple selection should not change selection until you release the mouse button
  • Verify following drag and drop operations with multiple items selected:
    • Moving objects/folders between folders
    • Moving objects between inventory and object inventory
    • Wearing clothing (multiple items, multiple folders with clothing)
    • Dragging calling cards to IM window
    • Dragging calling cards to group invitation window
    • Activating gestures by dragging them onto your avatar
  • Verify that all other drag and drop operations only use the last item selected
    • When hovering over target that accepts only one item, all items but the last selected one lose their highlight