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Adding another Region Domain

SLGArchWG1-15-Another Region.jpg

This diagram shows how you can add another region domain to the grid. With this architecture it is quite straight forward but also imposes some questions about which region domain trusts which agent domain.

Zero says: what started as scaling exercise turns into distributed authority exercise

Adding Another Agent Domain

SLGArchWG1-16-Another Agent.jpg

Here another agent domain is added to the grid. It again creates questions such as whom to trust and how trust can be implemented.

Adding a Organization Domain

SLGArchWG1-17-Organization Domains.jpg

An Organization Domain means basically that it is restricted in some form. In this case we have a company XYZ and it might allow only agents from their agent domain on the region domain.

The blue dotted line means that an agent can be linked to another agent (e.g. the more public agent from the SL Agent domain (== Linden Lab's grid)). This can mean the following:

  • The company agent can access the inventory from the company agent domain and from the SL Agent Domain
  • The company agent might be restricted in only being allowed to rez objects from the company agent domain's inventory on a region belonging to the company region domain
  • The company agent might be allowed on th SL Region domain but might not be able to rez objects from agent domain of the company.
  • The company agent might be allowed to wear the company badge on the SL Region domain though (or not).

So what we need here is a list of what should be restrictable and a means of how to define it.

How to link domains

SLGArchWG1-18-Linking Domains.jpg

How it might scale in both domain types

SLGArchWG1-19-It Scales 1.jpg SLGArchWG1-20-It Scales 2.jpg

In these two diagrams one can see how it can then scale in the future. There are no central databases anymore and it allows for adding arbitrary agent and region domains.

Of course it also allows for a complete separate grid, it just depends on permissions on what is allowed to connect to what.

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