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Three routes; now named 12, 13 and 14 exist on the Nautilus continent (near, but not the same land mass, as the city of the same name):

Route 12

SL Route 12 Sign.PNG
Nautilus Roads.jpg

Route 12 is made for exploring from sea to shining sea, from the sandy beaches of the shore to the grassy hills of the interior to the rough mountain trails of the northern penninsula. This road is calling out for adventurous avatars looking to explore a continent.

RT12 Overview Map.png

Along that way you will find billboards like the one here. These maps give a topographical overview of the continent and the road itself. A red star indicates your current location. The gold stars indicate points to which you can teleport. Touching the gold star will open the map. This give explorers the ability to easily navigate to parts of the route not yet explored.

Beatrice RT12.png

Route 12 Beatrice Rest Stop, Beatrice

Close to the shores of the southwestern penninsula the rest stop in Beatrice is spartan. Little more than a few trees and a bench it is a turn around point and place to sit and contemplate which part of the continent you want to visit next.

Dreyfus RT12.png

Route 12 Dreyfus Crossroads, Dreyfus

The interesection in Dreyfus is nestled in the green hills of the continent. West is the road along the western shore to Beatrice. North is the climb over the hills toward the hairpin curve in Jaxipun and on to the off road trail on the northern point.

Clinker RT12.png

Route 12 Clinker END OF PAVED ROAD, Clinker

Just over the bridge in Elsa is the end of paved road. The rest of RT12 to the north is an unimproved dirt trail with steep hills, rocks, and undergrowth blocking the way. A pleasant walking or horseback riding trail the route is not recommended for large vehicles with a wide track or low clearance. 4x4 trucks and off road vehicles should do fine. Test your offroading skill on this one!

Pouncival RT12.png

Route 12 Pouncival Roundabout, Pouncival

In Pouncival RT12 double backs on itself as the trail from Clinker snakes around the hilly terrain that makes up the northwest penninsula. To the north is a hill that will give even the best SL 4x4 a run for its money as you try to navigate around the switchback of boulders strewn in your path. Crest the hill and you're on your way through around the circuit of shear drops and undulating hills and back around to where you started.

Donalbain RT12.png

Route 12 Donalbain Crossroads, Donalbain

The only other crossroads on RT12 Donalbain is rougly the halfway point. To the south is the short route leading to the endpoint at Camorro.

Camorro RT12.png

Route 12 Camorro End, Camorro

Endpoint of the southern branch of RT12 from Donalbain.

Fenstriano RT12.png

Route 12 Fenstriano Curve, Fenstriano

Rest point between the western half of RT12 and the east, Fenstriano is a good place to take stock in your transcontinental journey.

Rannveig RT12.png

Route 12 Rannveig End, Rannveig

Final endpoint of RT12 in the east. Now to decide if you telport to another part RT12 or do you once more navigate the hills and curves backtoward the west.

Route 13

SL Route 13.PNG

Route 13 is a small Route approximately 2.4km long. It begins in the mountainous regions of Borland Fell, Mysten, Frenscent, Fieldore, Siliconicus, Baddest, Servo, West Helsen, Phasmogore and Effingham and ends in the lower ocean areas of Kings Bishop and Omanix. The Path traverses very winding landforms which vary in elevation creating a very interesting and fun route. Great for taking your Bicycle or Horse for a ride, however it may be too much of a challange for larger vehicles.

Route 13 Rezz Zones

There are Three Rezz Zones along the Route :

Borland Fell Rezz.png

One at the Mountain end in Borland Fell.

Omanix Rezz.png

One at the Beach end between the path and the boardwalk in Omanix.

Siliconicus Rezz.png

One at the border of Siliconicus and Baddest on the Siliconicus side, around mid way of the route.

Route 14

SL Route 14 Sign.png
SL Route 14.PNG

Nearly lost and forgotten, Route 14 is a slice of days gone by. Once dubbed "The Pixel Highway" this road once ran all the way to what is now Route 12. The Pixel Highway connected communities in the far north with those in the deep south in the days before teleporting. Today, Routes 13 and 14 are all that remain.

When the old Route 14 roadway was rediscovered, the survey Moles were shocked to find it buried underground still in remarkable condition. Made of red brick, they believed it would be a shame to cover such handiwork with asphalt. Instead, it was decided to restore it to like new condition instead.

Route 14 only passes through 12 regions from Speedstar to Mirandirge and is perfect for a short daytrip. Pack a lunch and explore a bit of history* as you go from the End Of The Line Inn to Sandy Trunks Beach... or vice versa. Along the way you'll cross Seven Chickens Bridge and Dead Mole's Curve. Be sure to stop and read the markers as you pass by.

  • Note the "history" is for entertainment purposes only (i.e. we made it all up)

Sandy Trunks Beach RT14.jpg

Sandy Trunks Beach (1)

Seven Chickens Bridge RT14.jpg

Seven Chickens Bridge (2)

Dead Moles Curve RT14.jpg

Dead Mole's Curve (3)

End Of The Line Inn.jpg

End Of The Line Inn (4)

3-N-1 Ext

Added on in 2012 the 3-N-1 extension was added on by the builders at The 3-N-1 Club. Although it is privately owned land, it is open for public use.

Technical Data

Road measurements for Nautilus

The following numbers are distances, measured in kilometers. Estimated error is 5%.

Main road system (route 12):

Start (West loop):        0.00
West loop completed:      1.26
Asphalt begins:           1.87
First intersection:       3.69
Second intersection:      5.08
Orientation pannel:       7.64
Road end:                11.25
Deviation 1 (total):      2.51
Deviation 2 (total):      1.19
TOTAL:                   14.95

Unconnected roads:

Road 13 (total):          2.67 (2.55 pavement, 0.12 beach road)
Road 14 (total):          2.58 (trail ,not quite a road)
  • Total road network: 20.20 km
  • Road (asphalt, pavement, concrete): 15.75 km
  • Trails, paths: 4.45 km
  • Off-road: 0.00 km
  • Unconnected sectors: 2 pieces
  • Sea access: shore, not direct sea contact.

For Nautilus City, data is less accurate. There are many roads, paths, squares and stairs, so it is impossible to make a complete measurement. In East, there are many trails of protected land between parcels. Still, with a 30% approximation, the data is as follows:

West Peninsula:           9.50
Citadel:                  6.40
South East Peninsula:     6.80
North East Peninsula:     1.30
TOTAL:                   24.00

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