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New Resident Services (NRS)

Welcome to the New Resident Services (NRS) Wiki Page


Active Co-Owners

Total Group Members

  • 4000+

Group Charter

Community help for new & older SL Residents. This is a G rated group, which means no adult topics or language. Please respect our choice of maturity rating. Do feel free to say 'Hi' in the group or ask questions. No spamming, no commerce. Thank you. :-)

Mission Focus and Statement

The New Resident Services group was set up by Treacle Darlandes to work within the ROF Organization, to play a role helping new people and those who wish to learn more technical elements of Second Life®. Treacle has a lot of experience in Second Life®, formerly Manager at Help People Institute (HPI), now SecondAbility Mentor (RHN) and White Tiger Mentor (RHN). The association of New Resident Services with White Tiger Mentors is that as two separate groups they work side by side to assist new Residents or even any seasoned Residents in need. Together we will co-ordinate training for Helpers, pool our knowledge and resources and continue to plan learning classes and live music events. NRS and WTM Members will support each other as Partners, Associates and Friends in helping, greeting, mentoring and any other associated activities that Members from each group would wish to be involved in, whilst retaining individuality both in terms of status and goals.

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