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L$ Transaction History Page Updates

The L$ Transaction History web page allows Second Life Residents to view recent L$ transactions involving their account. As business has grown in Second Life, this page has become challenging for some Residents to use. As a result, we have made significant updates to support a higher number of transactions per account. Along with those changes, some small updates were made to the functionality of this page.

Last week, we rolled out this updated page. However, based upon user feedback, we learned that these changes had more of an impact than expected. As a result, we rolled back those changes. For the next two weeks, we are going to leave the old Transaction History page up for you to use while making the new Transaction History page available for Resident feedback. The new page will be pointing at production data, just like the old page.

We would like to get your feedback on this JIRA BUG-5664 before April 30, 2014. We will be updating the new page to incorporate the feedback we receive, and will release an updated version before disabling the old page.

Current functionality

The old Transaction History page supports a variety of basic functions to allow Residents to pull their data. Here’s a summary of the current functionality.

  • 32 days of transactions are shown (though we communicate that only 30 is shown)
  • The date range to display is configurable within the 32 day period
  • Check box allows showing/not showing L$0 transactions
  • Results can be exported in XLS and XML format
  • Subtotal is shown for the currently selected date range
  • The in page results show a portion of the transaction ID, but the full ID is only available in the download
  • Displays up to 500 transactions
  • Default date range is today’s date

Updated Page

The new Transaction History page was created to allow more than 500 transactions to be displayed for Residents with very active businesses. In addition, the following new functionality will be introduced:

  • Results can be filtered by a specified string (e.g. show only “Gift” transactions)
  • Results can be exported as a CSV file, an Excel compatible file
  • Results now include all transactions from the date range selected (no longer 500 or less)

We have summarized the outstanding issues with the new page in JIRA. Please comment on BUG-5664 if you have additional feedback.