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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.



1. Most seem to just want to move on quickly.

2. Answer questions is a difficult one, because "how do I..." is very helpful, but trying to answer "so what can I all do?" or "what's the point?" is terribly tricky when you don't know what their specific interests are.



1. I think its important to ensure that we do not ask if they need help, they ask us. Otherwise we are interfering.

2. I don't think that "Volunteers perceived as salespeople" ever happened so that's why the N/A. Otherwise it would probably be "Very Much". Language problems were definitely the most frustrating of all.



1. The nude issue is an issue and it makes many frustrated as to why.

2. I never did see a whole lot of people on OI 92 so I don't think that was an actual issue ever.



1. "Deal Breaker" for "Region Crash" since it has the potential to kick them off OI onto the mainland. If it merely kick them offline and they log off it would in between "Somewhat" and "Very much" depending on how close to the start it happened. I can imagine that if someone has a technical problem (even if it's on SL's side) in the first few minutes, they're more likely to not try again. The slow rezzing textures was a huge problem, some people never ever got them to rez so had no idea :(. I don't know if the HUD ever did malfunction so "N/A" for that. "Somewhat" for difficulty only because it's not clear on how to proceed, it's not linear enough and can cause confusion. The actual individual tutorials aren't difficult at all.

2. The walk tutorial malfunction was the worst. It needs to be removed.



1. Its an orientation island, so questions would be limited to how do i do this or that, not the advanced level questions that can present themselves in HIP. This is where Direct contact with VTeam Members is essential.

2. Meh for the wiki only because I can't figure out to make it work/contribute, and it takes a very long time (3-5 minutes) to load up so I really just gave up on it.