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  Oz Linden  Hi all
  Ardy Lay  Hello Oz
07:02  Wolfpup  hey oz
  Oz Linden  Looks like we have an open agenda today....
  Wolfpup  < is back using linux
07:03  Oz Linden  Careful, Wolfpup.... you may not want to go back ....
  Ardy Lay  I have a question about a Viewer 2 source dependency if I may.
  Oz Linden  Shoot
  Wolfpup  on this laptop ya right
07:05  Morgaine Dinova  Hi Oz, and latest arrivals.
    That would be Niel :P
  Ima Mechanique  ;-)
    well at least Oz isn't ruthed for me today
  Ardy Lay  #include "winres.h" is kinda archaic and gives people trouble if they don't install the ancient samples MS provides with VS2010 Express. It's easy to work around but I am wondering if there is any reason LL doesn't simplify by replacing that line with #include "windows.h"\n#define IDC_STATIC 1000
07:06  Oz Linden  what does IDC_STATIC do?
  Wolfpup  actualy why dosent LL just include it in the repository?
07:07    that would make things even simpler
  Ardy Lay  I am not sure what it is used for, Oz, but the compile complains if it isn't there. I could search.
07:08  Siana Gearz  what's the topic?
  Oz Linden  why doesn't LL include what in the repository?
  Wolfpup  it is use for being able to use the indluded windwos resources
  Ardy Lay  Wolfpup, winres.h is part of MS's code sample package and is ancient and maybe outdated?
  Oz Linden  Ardy Lay: #include "winres.h" is kinda archaic and gives people trouble if they don't install the ancient samples MS provides with VS2010 Express. It's easy to work around but I am wondering if there is any reason LL doesn't simplify by replacing that line with #include "windows.h"\n#define IDC_STATIC 1000
07:09    I don't think we can include any MS code in the repo, unless they've licensed it very liberally
  Wolfpup  actualy it comes with all the windows SDK's
  Oz Linden  then why would we need to include it?
07:10  Ima Mechanique  because it can't be found by default
  Ardy Lay  It's in the samples, not the library/include paths.
  Oz Linden  what do we depend on winres.h for?
  Ardy Lay  And there is no really good reason to install all those samples for one #define
07:11  Ima Mechanique  which in theory, might not be there after some release of the SDKs
  Wolfpup  also if an os dev tries to fully script there nightly personal builds the winres.h causes problems
    Ima it is in the 7.1 SDK
  Ima Mechanique  Wolfpup, it shouldn't
  Oz Linden  I'm certainly open to anything that simplifies getting a dev environment up and running
07:12  Ima Mechanique  Wolf I know, but no guarantee that MS qill always include it
  Oz Linden  do we have an OPEN issue for this?
  Ardy Lay  I comment out that #include and replace it with another to a file that's easy to find and one #define
    I suppose we could make one if it's likely to go places.
  Oz Linden  storm-859
  Office Orb

STORM-859 winres.h isn't present within VC++ Express includes. Must be manually copied from win7 sdk example code.

  Ardy Lay  I think Ima pointed this one out to me.
    There you go.
  Wolfpup  when i tried ti run my script just befor my vid card on my windows system died i had an error when it was trying to finish building secondlife-bin
07:13  Oz Linden  I'm happy to try out solutions that reduce dependencies....
07:14  Ardy Lay  I don't bother installing the SDK. DOn't seem to need it as enough is included with VS2010 Express
  Oz Linden  we can't include windows files in the repo, and I'd rather not #define something that really should be coming from an include file (as soon as we forgot that we did that M$ would change it and break something)
07:15    but if we can find better #includes to use and/or figure out a way to avoid the dependency, that would be great
  Wolfpup  Ardy you need the win 7 SDK as you need to be useing msbuild instead of the vcbuild
  Oz Linden  are you doing your builds using autobuild, Ardy?
07:16  Wolfpup  and msbuild is part of the .net fram work that comes in with the windows 7 SDK's
  Ima Mechanique  Wolf the msbuild is available separately to the SDK
  Ardy Lay  Autobuild, yes
    C:\linden\viewer-development-build\indra\newview\res\viewerRes.rc(70): ICON IDI_LL_ICON,IDC_STATIC,7,7,20,20
    THat's the only reference to IDC_STATIC that my search found.
07:17  Oz Linden  Brad Linden has been doing a bunch of work to clean up and simplify the includes (with beneficial effect on compile time), but I don't know if he has touched the windows includes specifically
  Ardy Lay  There are a lot of #define directives for similar names.
  Oz Linden  any idea what that line is doing?
  Wolfpup  no he has not the work he has done from what i have seen on the RB is only on the LL code
07:18  Ardy Lay  Oz, it appears to be part of the login spash screen dialog.
07:19  Oz Linden  One of the tasks I'd like to get to pretty soon is fixing all our icons... I've got new ones so that Release, Beta, Project, Development, and Test (developer) are all different icons
  Wolfpup  Ardy actualy i think it is part of the program start screen befor you even get the login
07:20  Ardy Lay  Yes, the splash preceeds login
07:21  Oz Linden  Shall I assign STORM-859 to you to come up with a proposal, Ardy?
  Ardy Lay  NOt having a programming background sometimes makes building test viewers challenging.
  Siana Gearz  o.O what's up with the minimap... wonder whether i broke it. where do you see yourselves everyone? i see all of you in the middle of my minimap.
07:22  Ardy Lay  Hmm... I think I'd like to toss it into the mailing list to see if some Windows programmers want to chime in.
  Wolfpup  Siana if your zoomed way out yes all will apear bunced togeathere till you zoom in
07:23  Oz Linden  my minimap seems ok... it's centered on me, but everyone looks like they are in the right place on the map. But I'm running a windlight project viewer from last week
    go for it, Ardy
  Ardy Lay  Okay
  Siana Gearz  windlight???
    oh new project
  Oz Linden  Yes, we're working on Windlight Region settings
  Ardy Lay  My mini-map seems fine too.
07:24  Siana Gearz  i see. i'll have to investigate my own breakage later then.
07:25  Oz Linden  Other topics?
  Morgaine Dinova  Oz, what is the state of mesh code in Snowstorm currently?
07:26  Oz Linden  We did some trial merges last week, but some bad breakage was found in support for newer Macs (last couple of years)
    we are holding off the merge until those are addressed
07:27  Morgaine Dinova  Was that in answer to the question about mesh code?
  Ardy Lay  Oz, the mesh development branch appears to be pulling from viewer-development.
  Wolfpup  Im still wondering what code is coging to be used as part of the convex stub
  Oz Linden  but once they are fixed, that code will be in viewer-development, but with the mesh features disabled
  Ardy Lay  What point is there to pull back? Sounds like merge hell to me.
07:28  Oz Linden  yes, Morgaine, it was
  Morgaine Dinova  Some 2-year long Mac breakage is not a reason for not merging mesh.
  Oz Linden  no, Ardy... the easy way to do the merges is to pull out to the developer branch first - then the pull back will be merge-free and you don't risk blocking the trunk
07:29  Wolfpup  ok windows i have not been able to build mesh for a while due to an error in llmesh
  Morgaine Dinova  If the breakage is not in the repo, people can't fix it.
  Oz Linden  I gather that the problems on the mesh branch are worse than the "normal" breakage on Macs
07:30    If anyone wants to help fix it, they can ... the mesh branch is public
  Ardy Lay  That strategy seems misguided to me
07:31  Wolfpup  i wonder if the meshwould build on this linux system
  Oz Linden  Sorry... what seems misguided, Ardy?
07:35  Morgaine Dinova  I suspect Ardy meant the long-term separation of the branches. They really ought to touch periodically, or you get merge hell at the end.
  Ardy Lay  mesh-development is pulling from viewer-development and works at 110 changesets inbound, currently. Having viewer-development pull from mesh-development collides miserably with 2216 incomming changesets.
  Oz Linden  Mesh has been merging out regularly from viewer-development; recently it has been more or less daily, I believe
07:36    The current best repo for the merge is, I think, this one:
  Office Orb

STORM-1210 Shining team sidebranch merge into trunk for mesh technology, SSE2, deferred rendering

07:37  Oz Linden  That's where they have resolved all the merge conflicts. That merges into v-d smoothly
  Morgaine Dinova  Doesn't sound like there's a problem then, beyond the never-ending wait for an initial release into v-d.
07:38  Ardy Lay  All those repositories are public-readable, I suspect.
  Oz Linden  should be
  Ardy Lay  mesh-development crashes on me a lot
07:39    The crash reports tend to be empty too.
  Oz Linden  that's on Windows?
  Ardy Lay  Yes
07:40    Generally, the exit is due to an invalid memory access or a null pointer resulting in unhandled exceptions.
  Wolfpup  is mesh even avail for linux?
  Oz Linden  I'll check with the mesh team to find out about the empty reports
07:41    mesh is supported on all the platforms that the viewer is, afaik
07:42  Wolfpup  ok
  Oz Linden  I know that the mesh dev I sit near does most of his work on Linux, so I'm pretty sure it works there
  Ardy Lay  I got tired og questionable behavior so I built a machine using server/workstation class hardware, ECC all the way with a SuperMicro main board and Intel Xeon W3550 CPU and 12GB ECC memory. Should not be any memory error crashes now.
  Oz Linden  sweet
    More RAM Good!
  Ardy Lay  Yeah
07:43    Bye
    bye bye pagepool
    Also, SSD is nice
  Oz Linden  My brother does hardware simulation and verification tools... the amount of RAM his systems have is obscense
07:44  Wolfpup  Ardy be carfull of memburn on that SSD ardy
  Oz Linden  obscene
  Ardy Lay  I figured that since I sit at this computer when I am not mowing swampland I should have good hardware.
  Oz Linden  how do you mow swampland?
  Ardy Lay  Wolfpup, get your facts straight. Do the math. At max write rate it would take 53 years to wear this thing out.
07:45  Wolfpup  Oz you use an airboat with a brush hog
  Ardy Lay  Oz, tall mower and boots.
  Morgaine Dinova  You dangle a mower from a balloon.
  Oz Linden  LOL
  Ardy Lay  It's not supposed to be swampland but has been raining a lot the last 3 years.
07:47  Oz Linden  So ... here's a question for you... I'm meeting this week with the head of our UX team.... what are your top 2 user experience fails? Morgaine?
07:48  Wolfpup  i know one that dose not even want to be discussed
07:49  Ardy Lay  I really dislike having to use the mouse all the time. V2 has eliminated much of the handy keyboard UI navigation paths. For example, how does one switch between "NEARBY CHAT" history and IMs with the keyboard? In V1 it was simple. ALT + left and right arrow keys.
  Oz Linden  I don't know about discussed, but I'm willing to hear a quick statement.... Morgaine is quiet - who else?
    have you tried Tab?
07:50    I'm not an expert on the keyboard shortcuts....
  Wolfpup  Oz ardy is talking about the one i found the code still in the source for
  Ardy Lay  Yeah, tabbing moves around into several hidden stops and does not get me into IMs from NEARBY CHAT
  Oz Linden  Control-Tab
07:51    it seems to select between the bottom bar items....
    other UX fails? 9 minutes to get yours onto the list....
  Ardy Lay  Try to enter an existing IM session with that.
07:52  Ima Mechanique  colour scheme, it's the one thing prvents me using v2
  Ardy Lay  Yeah, black lighting up black on black is kinda...... ugh.
07:53  Oz Linden  the color of the UI elements? That one is on my list (I want to make them configurable)
  Wolfpup  i use the V2 but wish i had the 'silver' color scheam from v1
  Ima Mechanique  I know ;-) but it's a killer for me. without a better colour/contrast for the UI I simpy can't use it for long enough to discover it's benefits ;-)
07:54    same here Wolf. I remember when the dsark design was the only choice. The Silver made such a huge difference to me, I can't go back
  Wolfpup  Ima the 'silver' coloring of V1 has better contrast
07:55  Oz Linden  ok... don't need to convince me on that one, for sure.... what else?
  Ima Mechanique  hehe can't give you a second, the first prevents me finding any others ;-)
07:57  Wolfpup  Oz Ardys issue of switching between nearby and group/personal convos could be fixd with a particular feature request
  Oz Linden  which, Wolfpup?
  Wolfpup  the one you told me was an EXTREAMLY touchy subject inside LL
07:58  Ardy Lay  May I guess that it's asking for all text chat sessions to be in a single tabbed container?
  Wolfpup  yep
07:59  Ardy Lay  THat sure made navigation easier and reduced on-screen clutter.
    Also made spotting new IM sessions easier for me.
08:00  Office Orb  Your timer has expired!
  Oz Linden  I'll be discussing that one....
  Ardy Lay  I think putting them on opposite sides of the screen is weird and awkward and was done because somebody screwed up and sent something sensitive to the wrong session.
  Wolfpup  Oz issue number is VWR-17332
  Office Orb

VWR-17332 Merge 'nearby chat' (previously 'local chat', 'chat history') into conversation floater

08:01  Oz Linden  My understanding is that the "enter in wrong place" was a major reason, but I was not here then, so I don't know how complete that is
08:02  Morgaine Dinova  It's a mistake to impose merged windows, or separate windows. Different people want different things. Make it user-configurable.
  Oz Linden  I need to go folks.... thanks for coming
  Office Orb  End transcription