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On Friday 22 August 2008, Linden Lab will release updated OGP Beta Viewer, and updating our Agent Domain and Region Domain code.

IMPORTANT: This change will require updates to externally hosted regions running the OGP protocol

Please read the details below. The Linden Lab OGP Beta team requests OpenSimulator developers to update the OGP patches.

If you have questions after reading the following, please bring them to the OGP Huddle at 0900 SLT Friday.

These fixes address two JIRAs:

SVC-2724: When OpenSim configured with external hostname instead of ip address, teleports to the sim fail.

  • Changes to Protocol: sim_ip is now replaced with sim_host field for Place Avatar, Request Rez Avatar, and Rez Avatar.
  • Changes to Viewer: New viewer only checks for sim_host field. If you run the new viewer against an old region, logins and teleports will fail. Use the old viewer in the meantime.
  • Changes to Simulator: Second Life sims return both sim_host and sim_ip.
  • Changes needed on Opensim: should return sim_host and set ip or host to this field

SVC-2899: Authentication status codes changed

  • Changes to Protocol: Successful response now returns a 200 instead of a 302. The seed capability is now in the body as 'agent_seed_capability'. In the case of no agent_seed_capability there will be 'reason' and 'message' in the body explaining why it wasn't returned.
  • Changes to viewer: Viewer now looks for 200 result from authenication and checks for agent_seed_capability, referring to or displaying the message/reason if there is none.
  • Changes to simulator: None
  • What will break if not using the new viewer: If using old viewer to connect to new authentication login won't work, it won't correctly parse auth response.


Linden Lab will release the updated OGP Viewer binaries and update our Agent and Region Domains after the 0900 SLT OGP Huddle.