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Ozimals, Inc. is a company operated by the avatars Candy Cerveau and Malkavyn Eldritch in Second Life. It is known for creating two breedable pet projects within Second Life and being the first breedable pet company in Second Life to use a sophisticated system based on dominant and recessive genetics instead of RGB color values as the previous popular breeding pet games.

The founders of Ozimals - Candace Sargent and Cameron Holt have recently joined with former Linden Lab employees to create a new and separate company Flying Monkey Interactive that is developing an iOS and web game based on the pioneering and patent pending game system they developed.



The company's breedable bunny product[1] began development in early 2009. Beta testing occurred later that year and the product was officially released January 9, 2010. The product was the first breedable product which relied upon real genetic principles as part of its game play.


Pufflings[2]are the second product from Ozimals. They are stylized breedable birds created which can be raised and bred. They were the next generation of Ozimals products, building on the game concepts developed by Cerveau and Eldritch.