PBR Terrain

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Emblem-important-red.png Warning! Future feature

This function will be supported in the upcoming Materials Featurette Project.
Currently it will only work in supported testing areas with a supported test viewer.

What is it?

The PBR Terrain project brings PBR materials to the Terrain in Second Life.

This viewer is a prototype. Safety not guaranteed.

How to apply PBR Terrain

Before you can apply PBR terrain, you will need to acquire some PBR material items, which can currently be found on the Beta grid.

A PBR region is not required, but PBR terrain will only be visible to other users who also are using the PBR terrain viewer.

Method 1: Use the Region/Estate tool (requires region terrain edit permission)

  1. Click World > Region/Estate > Terrain
  2. Click on Terrain Textures and set the drop-down to Material Textures
  3. Set PBR materials for all four material swatches
  4. Click Apply
  5. To go back to using terrain textures, remove all PBR materials, set the drop-down to Terrain Textures, and apply the desired textures

Method 2: Use the debug settings (not persistent, visible only to you, debug settings subject to removal)

  1. Click Advanced > Show Debug Settings
  2. Copy the material UUID you want from your inventory to your clipboard
  3. Set LocalTerrainAsset1, LocalTerrainAsset2, etc to the material UUIDs you want to use. All of the material terrain ID debug settings must be set in order for the client-only terrain materials to show up.
  4. To go back to using the real terrain textures/materials, set LocalTerrainAsset1, LocalTerrainAsset2, etc all back to their defaults, or restart your viewer

Graphics support

Emissive texture

When possible, PBR terrain respects all parameters of version 1.1 of the SL Material asset, with the exception of double-sided.

PBR Terrain with all textures.jpeg

On graphics drivers that do not support binding more than 16 textures, the emissive textures will be dropped, in accordance with the GLTF specification.

Pbr terrain no emissive.jpg

Other textures

Further terrain textures may be dropped at low graphics settings to maintain performance.

Triplanar mapping

Triplanar mapping is enabled by default on PBR terrain when the graphics quality setting is set to "High" or higher.