Parcel Object Owners Test

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ParcelObjectOwners Test

Some things we want to test for is how groups are handled. Can a member of the parcel's group use it? What if the parcel is set to a group, but not deeded? Do I get a warning that returning the group's objects will delete them? Group management tools can be tricky.

I would recommend creating a few different scenarios to test with. First, try no objects at all. This should display "None found." and not enable the "Return objects..." button. All other scenarios should have multiple agent-owned and multiple group-owned objects owners. Try using the following parcel types:

  • A parcel not set to any group (agent-owned).
  • A parcel set to a group, but still agent-owned.
  • A group-owned parcel.

Also, try using the interface as all of the following agents:

  • The parcel owner.
  • A group officer of the parcel-group.
  • A group member of the parcel-group.
  • A group officer of a DIFFERENT group.
  • None of the above.