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You've found that perfect person you want to share your Second Life with and now you want to become partners with them.

You can propose to your partner in your own words, just by filling out the form at If your partner is willing, you'll find out within a week, and your partner fields in your profiles will be filled in automatically with each other's name. No more sending emails, or waiting while we search for confirmations and match up email addresses!

As in the real world, marriage does come with a price. To get married will now cost you and your partner each L$10. And make your decision carefully, because if you decide to get divorced, the requesting partner will be charged L$25.


NOTE. The following paragraphs reproduce documents of the Knowledge Base at the Second Life Support Center:

How do I make someone my partner?

In Second Life, couples can make their relationships official by creating a partnership. Whether you're married or just connected, you can designate your partner on your profile inworld and make your relationship visible to the rest of the community.

Partnering, like real life marriage, costs money. To create a partnership costs each partner L$10. If you decide to divorce later, the person requesting the divorce is charged L$25.

Submit a partner proposal at this page.

How do I end a partnership?

In Second Life, partnerships bring two people together and allow Residents to make their relationship visible to the rest of the community. Partnering in Second Life, like real life marriage, costs money; if you've decided to end your partnership, the person requesting the "divorce" will be charged L$25.

You can request a dissolution of your partnership here.

Read this article to learn how to make someone your partner.