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We are opening up the Pathfinding project to the public on the main grid AGNI. You can get involved and help us make this project better.

What is Pathfinding

Pathfinding provides tools and functions to enable smoother and smarter movement behavior for non-avatar entities in Second Life (for example, monsters in a game, rats in a haunted house, wisps in a fantasy forest). We refer to these entities as characters; in gaming terminology, they are sometimes called NPCs (non-player characters) or mobs (mobile objects).

Where can I test Pathfinding

We have 4 public sandbox testing regions on the main grid. You are welcome to use them to test the pathfinding features. The Snack regions are available to members of the group "Second Life Beta". Please join this group: . The other regions are open access.

  1. Snack Sandbox 1
  2. Snack Sandbox 2
  3. Snack Sandbox 3
  4. Snack Sandbox 4
  5. Limia
  6. Arowana
  7. Sandbox Astutula
  8. Sandbox Exemplar
  9. Sandbox Pristina
  10. Sandbox Verenda
  11. Fuchsia
  12. Pepin
  13. Lime
  14. Plum
  15. Harvey

Viewer with Pathfinding Functionality

  • Pathfinding functionality has been included in the Second Life Viewer Beta available under the "Other Viewers" section on Downloads page.

How to report bugs and suggest features

Use JIRA to report bugs and suggest features in the PATHBUG JIRA project:

Additional Info

Can I get my own region on Pathfinding?

More than likely you can!

  • If you have a full region that you own you can apply to have the region added to the public beta
  • email
  • Include your account name and region you want added to the beta.
  • Please email from the email address on your account
  • We will follow up with you in email.