Physics Cost test

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Test Plan Name:

Physics Cost test



Test the Physics Cost of prims, meshes and linked sets.


  • Open Advanced menu > Show Debug Settings and set ShowAdvancedBuilderOptions = TRUE
  • When editing an object its Physics weight appears in the edit tools just above the tabs.


Boxes set to Convex Hull

  • Create a linkset consisting of 10 boxes. Set one of them to have shape type Convex Hull (to trigger the new accounting)
  • Arrange them and scale the linkset so that the overall linkset scale is 3m x 4m x 5m
  • Verify the object is 2 prim equivalents.

Mesh model 1

  • Import/upload the duck model using a physics decomposition. Let's say the resulting decomposition has a physics cost of 13 prim equivalents (it did in my experiment)
  • After setting the duck to "PRIM" so that it uses the decomposition, the cost is 13
  • Scale the duck to 10m x 10m x 10m.
  • Verify its physics cost is still 13
  • Set the duck Physical.
  • Verify its physics cost is 65 prim equivalents.