Presence Code Python cmd line controller

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This is the command line controller used to launch the Presence_Code_Python_cmd_line script one or more times with different avatar names.

Optionally, one could add a region to what is sent, and parse for startup region in the command line parser of the startup script

a more robust version that would provide a URL for command passing is in the works.

import os

#these names could be read from a list of avatars. 

def SL_Launcher():
    first_name1 = "blarg"
    last_name1 = "blarg"
    password1 = "blarg"

    first_name2 = "blarg"
    last_name2 = "blarg"
    password2 = "blarg"
    temp1 = os.popen('python '  +first_name1 +' '+last_name1 +' '+password1 +'&')
    temp2 = os.popen('python '  +first_name2 +' '+last_name2 +' '+password2 +'&')

    z = temp1.readlines(); print z; print
    z1 = temp2.readlines(); print z1; print   # in Eclipse, at least, you must read the output of the script or it has "bad pipe" errors