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This is a short manual on how to review edits to localized pages. It's intended for members of Linden Lab's Localization Team, as well as designated reviewers within the Community Translation Project.


  1. Log in.
  2. Browse to Special:OldReviewedPages.
  3. Scan the list for article names in your designated language.
  4. When you find an article in your language, press the review link behind the article name.
    The Wiki will show you a color-coded table that compares the latest stable version of an article with the latest draft.
    You will note a Review this revision-box on top of the article.
    • When you're fine with the changes, set all three drop-down menus within this box to the best rating and press the Submit button.
    • When you're not fine with the changes, you can either
      • edit the draft and correct the article (and then rate/review your contribution) or
      • press the undo link to undo the changes (and then rate/review your contribution).
  5. Repeat step 2 to 5 until there are no more articles in your language on the Special:OldReviewedPages list.
  6. Yay, you're through! :)

Flagged revs loc 1.png