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NOTE: This page is for a resident-run activity called "I18N Project" and is not for the internationalization of the project (i.e., SL wiki.) If you are looking for instructions to create international pages on this SL wiki, please read Project:Languages.


Important questions that are posed at the end of the article should be cleaned up and placed in the FAQ list.
  • Why is this project called "i18n" ?
To avoid problems with the different spellings of "Internationalisation" (it's spelt with a z in US English), the widely used numeronym i18n is used instead.
  • Why use ISO 639-3 ?
It supports more languages than the previous ISO standards for language codes. Future proofing basically.

Guidelines for article proposal

  1. Create an article in your user-space
  2. Add it to the list below
  3. Continue to edit, tweak or otherwise improve upon your article while awaiting & responding to feedback from other Residents

Translated versions of an existing article

  • Do not use machine translation. Ever. Translate an article into any language and back again to see why.
  • Avoid content forks- refrain from translating an article that has been recently created and is still "under construction" as the content or meaning of an article could change.
  • Append the ISO 639-3 code to the end of an English language article, e.g. Help:Getting started in Second Life and Help:Getting started in Second Life/spa
    1. State your intentions for translating the article in the article's talk page.
    2. Wait a reasonable amount of time
    3. Start translating
    4. When translating is complete, add Template:multi-lang to the articles- see Help:Getting started in Second Life/langs for an example

Suggested articles

  • International portals (something that'd be an intermediate step to Second Life along the lines of the German, Japanese and Korean versions of
I would like to bring the following attemps to awareness of some more people:
as well as an explanation at User:Zai_Lynch/Public_Suggestion_Box#Linguists (2nd topic).
Greetings, --Zai Lynch(talk|contribs) 07:08, 8 April 2008 (PDT)

List of proposed articles

Merge or Distinguish

Please contribute to a I18n related discussion here. No answeres to it at this page plz, to keep it readable.
Greetz, Zai Lynch(talk|contribs) 22:01, 26 June 2008 (PDT)