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Meta Issues

  1. Update and maintain the published docs at:
    1. pWiki Pyogp Tech Overview
  2. we need to spend time improving unit test coverage very soon
  3. we need to use pylint to help clean up pyogp
  4. we need to come up with pyogp specific coding guidelines (Done - PyOGP_Coding_Guidelines)
    1. wiki page indicating style, naming conventions, docstring standards, and examples of adding code (in the lib context)

Functional Changes

  1. PyOGP Application support
    1. adding application level events throughout
    2. Raise an application event when disconnected
  2. Messaging changes
    1. add a MessagingManager, refactor UDPDispatcher and EventQueueClient to purely parse/pack data, and handle messaging concerns in this new class
      1. incorporate message.xml handling
    2. remove and refactor accordingly (Done)
    3. Merge UPDPacket and Message (Done)
    4. merge packet_handler and event_queue_handler (Done)
    5. fix (kotler) (Done)
  3. update the event handler (Done)
    1. create a generic event message class with name and payload (Done)
    2. add convenience methods (e.g. to_llsd(), to_dict())
  4. Functional Additions
    1. teleport
      • teleport to region/x/y/z (Done 2009-06-15)
      • teleport to landmark (Done 2009-09-01)
      • receive teleport request
      • accept teleport request
      • accept god teleport request
      • teleport status (Done 2009-06-15)
    2. L$
      • Send money (Done 2009-06-17)
      • money balance updates (Done 2009-06-17)
    3. Actions
      • Sit on ground (Done 2009-07-07)
      • Sit on target
      • Stand (Done 2009-07-07)
      • Gestures
    4. Friends
      • List of friends (Done 2009-06-15)
      • offline/online notifications (Done 2009-06-15)
      • send/accept friend invite
      • de-friending
    5. Parcels
      • parcel update events (media)
    6. Voice
      • Voice URI (Can be done using caps; should we bother with it outside a sample?) (Sample added 2009-10-13)
      • Voice credentials (Sample added 2009-10-13)
    7. Object Tracking
      • Avatars (name cache)
    8. Appearance management (e.g. avoid having to bake locally)
      • Initialization of appearance manager and required messages (Done)
      • Requesting cached Texture ids(Done)
      • VisualParams classes (Done)
      • AgentSetAppearance (Done)
      • Fetch own avatar visualParams from wearables (Done)
      • Cases where sim does not have cached TextureEntry(ObjectUpdate) or TextureIDs (AgentCachedTextureResponse)
      • Attachments
      • Animations
    9. a thousand other things

Apps to develop using pyogp

  1. build a regression test suite using pyogp
  2. create a viewer proxy using pyogp
  3. create something akin to libomv's TestClient