Quality Assurance Testing Format

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Test Script Formatting

[PHYSICSTEST] The name of the test.

[URL] http://www.yoururl.com/testname The URL of the test.

[CONTRIBUTION] Who / when the test originated (may not be needed in wiki)

[MODIFICATIONS] Who / when modified this test (may not be needed in wiki)

[TEST GROUP] Test Group

[TAGS] Tag1 Tag2 Tag3

[VERSION] 0.1 This is the version number for this test script.

[DURATION] 00:15 Time to execute the test. This will be adjusted during Preview as metrics come in.

[TESTERS] 1 Number of testers required to run the test.

[OVERVIEW / GOAL] The overview of the test.

[EXPECTED OUTCOME] The results that are expected from this test

[SETUP] Instructions and other requirements for the test.

[TEST DATA] Data for the test.

[NOTE] Any other information related to the test, will be expressed at test time with the step that it follows.

[INV] Place the name of any inventory items that are needed for the test here. It will be added to your test and rezzed when needed.

[LSL SCRIPT] This is where LSL code will be for the test.

[CASE NAME] The name of the test case

[REPORT DATA] The data that will be included in report output for this test

Here is a sample test script, properly formatted: Quality Assurance Example Script Sample Automation Test