Region feature requirements

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(Off the top of my head) Here are some features which individual sims may or may not support. We should decide on which features a compliant sim MUST support, and which it MAY support.

  • Physics
    • Pluggable? (think OpenSim's physics modules ;) )
  • Portals
  • Building
  • Crossings (from other arbitrary sims)
    • Seperate TP and neighbours or not?
  • Estate management
  • Money (Lindens, private currency?)
  • Chat
  • Voice
  • Instant Messaging, Intra-Sim
  • Instant Messaging, Inter-Sim
  • Various avatar attributes, such as prim attachments
  • Scripting (LSL, mono?, etc)
  • Asset relay (local serving of textures, etc vs pointing elsewhere)
    • Sim offers a list of asset servers via CAPS and includes itself in the list
      • If viewer tries to download asset from sim and it is not present, sim relays to another server (caching?)
  • Access restriction
    • Need standard ruleset specification for this
  • Centralized logging (dwell, performance)
    • Is this an absolute requirement on a distributed grid where sims may reside out of LL?

Please add your own ideas, and feel free to rearrange this list.