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Second Life Marketplace BETA Releases and Reporting of Issues

This document is a list of release notes from the most recent Beta Marketplace Releases to [Aditi]. Since the Marketplace is a web product, any deployment will affect all customers immediately. A Beta grid gives you the chance to try out changes before we deploy them.

Please go to [Aditi] to try out any new functionality before it deploys. If you see problems that you believe are related to the current Beta, please let us know about them! Here are the best ways to let us know:

If you would like more details on the Marketplace and how it works, please see the Knowledge Base. If you have questions that other Residents may be able to help you with, please post to the Merchants Forum.

Release Notes for Current BETA Marketplace Release

January 24, 2013
Email Settings Support (will be deployed when testing completes)


  • Email preferences to support turning on/off emails now available in account settings on the Marketplace.
  • Reliability improvements to prevent delivery delays.
  • New emails (and associated on/off settings) added:
    • An email to the recipient when a redelivery of an item they should have received occurs
    • An email to the merchant when a redelivery of an item in their store occurs
    • An email of any change to revenue distributions on a listing are made: addition and removal
    • An email to the recipient of a revenue distribution when a sale occurs
    • An email when an item is unlisted or blocked as a result of a flag
    • An email when a review is added, removed, commented on or flagged and removed (all to the merchant)
  • The following bugs have now been addressed:
    • WEB-2129 Assist buyer feedback: Inform sellers of newly posted reviews on their items on the main page.
    • WEB-3365 Sales Confirmation Emails from Marketplace are either "Laggy" or are not delivered
    • WEB-3482 Delisted items -> showing wrong reason for delisting + not warning merchants when flagged
    • WEB-4774 Marketplace does not send email if you are removed as a co-creator of a product
    • WEB-2399 How to Opt Out of Sale and Discussion Notification Emails
    • WEB-3072 No email sent when delivery fails on the marketplace
    • WEB-2879 I think there is a bug with the distribution sales notification by email