Release Notes/Second Life Beta Server/1.34

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1.34.3 (2010-01-23)

  • Simulator crash fix

1.34.2 (2009-12-31)

  • Simulator crash fix

1.34.1 (2009-12-14)

  • Important security fix
  • Simulator crash fix

1.34.0 (2009-12-08)

  • Server side components for the Linden Homes program[1]
  • SVC-5082: Rez Build Failure on 1.34 Beta Server (fixed) (2009-12-02)

  • SVC-5025: When taking copies of groups of prims for a coalesced item, if any prim is named "Object," the whole coalesced item will be called "Object" in inventory, even if the last prim selected has a different name. Code had an equality where an inequality should have been. (fixed)
  • SVC-4622: (???) (???) instead of an object's group name (fixed)
  • SVC-5076: Entering a region running 1.34 disables scripts in attachments (fixed)
  • SVC-5002: Linking rules for large objects broken under server 1.32 (fixed)
  • Server crash modes fixed
  • Backend tool improvements