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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Release Notes for v3.3.1 (254008) - Second Life Viewer

Released April 19, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux


  • SH-2646 shiny HUD objects are not fullbright in GL_dev branch
  • SH-2684 select physics shape from file disabled
  • SH-2716 Adding a Mesh Physics to the Upload window fails
  • SH-2768 Please return transparency checkerboard to texture preview
  • Mesh objects stop being visible in current viewer (3.2.4)
  • SH-2794 Sculpty prims flashing and becoming random shapes then restoring rapidly since Viewer 3.2.4 (246439) rolled out 13th Dec 2011
  • SH-2963 "Highlight Transparent" does not highlight 100% transparent objects
  • STORM-1793 1) Treat all mini-map altitudes above 1020 m as the same height 2) Improve z-level accuracy
  • STORM-1803 Adding raw anim file upload support
  • Details... button on PERMISSION_DEBIT dialog triggers run_time_permissions() with a deny action
  • STORM-1808 Indicate ability to build
  • STORM-1810 Display Z coordinate in Script Error Window

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • crash at LLIMModel::sendNoUnreadMessages
  • crash in LLNotificationManager::onNotification(), various stacks.
  • Viewer crash on login in LLUIString::updateResult
  • crash on startup at LLWindowWin32::switchContext(int,LLCoordScreen const &,int,LLCoordScreen const * const)
  • crash in LLSecAPIBasicHandler::_writeProtectedData()
  • crash at LLVOAvatarSelf::wearableUpdated(LLWearableType::EType,int)
  • Viewer crashes when receiving multiple inventory offer notifications
  • MAINT-710 [PUBLIC][CRASH] llrender/llvertexbuffer.cpp(1863) : error 2012-02-26T06:54:14Z ERROR: VertexBufferStrider<class LLColor4U,6>::get: VertexBufferStrider could not find valid vertex data.
  • Viewer locks up when quickly switching between Mid and Low quality graphics
  • SH-2592 (OS X Lion) Graphics issues with Atmospheric Shaders enabled on Intel HD 3000, 10.7.2
  • Crash when trying to resize the bottom sections
  • EXP-1879 Crash in People floater in mouselook mode

Bug Fixes

  • Received Items panel state does not persist between sessions
  • Can see "typing" messages from users who are not allowed to IM you
  • Horizontal scrollbar shown in Received Items panel when Vertical scrollbar is displayed
  • As a designer, I would like to specify default floater positions using relative coordinates
  • Unable to sort folders in "recent items" tab
  • EXP-1507 Viewer 3 displays planar texture repeat values in Build floater as double of the actual value
  • EXP-1513 Underscore ( _ ) fails to show in first chat entry in Local Chat
  • received items - purchasing some bodyparts and clothing from a prim marked for sale show wrong inventory icons
  • EXP-1671 "Translate chat" checkbox in the nearby chat log window should be disabled or hidden until valid token is specified in Preferences
  • Drag and drop can be blocked in right edge of Outbox floater
  • EXP-1801 "Snapshot to disk" always saves as PNG, no matter what you selected in the snapshot floater first.
  • EXP-1806 CTRL-W no longer closes floaters
  • EXP-1807 Linux viewer doesn't start, due to " cannot open shared object file"
  • EXP-1813 Unable to toggle between "Starts local chat" and "Affects movement" in Preferences>General>Pressing letter keys
  • Linux viewer fails to start due to shared libraries not found
  • EXP-1815 Changes to Favorites are not reflected on the login locations menu
  • EXP-1818 World/Local/Reference editing mode hidden
  • Location & Favorites bar splitter should be draggable to 200 px on left and 150 px on right.
  • EXP-1820 Bing chat translation to Chinese throws error
  • EXP-1821 Double click on free space shows Group chat.
  • EXP-1822 After deleting an item from inventory and confirming "ok" to delete, focus leaves inventory
  • EXP-1823 "Items coming in too fast" message inappropriately displayed.
  • EXP-1833 "translate chat" checkbox in nearby chat should only show when enabled
  • parsing notifications.xml during startup can take > 40 seconds (in non-release builds)
  • EXP-1838 objects attached to hands do not appear in the avatar detatch menu
  • EXP-1839 Red slashed circle from Block Voice does not persist
  • EXP-1840 When two inventory windows are open and "properties" are viewed, one window suddenly moves in front of the other window
  • Selecting a large number of inventory items can block the viewer for a long time.
  • Media controls cannot be selected or set in Build tools texture tab
  • Text positioning issues in Floaters, Notifications, UI, and toasts with UI size smaller than 1
  • Unable to mute a nearby avatar in Voice Settings if the speakers list is sorted by name
  • Privacy settings such as Show Favorites on login or chat log settings can be set to default when modifying other preferences before login
  • EXP-1853 Misspelled value in llbvhloader.cpp
  • Text positioning in mini inspector a couple pixels too low
  • Calling cards, library items, 'no tansfer' objects can be copied to Merchant outbox via ctrl-v
  • Received Items panel heading in incorrect position
  • Unexpected scrollbar in text notification
  • Notes in Landmark listing show vertical text scrollbar before needed
  • Scroll list listings in group roles tab and other areas shows vertical scroll bar before needed
  • EXP-1880 Update Media affects framerate even when Media is disabled.
  • Toolbar button tooltips display off screen for right hand tool bar, bottom tool bar, and tooltips on top bar items show off screen
  • Errors in navigating text when editing Landmarks and picks once a vertical scrollbar is shown
  • "owner" "creator" "created" should be bold. Check spacing as well
  • STORM-1718 For notifications.xml Mute and Ignore in ScriptDialog and ScriptDialogGroup can collide with user-supplied fields causing unexpected behavior
  • STORM-1741 Collection of color and skinning issues
  • STORM-1795 Ad-hoc messages are received even when "Only friends and groups can call or IM me"
  • STORM-1807 Play animation floater 2nd play button active while animation is playing
  • STORM-1809 The word "Multiple" does NOT show in the edit window when editing prims or linksets with mixed textures in LL V3

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Known Issues


Direct Delivery issues with Linux viewers

  • VWR-28629 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • Crash on disconnect when minimap is open (LLViewerRegion::getPosGlobalFromRegion)

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.3.0 (251182), 3.2.8 (248931) and 3.2.6 (248086) and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.3.1 (254008). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.