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Release Notes for v3.4.5 (270034) - Second Life Beta Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

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Released on February 06, 2013.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Resolved Issues

  • DRTVWR-250 Maintenance fixes
    • MAINT-1876 QA Request for viewer-lion (2012-11-08)
      • MAINT-1503 Disable tcmalloc
      • MAINT-611 GeForce GT 430 video card does not work with newest stable version of your viewer. It crashed before logging in.
      • MAINT-1056 Microsoft SkyDrive is not compatible with Second Life
      • MAINT-403 [PUBLIC]Trash button is enabled when no one landmark is not selected
      • MAINT-570 [crashhunters] crash in LLViewerPartSim::shouldAddPart()
      • MAINT-628 Highres snapshot - Rendering artifact (Window sized frame buffer regardless of snapshot size)
      • MAINT-1270 Flexi softness of 1 causes prims to become flat at lower LODs
      • MAINT-1452 Viewer floods the log file with hundreds of exactly the same lines
      • MAINT-1568 Mesh uploader overcharging because of interface bug
      • MAINT-328 [PUBLIC]Red spot doesn't changing its position after second double-click on Mini-Map
      • MAINT-417 [PUBLIC]Arrow Down key doesn't leave mouselook when sitting
      • MAINT-515 symbol information for llcommon.dll is missing both in the debugger and in crash reports
      • MAINT-615 Texture animation is broken when combined with transparency alone on a box and transparency combined with prim edits such as dimple on a sphere.
      • MAINT-712 [PUBLIC]"Save","Cancel" buttons are presented at the bottom of "My Landmarks" panel after opening "Edit Landmark" panel
      • MAINT-994 logging in to 99+ unclosed messages crashes viewer
      • MAINT-1042 Blocking Asset Avatar prevents future uploads
      • MAINT-1118 Empty Camera Controls floater when reopening
      • MAINT-1121 Viewer crashes if trying to open multiple calling cards
      • MAINT-1138 [crashhunters] dirty stack crash at LLOctreeIntersect::check(LLDrawable *)
      • MAINT-1400 duplicated IDs in two files: notifications.xml and floater_texture_ctrl.xml
      • MAINT-1486 Crash on login (Unhandled exception)
      • MAINT-1502 User is unable to rename script inside content of object
      • MAINT-1534 Calls to find widgets accumulate over time slowing the client down until restarted.
      • MAINT-1601 Land remains for sale after purchasing for group.
      • MAINT-1649 object disappears when flying out of a region
      • MAINT-44 [PUBLIC]Disabling "Auto Center" setting on Mini-Map doesn't persist after viewer restart
      • MAINT-65 [PUBLIC]'Edit' menu item is active for wearables with status 'No modify"
      • MAINT-73 [PUBLIC]Ctrl-Shift-U, hiding all UI, forgets to hide the STAND button
      • MAINT-257 [PUBLIC]'Save all' button overlaps when decreasing width of XUI preview tool window
      • MAINT-274 [PUBLIC]Align button is overlaid with text in the Built floater
      • MAINT-284 [PUBLIC]Opening a color picker doesn't make a UI sound
      • MAINT-436 [PUBLIC]UI: Rename outfit: opened rename floater doesn't get focus
      • MAINT-481 [PUBLIC]Subfolders can be created in Favorites accordion
      • MAINT-499 [PUBLIC]Context menu can be opened in Mouselook View
      • MAINT-826 [PUBLIC]Camera doesn't focus on the avatar's head after starting editing Eyes
      • MAINT-836 [PUBLIC]textures opened from inside of notecards missing titles in floater
      • MAINT-881 [PUBLIC]shift-Enter no longer works to whisper
      • MAINT-913 [PUBLIC]Object edit pane click zoom option not reflected in Object Profile.
      • MAINT-967 [PUBLIC]CloseChatOnReturn fails when chatbar is empty
      • MAINT-1099 Editing appearance from inventory does not open correct section in appearance floater
      • MAINT-1183 Tooltip incorrect on parcel privacy icon inside SLURL field
      • MAINT-1415 Empty non-functional 'Take off' menu is presented in inspector
      • MAINT-1416 Ctrl + W doesn't close the Mini-map
      • MAINT-1471 Share gear menu item of Inventory panel is active when nothing selected
      • MAINT-1473 Resizing floater past edge of screen causes opposite side of floater to move
      • MAINT-1526 Save Back to Inventory has been disabled on server side but stays in UI
      • MAINT-1556 LLSD param blocks should accept enum values
      • MAINT-1589 Update debit permissions dialog (residents deemed frightening)
      • MAINT-56 [PUBLIC][2.2] Add collapse/expand all in the My Outfits gear menu
      • MAINT-105 [PUBLIC]"Communicate" menu items do not look selected in "My Friend" / "My Groups" / "Nearby people"
      • MAINT-171 [PUBLIC]'Session 1' instead 'Ad-hoc conference' header is shown if start conference chat from Calling card's context menu
      • MAINT-269 [PUBLIC]"Buy Pass" option is enabled for your own land
      • MAINT-297 [PUBLIC]Selection in accordion panel was not reset when accordion was collapsed from gear menu in Teleport History
      • MAINT-1069 Abilities Tab on group profiles does not stretch with the People floater.
      • MAINT-1305 llDialog tooltip typo
      • MAINT-1433 Slurl is not copied by 'Copy' menu item for Mini-location bar
      • MAINT-1334 All floaters are closed, except 'Snapshot Preview' by close all command
      • MAINT-1410 Prefs > 'Login Location' does not drive Login screen > 'Login At'
      • MAINT-1440 'Object is not for sale' warning message appears while attempt to take copy of object from object's profile menu
      • MAINT-1474 World map tracking ring renders in incorrect position with UI scale != 1
      • MAINT-1494 Viewer needs new localizable strings
      • MAINT-1515 Pathfinding attributes and 'Open','Pay', 'Buy' buttons are overlapped each other in 'Object Profile' dialog with minimum size
      • MAINT-1562 Convert more hard-coded alert messages to be localized
      • MAINT-1580 Viewer shows "Unknown Notification" message on startup
      • MAINT-1709 factor out realloc
      • MAINT-915 [PUBLIC]The maximum length of a Shared Media URI/URL is now limited to 254 characters
      • SH-3275 interesting Update viewer metrics system to be more flexible
      • MAINT-1276 Add ability to paste LSL tooltips into scripts
  • DRTVWR-268 Fix for crashes on Debug and RelWithDebInfo builds
    • MAINT-2134 Viewer crashes on Debug build on an assertion failure
  • DRTVWR-269 Please merge LLUUID collision fix (MAINT-1986) to viewer-development
    • MAINT-1986 LLUUID collisions (lluuidhashmap_tut.cpp aka "hashmap_test" failures)
    • OPSDEV-111 Region overwrites another region's simstate
      • DRTSIM-148 Convert the simhost to a Debian Squeeze PGI Image. Compile with gcc-4.6. Deploy using new deploy system (pgi roller).
  • DRTVWR-272 Please merge INTEGRATION_TEST_llhttpclient crash fix (MAINT-2168) to viewer-development
  • DRTVWR-276 Please merge MAINT-2027 Viewer-Tiger Fixes
    • DRTVWR-263 Merge MAINT-2027 Tiger Fixes for 3.4.5 beta
  • DRTVWR-277 pls merge 2 changesets to viewer-development, for Chinese bug fix (INTL-110)
  • DRTVWR-279 Unable to upload terrain .RAW files
  • DRTVWR-280 Please merge fix for MAINT-2209 (parcel name not updated after TP) to viewer-development
    • MAINT-2209 Latest development build does not update the parcel name after teleport
  • DRTVWR-281 Please merge fix for MAINT-1340: "Viewer 2.0 media's volume slider inoperable (Broken Volume)" to viewer-development
  • DRTVWR-283 Please revert fix for MAINT-417
  • DRTVWR-286 MAINT-2247
  • DRTVWR-287 Merge fix for MAINT-2242 (Intel HD graphics issues in beta 3.4.5) to viewer-beta
  • DRTVWR-289 Please merge linux-updater.bin crash fix to viewer-beta
    • MAINT-1481 Linux updater segfaults, fails to update
    • IQA-1032 Please test successful Linux viewer update
      • MAINT-1481 Linux updater segfaults, fails to update
  • DRTVWR-290 MAINT-2275 MAINT-2277
    • MAINT-2275 Child prims are "left behind" by animated, moving (physical) linksets
    • MAINT-2277 Yellow "fence" (selection) of the parcel doesn't update after selecting the other parcel
  • DRTVWR-291 MAINT-2276 work-around
  • DRTVWR-292 Sale Info UI changes
    • MAINT-1698 Other user is able to edit 'for sale' properties for object from content of other object
  • DRTVWR-296 STORM-1930: fix graphics level labels in preferences
    • STORM-1930 Quality & Speed slider has Ultra label where High should be - 3.4.5 (269698) Beta
  • DRTVWR-297 Merge fix for crash on shutdown in LLMeshLODResponder in 3.4.5 beta 4 to viewer-beta
    • MAINT-2323 [0] LLMeshLODResponder::~LLMeshLODResponder() [secondlife-bin llmeshrepository.cpp]

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-1931 Viewer crashes on Mac when devices (e.g. USB headset or a second monitor) are plugged in or unplugged
  • MAINT-1742 Child object does not update position while selected.
  • MAINT-2247 Child object does not update rotation while selected.
  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build
  • SVC-7598 Error fetching server release notes URL.
  • VWR-29226 Multiple Teleports Causing Errors
  • BUG-1006 Viewer freezes while taking snapshot on OS X 10.6.8
  • SH-3331 LLCore::HttpOpRequest::readCallback warning in secondlife.log after ViewerAssetMetrics sent

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Supported Versions


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.4.4 (268864), 3.4.3 (268262), 3.4.2 (267137), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.4.5 (270034). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers page.