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Second Life Project 360 Snapshot Viewer version

Released on June 19 2017.

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Release Notes


The existing viewer snapshot system (control-shift-s) is being extended to add a mode where you can take a picture that encompasses all directions at once.

Placed in a suitable web site with some HTML and JavaScript, the image can then be scrolled to look around as though you had a window into Second Life at the moment the picture was taken. Please visit our wiki for details

This is also integrated with a number of other Snapshot improvements contributed by the author of the Black Dragon viewer.

This update supports saving the 360 snapshot as a single equirectangular image; this is the format that most image-sharing sites expect and support for these scrolling images, so it can be uploaded correctly with no preprocessing. This is not compatible with the format that Place Pages currently supports, but we'll be updating that support to this format soon.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-6862 [360 Snapshot] When ALM is enabled, Depth mode shots are broken when snapshot size is set to anything above current window size