Release Notes/Second Life Project Materials/3.5.1

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This is an early test viewer for the introduction of Normal and Specular maps and associated parameters.

Do not use this viewer to edit content you do not want to break.

See Material Data for information on how the normal and specular map images are interpreted, and the parameters that go with them.

In general, when using this version, make changes slowly... there are some bugs that can cause changes made quickly to be lost; we're working on them.

Problems can be reported in the Materials Project Viewer Bug project on the Jira.

Please leave your viewer configured for automatic updates - we plan to iterate frequently. Latest version is linked on the Alternate Viewers page.

Fix History

Very high 'Alpha Objects' time in materials viewer, in some scenes
Add viewer DEBUG message for access to RenderMaterials cap
[MATBUG]Alpha mode should always default to 'Alpha Blending' on alpha-mapped diffuse textures, when adding a new material to an object
[MATBUG]using "Select face" and applying a material applies the settings to every face on the object.
Default specular color is black (hiding the effect)
Rescaling a prim in Planar Mapping mode causes normal and specular map repeats to scale differently than diffuse map
Mac viewer crash in LLShaderMgr::linkProgramObject when enabling 'Advanced Lighting Model'
Viewer crashes when trying to activate "Advanced Lighting Model" on Intel HD
CLONE - Harder light edges in materials viewer. No more soft blends possible. Washout in highlights. Decreased dynamic range?
'Alpha mode' is set to 'Alpha blending' by default instead of 'None'

Mac viewer crash when enabling 'Advance Lighting Model'
Object with material parameters set do not appear under water.
Mask cutoff UI shows up in shininess context
planar texgen does not match up between diffuse and normal maps with same settings
Repeats per meter can be edited while Bumpiness (normal) -> "None" is active
UI for changing 'Alpha mode' is enabled when prim with multiple Media.
Horizontal and vertical offsets are 1.0 instead of 0.0 in bumpiness mode
Shininess changes to 'None' after attempt to increase Glossiness value for specular map.
Repeats per Meter value hasn't automatically changed in Bumpiness (normal) and Shininess (specular)
after set Repeats per Meter , horizontal and vertical scale field values haven't automatically changed
Default specular color is black (hiding the effect)

Some Known Issues

The following are some of the issues we know about and are working on:

Sometimes more faces than you intend may be affected
Selecting individual faces and editing materials properties may affect unselected faces
In Planar mode, normal and specular maps do not align correctly with diffuse texture
In Default mode this seems to work correctly
Poor Performance with some Alpha
Certain locations are rendered much more slowly in the materials viewer than in the release viewer. It appears that certain alpha-mapped 'foliage' textures cause very high (~200ms on average) 'Alpha Time' in rendering.
Changes to local textures do not automatically update
Local textures don't update after being saved on my hard drive and flipping back to the viewer. I must select the face and manually click the file in the local file list to get the viewer to update
Incorrect Texture icon in build tool when normal or specular map is not set to 'Use Texture'
Currently, it shows the icon that means you can't change the texture even when you could.