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Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on August 21, 2015.

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Release Notes


This viewer introduces two sets of improvements intended to make your Second Life graphics experience better:

Graphics Presets
You can now create different saved "presets" for your graphics preferences, and quickly switch between them using a new top bar pulldown. Create one with a short draw distance and support for lots of detail to use when going to a dance club, another with long views for exploring, and any others that you find yourself using frequently.
Avatar Rendering Complexity Controls
For many users, the most expensive part of rendering a Second Life scene is rendering the avatars around you. For some time, the viewer has had a measurement of how much each avatar around you is affecting your performance; this viewer introduces some control and feedback based on that measure. A new *Avatar Maximum Complexity* control lets you prevent expensive avatars from lagging you; any avatar over the limit is displayed as a solid color rather than rendering full detail. A default limit is set based on the rendering performance of your system (we may change these defaults based on feedback with this Project Viewer). You'll also get a notice when your own rendering complexity changes, and an indication when you're over the limit of too many of the avatars around you.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-4506 Polish translation update
  • MAINT-4677 Unexpected behaviour when blocking objects with a / in their name when using compact chat view
  • MAINT-5378 Add avatar complexity information notices
  • MAINT-5537 Avatar Maximum complexity slider in wrong position after reopening Advanced graphics preferences.
  • STORM-2082 Allow saving and loading of graphic settings and ability to control view of "blinged" avatars
  • STORM-2083 LLCalcParser calculates inverse trigonometric functions wrong
  • STORM-2085 Spelling error and duplicate entry in notifications.xml
  • STORM-2086 Convert old style llinfos and llwarns to new format
  • STORM-2088 Minimap no longer remembers zoom setting between sessions
  • STORM-2094 Save button not activated if spelling corrected in Notecard and no other changes made
  • STORM-2097 Polish translation update
  • STORM-2098 Crashfix; enable_object_edit() crashes when called without being logged in
  • STORM-2099 Minor formatting issue with logged out message
  • STORM-2120 Graphics Quick Preferences should be account specific