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Second Life Project Viewer version

Released on November 14, 2017.

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Release Notes


This viewer release includes several fixes to the Rendering pipeline (always a little scary). Please report all issues to us in Jira, we'll be watching for them.

  • This viewer is now built from the Alex Ivy (64bit) branch
  • There is no Linux viewer available for this build
  • All known issues for the Alex Ivy Viewer apply to this build
  • Improvement to mesh LOD calculation (account for CTRL+0)
  • Improvement: Agents that render as jelly dolls should have their attachments render at 0 LoD to prevent loading higher LoD complexity in memory thus deterring crashes -> debug setting RenderAutoMuteByteLimit has to be > default of 0 for this feature.
  • Bug: Mesh avatar deforms constantly - was due to bounding box / LOD swaps
  • Bug: Some mesh turned invisible when camera is moved - was caused by fix for MAINT-6125.  
  • Bug: Setting one avatar to "Do not render" causes all avatars to become impostors
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-3825 animated tail reduces FPS to 4 then crashes the viewer
  • MAINT-6125 Mesh avatar deforms constantly
  • MAINT-6872 Account for CTRL+0 zoom when mesh LOD is calculated
  • MAINT-6910 [MAINT-RC] Some mesh turns invisible when camera is moved on the Maint-RC viewer only - caused by fix for MAINT-6125.
  • MAINT-6917 Setting one avatar to "Do not render" causes all avatars to become imposters
  • MAINT-7058 Failure to copy Extents into new face when uploader creates new (secret) materials causes bounding box to include unit cube at origin, which may be outside uploaded geometry, causing incorrect LOD and physics mesh stretching.
  • MAINT-7119 [Love Me Render] Issues with RenderAutoMuteByteLimit() versus worn legacy prims, sculpts and non-rigged mesh.