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Release Notes for Second Life 1.21.6 Oct 16th, 2008

New features:

Support for Mono

  • New option in the Tools menu > Recompile Scripts, to allow your scripts to compile in Mono or the LSL scripting engine.
    • Support for Mono has been integrated alongside the original scripting engine, so the use of Mono is completely opt-in. Unless your scripts are explicitly converted to run on Mono, they will continue to run exactly as before. There is no automated conversion to Mono.
    • Mono provided immediate performance benefits to scripts. In addition, the integration of the Mono virtual machine will makes future improvements possible.
  • Learn more in this video, or read the Mono project page:
Download this video in high-quality or
Watch more videos of Mono in action...

Moderation for Group Text and Group Voice

  • This viewer introduces the ability in group roles to 'Moderate Group Chat', which includes both voice & text conversations in a Group chat session.
    • Moderation is only available for formal Groups in Second Life.
      • Moderation is not available for conversations that happen on the fly (i.e. among avatars in Local Chat, nor the spatial voice chat in proximity around you). Moderation is not available for 1-to-1 IMs or 1-to-1 voice calls!
  • 'Moderate Group Chat' is an ability that is automatically part of any Owner and Officer roles for newly created Groups. This ability can be changed or added to other roles in any Group.
    • The 'Moderate Group Chat' ability can be seen and managed in the existing Group Information window
    • Like other abilities, this ability is persisted until formally changed an authorized member of the Group.
    • For backwards compatibility, all Group Owners (past and present) have been retroactively granted the ability to 'Moderate Group Chat'. This covers all Group Owners.
    • In addition, for all new Groups created after 2008-08-19, this ability is automatically given to the default Group Officer role.
    • For existing Groups (created before 2008-08-19) the Group Officers do not have this ability granted to them automatically. Officers must manually be given this ability by an authorized member of the Group.
  • Using the Moderator Controls:
    • A person who has been given the ability to 'Moderate Group Chat' will be labelled as a ...(Moderator) in the Participants List when she or he joins a Group chat session.
    • There can be more than 1 moderator in the same session at the same time.
    • A moderator does not have the ability to create other moderators during a conversation.
    • Only moderators have access to special controls in the UI of the Group session:
      • For every participant in the session, they can choose at any time to:
        • [X] Allow voice chat
        • [X] Allow text chat
      • For Group Calls, the moderator may also set the Voice behavior that affects everyone on the Call + anyone who joins the Call:
        • Voices on by default
        • Voices off by default
  • Learn more in the Knowledge Base article about Group Moderation.

llDetectedTouch features in LSL

  • A new UV-picking feature that allows a prim to report where on its surface/texture it has been clicked.
    • This project adds the following new LSL commands:
      • llDetectedTouchUV() - returns the UV coordinates of the point touched.
      • llDetectedTouchST() - returns the surface coordinates of the point touched.
      • llDetectedTouchFace() - returns the face of the point touched.
      • llDetectedTouchPos() - returns the world coordinates of the point touched.
      • llDetectedTouchNormal() - returns the surface normal of the point touched.
      • llDetectedTouchBinormal() - returns the surface bi-normal of the point touched.
      • These commands are valid in the events touch_start(), touch(), and touch_end(). in the case of touch(), where events are triggered as long as the mouse is held down - each event has the current surface point data (allowing grabbing, sliders, levers, and all sorts pseudo GUI builds.)
    • Since versions prior to version 1.21 do not support sending coordinates, when a Resident clicks on an object using an earlier viewer (e.g. viewer 1.20), the coordinates will be reported as -1, -1
    • Scripters take note! You can build your scripts to detect the value -1,-1 as an "Undefined" touch. The creator of such objects must decide how to handle, message to, or warn avatars who are not running a supported viewer for their content.


  • Changed: VWR-6328: Request for "Tools" menu to not auto-hide anymore
  • Changed: VWR-4541: Move the Release Keys button to the World menu
  • Added: Support for Friendship offers to include 1 line of freeform text to allow requester to clarify their request
    • This feature will be enabled with the next server release to Server 1.25. Once the Second Life Grid is upgraded to server 1.25, any resident who uses viewer 1.21 or higher will be able to receive or send an additional 1-line message with each Friendship offer.
  • Added: Allow inventory to be dropped onto IM windows
  • Added: Show confirmation for inventory dropped onto IM windows
  • Changed: Update the Second Life Installer on Mac to use new, better artwork
  • Changed: Change the nameplate on text you type in chat, from "You:" to "{Your Name}:"
  • Moved: Move link to the Release Notes is under Help > About Second Life... and point to wiki page of Release Notes
  • Removed Feature: Remove the option Advanced > Rendering > Info Displays > Show Depth Buffer
  • Removed Feature: VWR-8553: Logitech LCD tab is missing from Preferences
  • Note: After weighing usage of the Logitech keyboard extended functionality and its cost to maintain and test, Linden Lab has decided to deprecate this feature as of viewer 1.21. Though useful to a small percentage of our residents, it is impractical to maintain as a direct implementation while we continue to develop the Second Life viewer. In the future we are looking to implement better means to support third-party hardware in a more sustainable/plug-in, open source and cross platform manner.

Changes to LSL:

Usability Improvements and Fixes:

Improvements to Menus and Shortcuts:

  • Fixed: VWR-6328: Request for "Tools" menu to not auto-hide anymore
  • Fixed: VWR-4541: Move the Release Keys button to the World menu
  • Fixed: VWR-2651: Sunset shortcut triggers Beacon shortcut (shortcut for Beacons Always On is too easy to hit)
    • Also Fixed: remove keyboard shortcut for Show Updates as it was too easy to hit accidentally
    • Also Fixed: Always turn off the "Show Updates" debug tool on startup

Improvements to Inventory Offers:

  • Fixed: VWR-1754: unclutter notification/confirmation about items given (Render slurls in Inventory offers as a more readable element)
  • Added: Allow inventory to be dropped onto IM windows
  • Added: Show confirmation for inventory dropped onto IM windows
  • Added: Pop open the Inventory window when you receive new inventory items.
    • NOTE: You can turn this off in Preferences > Popups tab

Improvements to IM and Chat:

  • Fixed: VWR-4345: Chat log scrolls up when the names list is expanded (<<) (Autoscroll disengages in chat history when window is shrunk)
  • Fixed: Make the Active Speaker sorting pause when your cursor is over the panel, making it easier to select a name.
    • Also Fixes: VWR-4139: Active Speakers list should default sort differently (to make it easier to select a name)
  • Fixed: Add a minimize button to Group IM sessions
  • Fixed: Pasting multiline clipboard content into Group chat loses newlines
  • Fixed: Modify Chat Console code (llconsole.cpp) to wrap cleanly when the window is resized
  • Fixed: Make text chat on the Chat Console less transparent and have it stay on screen longer before fading away
  • Changed: Increase the spacing slightly between Chat Console lines
  • Added: Add the preference "Turn off typing animation when chatting" to Edit > Preferences > Text Chat

Improvements to the Snapshot feature:

  • Fixed: VWR-2491: Save snapshot should save in PNG, BMP, or JPEG
  • Fixed: VWR-3067: Depth Snapshot To Disc Crashes Viewer
  • Fixed: Cannot change save location of snapshots after first one in a session
  • Fixed: Changed destination terminology in the Snapshot feature to "Send via email", "Save to your inventory", "Save to your hard drive"
  • Fixed: File menu > Take Snapshot should behave like "Refresh Snapshot" if the Snapshot Preview floater is already open
  • Fixed: Cannot change custom height and width when trying to upload a snapshot

Improvements to Estate & Abuse tools:

  • Added: MISC-713: Add the ability to "Return All Objects" of a specified resident as an Estate-wide feature
    • Also Fixed: Clean up the button layout for Region/Estate > Debug tab
  • Added: Add Time Stamp to Parcel Object List
  • Added: Add Time Stamp to Top Scripts Colliders List
  • Added: Add more categories to Help > Report Abuse...
  • Fixed: "Remove" buttons associated with parcel banned and allowed lists should enable only when list elements are selected

Improvements for new residents:

  • Fixed: VWR-6428: teleport First Use dialog is incorrect
  • Changed: Change the nameplate on text you type in chat, from "You:" to "{Your Name}:"
  • Changed: Re-labeled the startup screen button from "Connect" to say "Log In"
  • Added: Add a "Create new account" hyperlink to the start-up screen
  • Removed: Remove "Quit" button from login screen and move Forgot Password links to right
  • Fixed: Make terms of service on startup use an "I agree" checkbox
  • Fixed: Make the Community Standards window look more consistent with the TOS window
  • Fixed: The Help button on the Lag Meter directs to the proper KB article
  • Fixed: Remove "Your character is loading" dialog that appears for a brand-new account, and made the character loading faster
  • Fixed: Movement and Camera floaters are not centered if window is resized at the login screen
  • Fixed: Move default location of browser tutorial to the left of avatar head
  • Fixed: Tutorial window overlaps avatar on a 1024x768 screen
  • Fixed: Make "Your connection to the SIM is broken" error message more human readable
  • Fixed: Make the error message more human readable for a failed login when due to missing the First or Last Name
  • Fixed: Persist visibility state of the browser tutorial between logins

Improvements to sculpted prims:

  • Fixed: Add an option for oblong tessellation for sculptie meshes, to distribute the sculptie vertices in a non-square way
  • Fixed: VWR-6682: Shader and Client Option to mirror sculpted prims along selected axes
  • Fixed: VWR-5432: Ability to Flip Horizontal/Vertical on Sculpt Texture to Fix Inside-Out sculpted prims
    • Like the prim "glow" effect, the Inside-Out and Mirror features only work in viewers 1.21 and later which are aware of it -- it is rendered by the viewer only. Until the 1.21 viewer is widely adopted, you should only use this feature with the caveat that others Residents may not see your prims rendered the same way.

Improvements to Terrain Editing:

  • Added: VWR-2331: Added a variable "strength" to the Terraform tool
  • Fixed: VWR-3257: Terrain editing bulldozer's white marker dots are difficult to see

Improvements to Script Editor:

  • Added: VWR-5283: Line number gutter for script editor
  • Fixed: Make your selection of the "Case Insensitive" checkbox sticky in the Script editor

Other usability Improvements:

  • Fixed: VWR-1417: Info in About Land window disappears when focus is lost
  • Fixed: VWR-5664: Object stays selected (yellow glow) after Buy or cancel Buy in some conditions
  • Fixed: VWR-1746: Profile > Web > Load, Open & Home buttons enable, disable, or change name in a very illogical way
  • Fixed: VWR-3312: Hover tooltips bleed through other windows
  • Fixed: VWR-1320: Full Linux crash by mouse movement + cursor change with fglrx drivers for ATI graphics
  • Fixed: VWR-1820: Map Search Results won't scroll using mouse scroll wheel
  • Fixed: Remove "Classified Ad" checkbox from the World Map
  • Fixed: Extend list-box component to support colored text.
  • Fixed: Defer QuickTime initialization until after login, to speed load time
  • Added: Add a "loading..." placeholder when Map tiles are loading on the World Map, and for snapshots in a Landmark preview
  • Added: Add a "Loading..." texture placeholder to all instances of texture control
  • Added: Add resident names to title of the Profile window

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed: SVC-972: Viewer is logged out during failed teleport
    • Also Fixed: VWR-2999 Viewer Crashes after every Teleport
  • Partial Fix: SVC-1507: Notices failing for larger groups
  • Fixed: VWR-6: Poor warning message when message template not found
  • Fixed: VWR-7126: Camera Smoothing causes errant rotation of camera when panned left or right, the closer the camera rotation is to +/- 90 degrees
  • Fixed: VWR-6616: Cannot scroll through more than 17 classifieds in Profiles
  • Fixed: VWR-702: Provide better feedback when the server connection is lost
    • Note: The unclear loss of connectivity (Mini-map will turn red) has been replaced with a warning window that "You have been logged out of Second Life: You have been disconnected from the region you were in."
  • Fixed: VWR-1079: Group Notice dialog: message text can't be copied and pasted
  • Fixed: VWR-6000: In-world browser/Html search renders a black/blank area on Mac in full screen mode
  • Fixed: VWR-6838: IM logging set to "off" in prefs, but IM window warns logging is taking place
  • Interim Fix: VWR-5457: Setting Abuse Email Address in Region Estate dialog, then hitting apply will clear the email address you put in
    • Note: Until this feature can be supported properly by the server, the limited "fix" applied to viewer 1.21 is to disable this email field until it is properly operational. The email field will say "Feature unsupported" for now. When the project to the server is completed (sometime in the future), this field will become enabled again.
  • Interim Fix: VWR-1789: Dragging multiple inventory items onto someone's profile only silently transfers the last selected
    • Note: Until the viewer can completely support a multi-object tranfer, this type of multiple transfer to another avatar is blocked with a "No" symbol to explain that it not supported.
  • Fixed: VWR-5785: Large sculpts don't load correctly until selected.
    • Also Fixed: VWR-3922: Sculpties/Sculpted prims rez differently after each login
  • Fixed: VWR-6019: If rename an item in the inventory and press ESC while editing, the new name was set, not restore the old one
  • Fixed: VWR-4575: IM tabs no longer blink when new IM text is received
  • Fixed: VWR-7571: Viewer crashes when dragging photo from inventory into classifieds
  • Fixed: VWR-3598: Non-group owned objects appear to belong to the group of the last selected object, no matter the owner/group.
  • Fixed: VWR-3450: Font size increases after clicking "Apply" in preferences
  • Fixed: VWR-6336: World Map>Landmarks dropdown doesn't work for some landmarks
  • Fixed: VWR-7511: Changing Preferences > Text Chat > URL color only changes the color of *some* avatar names in chat history window
  • Fixed: VWR-6854: -noquicktime fails to work (Crash at startup, before login screen, allegedly due to problems with Quicktime)
  • Fixed: VWR-5587: Setting a Facial expression when uploading an animation has no effect (no facial expression included in the animation)
  • Fixed: MISC-1463: Edit in pie menu only working with Admin menu shown
  • Fixed: VWR-8221: Upon hitting "Stop All Animations" in the new RC, Avatar starts to sway and bend
  • Fixed: MISC-1109: Change the autoresponse text when Abuse Reports auto-warn about reports of copyright infringement
  • Fixed: VWR-7292: "Failed to load [body part]" dialog improperly implies that the content creator is primarily responsible for the error.
  • Fixed: VWR-2255: Mac updater does not log output
  • Fixed: VWR-6154: Decoded audio WAV files have 8 bytes missing at the end (llaudiodecodemgr.cpp)
  • Fixed: VWR-4110: Comment patch for llparcel.cpp for beta
  • Fixed: VWR-5320: Implement seek() for GStreamer Media Implementation
  • Fixed: VWR-3340: Login State change should display the definition and not the code itself
  • Fixed: VWR-7297: Chat history URL highlighting should treat \n as a terminator
  • Fixed: VWR-3619: An incorrect comment in llfont.h
  • Fixed: VWR-219: vorbis radio streams crash linux client
  • Fixed: Tab order on Group notifies puts text field before buttons
  • Fixed: Disable Appearance editor for Ruthed avatar
  • Fixed: Suppress "Save Changes" dialog for Ruthed avatar
  • Fixed: Build window has no title bar
  • Fixed: A superfluous "Price" text appears in Build window
  • Fixed: Remove superfluous TAB characters visible on "Show in Search" dialog
  • Fixed: Close the Inventory window's menus when focus goes to top menus
  • Fixed: Checking/Unchecking the 'For Sale' checkbox has no effect when multiple 'For Sale' items are selected
  • Fixed: Voice chat listening point doesn't follow Flycam
  • Fixed: Camera pops when using camera controls
  • Fixed: LSL Changed event on region cross behaves poorly
  • Fixed: Dialogue message error when land is purchased for L$0 in 1.19.0 region
  • Fixed: initial Win32 status displays when you launch the viewer aren't antialiased
  • Fixed: Rewrite LLString::format() to address various bugs
  • Fixed: Create unit tests for LLString::format()
  • Fixed: fix drag-and-drop confusion when dropping many objects onto a single-accept target
  • Fixed: ToolTip visibility refactoring (drag-and-drop tooltips not displaying / LLToolDragAndDrop::handleToolTip not being called)
  • Fixed: Minor LLWearable cleanup
  • Fixed: LLPanelFriends::refreshNames causes viewer to stall
  • Fixed: LLPanelFriends::refreshNames called every 5 seconds, whether needed or not
  • Fixed: Remove unneccessary memory check of 10*1MB each frame
  • Fixed: warning spew during Linux viewer packaging
  • Fixed: linux viewer not using elfio code, generates lame stack-traces
  • Fixed: Include the selected language and system locale in log output
  • Fixed: format_map_t usage is quietly very error-prone
  • Fixed: message.xml is not able to be located in development builds
  • Fixed: Mac viewer should use ~/Library/Caches for cache directory
  • Fixed: Coverity Dumpster investigation
  • Fixed: linux viewer: Investigate using gcc4 visibility rules instead of the objcopy hack for symbol scoping
  • Fixed: linux viewer: Investigate using gcc4 visibility rules instead of the llkdu -Bsymbolic hack for symbol scoping
  • Fixed: Uninitialized members in Constructors
  • Fixed: Uninitialized members in Constructors part 2
  • Fixed: Uninitialized members in Constructors part 3
  • Fixed: CID-1035: process_copy_inventory_item() NULL-check
  • Fixed: Event poll is brittle and doesn't parse status correctly
  • Fixed: References to "Publish on the Web" in Groups need to be changed to "Show in search"
  • Fixed: Group Identity Ability incorrectly claims to allow changing which roles are publicly visible
  • Fixed: Correct a typo of 'participants' in tool tips
  • Fixed: Correct the inconsistent wording on two ignorable Popups
  • Fixed: Correct the name of the 'Voices on/off by default' options in the Group moderator's dropdown control
  • Fixed: The error message for Group Moderation inaccurately refers to being "muted"
  • Fixed: Correct the inconsistent/inaccurate wording in Preferences (Text Chat, Communication, and Popups tab)
    • Also Fixed: Clean up the layout slightly of the following Preferences:
      • Preferences > Input and Camera
      • Preferences > Web
      • Preferences > Communication
      • Preferences > Popups
  • Fixed: typo in directory name for viewer disk cache (Mac)
  • Fixed: Viewer should abort startup if /app_settings/settings.xml fails to load - rather than crash later when the setting cannot be found
  • Fixed: Improve the run speed of the Second Life installer
  • Fixed: Add location coords to crash reports
  • Fixed: Add granularity to watchdog pings in mainWindowProc
  • Fixed: Add increased granularity to Thread Watchdog failing at GatherInput
  • Fixed: Viewer crash reporter fails to parse crash logs with invalid utf8 text in the log
  • Fixed: Push To Talk Mode (PTTCurrentlyEnabled) setting can not be overridden
  • Fixed: Perform hover picks less frequently due to performance problems

Bug Fixes to the rendering system:

  • Fixed: VWR-3798: Sculpt textures have WAY too low a priority in the interest list.
  • Fixed: VWR-7805: Edit tools aren't antialiased
  • Fixed: VWR-7860: Crash with ATi 8.6 drivers and Atmospheric Shaders on Radeon HD 2900 XT
  • Fixed: VWR-4022: Improve image upload robustness when an image is mislabeled by file type
  • Fixed: When editing a prim's rotation in a linked, sometimes only the silhouette moves
    • Also Fixed: VWR-6288: Childprim needs about 5 seconds to move if position is changed with spinEdit buttons from Object window
  • Fixed: Closing LLFloaterBuildOptions with the Build button resets the camera to "default position" instead of "user-defined zoom position"
    • Also Fixed: VWR-7592: Using SpaceNavigator, using flycam mode, editing object, closing edit window causes camera to fly off into the distance.
    • Also Fixed: VWR-8099: Flycam active, open and close edit window = camera boomerang/ av flying
  • Fixed: Snapshot window flashes briefly before opening
  • Fixed: Detect newer Linux ATI drivers and treat them differently.
  • Fixed: viewer crashes when avatar position is out of bounds
  • Fixed: While in Edit Linked Parts mode, using the Rotation spinners to edit the Parent Prim also rotates linked child prims
  • Fixed: ATI 2600 does not do hardware skinning
  • Fixed: Turn off Impostors and Occlusion culling which can cause stalls on the MacBook Pro / 8600M graphics card
  • Fixed: When rotating a multi-prim linked object, the whole object sometimes shakes and not rotate smoothly
  • Fixed: Can not select child objects in a linked object set.
  • Fixed: Avatar seated on linked object moves when root prim is repositioned
  • Fixed: Add an Advanced > Rendering option to simulate memory leaks (available only in --qa mode for testers)
  • Fixed: Limit number of visible avatars to a reasonable maximum to improve framerate in crowded areas
    • Note: This fix adds a new debug setting to limit to the number of visible avatars to draw. All other avatars beyond this limit fade smoothly in & out of invisible. (Advanced > Debug settings > RenderAvatarMaxVisible)
    • This fix also affects the behavior of Avatar Impostors, if 'Avatar Impostors' are enabled in Preferences. Of the value that is set for RenderAvatarMaxVisible,
      • The closest 25% of these avatars from you will not be impostored.
      • The farthest 25% of these avatars from you will always be impostored, and re-drawn no more than once every 16 frames
      • The middle 50% of these avatars are impostored and re-drawn whenever needed.

Bug Fixes to the new "llDetectedTouch position" feature:

  • Fixed: VWR-8560: Move Tool does not work with llDetectedTouch* functions
  • Fixed: VWR-8400: UI scaling affects position of uv-picking clicks
  • Fixed: VWR-9471: llDetectedGrab is now broken - does not Register once mouse is moved off prim clicked
  • Fixed: SVC-2857: Touch_End Event does not apply to llDetectedTouchUV and llDetectedTouchST calls
  • Fixed: SVC-2762: Mono beta: llDetectedTouchBinormal returns zero vector following camera mode changes
  • Fixed: LLDetectedTouchUV() doesn't work with planar mapping

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed: crash on LLVertexBuffer::mapBuffer for avatar
  • Fixed: crash on LLSelectMgr::getGrid
  • Fixed: crash on LLTexLayerSetBuffer::render
  • Fixed: crash in LLVOAvatar::setVisibilityRank
  • Fixed: rare crash in llfloater.cpp
  • Fixed: Fixed a shutdown issue in lltoolpie.cpp
  • Partial Fix: apr_pool leaking

Localization Fixes:

  • Fixed: VWR-8688: Wrong dialog message in Portuguese for an inventory offer
  • Fixed: Move hard-coded F1 Help links to floater_html.xml
  • Fixed: Minor layout changes to Preferences to accommodate translations
  • Fixed: the Chat bar Say/Shout button will not show its translations
  • Fixed: Add name= parameters to all <editline> nodes in alerts.xml
  • Fixed: Move the location of entire error message about Group moderation into floater_im.xml
  • Fixed: Create better wording for the the error message for Group moderation
  • Fixed: Remove a few typographical errors in XML strings
  • Fixed: erroneous German translation for 'Join' (as in join a group)
  • Fixed: rename 4 ungrammatical German translations of Tools menu options
  • Fixed: An overlapping word "Chat" on the first button of the toolbar in Spanish, French, Chinese
  • Fixed: Restore the Japanese & Korean translations of Joystick monitor
  • Added: translations for new features in German, Japanese, and Korean
  • Added: new French translations - Part1
  • Added: new French translations - Part2
  • Fixed: Repair some truncated text in German, French, Korean, and Japanese viewers

Source changes:

  • Fixed: VWR-4814: Solaris port - include llstring.h in llfloaternamedesc.cpp
  • Fixed: VWR-4812: Solaris port - include llstring.h in llfloateranimpreview.cpp
  • Fixed: VWR-4813: Solaris port - include llstring.h to llfloaterimagepreview.cpp
  • Fixed: Clean up the C++ codebase to more safely use strings
  • Fixed: Robustify LLDir::getExtension()'s behaviour
  • Fixed: Eliminate char arrays from the Viewer code, use std::string and wherever reasonable, and eliminate the need for LLString
  • Fixed: LLStringBase cleanup for Linux
  • Moved: Moved OpenGL related files from /llwindow and /newview into /llrender.
  • Moved: Split newview/llglslshader into newview/llviewershadermgr, llrender/llshadermgr, and llrender/llglslshader by class and function
  • Moved: move Windows memory debugging/checking into llappviewerwin32.cpp
  • Added: Add 8KB default avatar clothing assets to viewer VFS to speed up avatar loading time in orientation
  • Removed: Clean up 7MB of unused image files from viewer VFS to reduce download size
  • Removed: Clean up 7MB of unused HUD textures and Orientation Island resources from viewer download
  • Removed: Remove unused code regarding SABINRIG
  • Removed: Remove unfinished landmark menu code
  • Removed: Remove ReleaseNotes.txt from viewer installation package

Red bk.jpg

Known Issues in version 1.21:

  • VWR-8910: llGetAgentLanguage doesn't show any result right after login
    • A known errant behavior with the new LSL call, llGetAgentLanguage() is that it will return a blank result for another avatar during the first 1-3 seconds s/he has just logged into Second Life. After 2-3 seconds his or her viewer is fully initialized and the problem resolves itself: llGetAgentLanguage() then returns the proper value.

  • VWR-8920: Some attachments 'disappear' from view when moving the camera around, or zooming in on an avatar (Also when using pose balls for sitting)
    • Residents have reported this bug on many system configurations during the Release Candidate cycle. We are working on this bug in the next viewer with better rendering code. When attachments "disappear", pulling the camera back restores them to view. We apologize for this bug while we investigate further!

  • VWR-9081: Viewer crash sometimes when I right click a sculptie [or tortured prims]
    • Residents reported this bug on many system configurations during the Release Candidate cycle. The attempted fix in RC3 appears to not have solved the problem completely, but made it occur less often. We are continuing to work on this bug.

  • VWR-8932: 1.21 RC - Script editor performance degrades with large scripts
    • When typing into a script with many hundreds/thousands of lines, the responsiveness of the keyboard input declines noticeably. We are investigating this bug.

  • VWR-9467: 1.21 will not install due to error opening file for writing (xulutil.dll etc)
    • This rare bug during installation has been experienced by a small percentage of residents. If you experience an error during installation of Viewer 1.21.6 and it will not succeed to press "Retry" to continue, this may be caused by a failure of SL to close its files from the last time you logged out.
    • WORKAROUND #1: Use this workaround for installing Viewer 1.21.6:
      1. Reboot your computer after Second Life installation does not finish.
      2. Try to install again.
    • WORKAROUND #2: If this continues to fail to install for you (very, very rare):
      1. Reboot your computer after Second Life installation does not finish.
      2. Uninstall the 1.20 viewer using the program uninst.exe in the \SecondLife\ directory.
      3. Remove any files left and then the \Second Life\ directory itself.
      4. Starting from here, re-run the new downloaded file to install.
      5. Unfortunately you will lose all your previously-chosen Preferences and settings.

  • VWR-9577: Viewer keeps running after closing it
    • Residents reported this rare bug with viewer 1.21 on Windows, that can occur after you have changed/started/stopped audio streams one or more times on a parcel. When you exit SL, you are logged out successfully -- but the SecondLife.exe program may still be running as seen in the Windows Task Manager (processes). We are continuing to work on this bug.
    • WORKAROUND: You can choose the running process SecondLife.exe (or SecondLifeReleaseCandidate.exe) and click 'End Task' from the Task Manager.

  • Bugs related to the camera:
    • VWR-9770: Camera focuses on self (or in the opposite direction) when selecting an object via pie menu while the camera is being controlled by a script.
    • VWR-9338: Camera position moves unexpectedly when editing an object while another is using llSetCamera*
    • VWR-9775: Moving an object while sitting on it causes violent camera jitter
    • VWR-8926: Moving the camera stops your avatar's gaze from following mouse movement
    • VWR-8814: Camera focuses ahead of avatar when rotating, after the camera view is reset

  • VWR-9297: Snapshot: High-res snapshot shows glow elements mirrored 4 times (and offset)
    • Residents discovered this bug that occurs when a High-res snapshot includes the UI elements in the snapshot.
      • The option to "[X] Show interface in snapshot" cannot be properly supported in a High-Res snapshot to show both the UI rendering layer and the glow layer.
    • WORKAROUND: Before taking a High-Res snapshot of glowing objects, you should disable this option: "[_] Show interface in snapshot". (Un-check this option.)

  • VWR-7779: Mac viewer suffers from cyclic pauses/freezes/fatal hangs
    • This issue, originally observed from version 1.20, has been improved in version 1.21 for Macs with an 8600M graphics card.
    • However on some Macs, there continue to be reports of periodic and cyclic freezing of the computer when running this viewer, similar to version 1.20. The following workarounds may help; please try them individually and sequentially:
    • WORKAROUND #1:
      • One workaround that may help is to reduce the Draw Distance below 128m in Preferences > Graphics tab > Custom > Draw Distance (slider).
      • Also, if you have Disabled Camera Constraints from the Advanced menu, behavior is improved if you do not Disable Camera Constraints.
    • WORKAROUND #2:
      • Turn OFF Avatar Impostors, which utilizes "readbacks" from the Frame Buffer. This is disabled from Preferences > Graphics > Custom > Avatar Impostors.
      • Also, turn OFF Occlusion calling (this is normally on by default), which is another important utilization of Frame Buffer readbacks. This is disabled from Advanced menu > Rendering > Object-Object Occlusion (make sure it has no 'X')
    • WORKAROUND #3: Another workaround that may help is to use an additional argument when running Second Life, "--set YieldTime 20" in the Arguments.txt:
      • To set this argument, right-click (or control-click) the Second Life application and choose "Show package contents".
      • In the resulting Finder window, open Resources and in there should be a file named "arguments.txt". Open in Text Edit, add the argument --set YieldTime 20 to the end of the line in there and Save.
      • Close the text edit and run the Second Life application.
        • This causes the viewer to sleep for 20 milliseconds every frame. It will slow the frame rate down a little, but may help with freezing.