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Second Life Viewer 2 - Released March 31, 2010

Please see Known Issues for important information and limitations.

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Detailed Release Notes -

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Key 1.xx PJiras Addressed


New Features & Improvements

  • 724 Votes - VWR-812: Ability to add alpha to base avatar skin (see Wearable Alpha Masks)
  • 542 Votes - VWR-1449: 3 New Avatar Layers - 2nd Tattoo layers between existing skin/tattoo layer and clothing layer (see Wearable Tattoos)
  • 145 Votes - VWR-16455: Allow inventory pointers to no-copy items
  • 45 Votes - VWR-9287: Building hotkeys to select next/previous prim in a link set
  • 15 Votes - VWR-12631: Provide a setting to limit the maximum size of objects displayed on the minimap
  • 13 Votes - VWR-10311: Enable LipSync by default

Bug Fixes

  • 79 Votes - VWR-5474: secondlife:// URLs not working any longer - even on the SL-Website
  • 35 Votes - VWR-138: Animation Priority not working correctly, Can't create new AOs
  • 35 Votes - VWR-4887: Windows pop up strangely distorted/deformed
  • 28 Votes - VWR-9065: (intermittent) Right Click > profile on avatar does not display profile
  • 27 Votes - VWR-6432: Space Navigator operation with vehicles is broken
  • 14 Votes - VWR-13996: Avatars completely invisible when first in sight, except for attachments

New Features and Improvements

  • VWR-812: Ability to add alpha to base avatar skin
  • VWR-3725: Please add resize option to the SEARCH window UI
  • VWR-7800: Joystick / SpaceNavigator. Camera should remain in position when exiting flycam mode into avatar mode
  • VWR-8008: Drop-down to select preset aspect ratios in texture preview floaters
  • VWR-8393: Have build scripts copy fmod from an external location
  • VWR-8436: Middle mouse paste / primary support for Linux client
  • VWR-9287: Building hotkeys to select next/previous prim in a link set
  • VWR-10311: Enable LipSync by default
  • VWR-10636: Hyperlinks in alert dialogs should be selectable (clickable)
  • VWR-10717: Right Space Navigator button should toggle fly in avatar movement, not jump/flyup
  • VWR-12385: Building hotkeys to include next/previous prim in a link set
  • VWR-12631: Provide a setting to limit the maximum size of objects displayed on the minimap
  • VWR-12748: Increased MiniMap zoom range
  • The Vivox SDK has been upgraded to v3.1.0001.8181 - Reported by Vivox to resolve the three most common causes of voice crashes
  • Viewer hyperlinks now have different text than the actual URLs
  • Preferences have been re-worked
    • Changes are now saved only when 'Ok' or 'Apply' is clicked
    • Preferences now includes the UI Size/Resolution scale (see Preferences > Skins)
  • The Group creation confirmation dialog has been improved
  • Added easy way to copy URLs from viewer chat
  • Changed auto-populate value in Buy L$ window from 1000 to 2000
  • The Viewer can now display script usage information
  • Avatar and Group names can now be copied via a new right-click menu associated with the avatar or group name
  • The About Second Life window now uses the new URL hyperlinking features
  • Pie Menus have been replaced with Context Menus
  • Search has been redesigned

What You'll Notice First

  • The UI has a sleeker, more polished look
  • The Top Bar has been redesigned to provide more browser-like functionality
    • Menus have been rearranged to group like functionality
    • A browser-like Navigation Bar has been added to simplify teleporting to other locations
    • A Home button has been added to make returning to your Home Location easier than ever
    • There's a new Favorites Bar that you can use to enable one-click teleporting to your favorite destinations
    • Search now has the power of Google behind it
    • Buying L$ is quicker and easier than ever
    • Nearby Media Controls and a Master Volume slider have been added for easy control of sounds and any media that may be playing nearby.
  • A new Sidebar puts access to your Profile, People, Landmarks, Inventory, and Appearance, right at your fingertips
    • The Landmarks panel includes your Teleport History, which will allow you to quickly and easily return to prior destinations - across multiple sessions
  • Difficult to navigate pie menus have been replaced with new context menus that make more options available to you

New Experimental Functionality

  • Deferred Rendering is new in Second Life Viewer 2, but please keep in mind that it is only experimental at this time and is not officially supported. So, while you are welcome to file bugs against this new functionality, Support will be unable to assist you with any questions or problems you may have with it.

Viewer 1.xx Bug Fixes

  • VWR-138: Animation Priority not working correctly, Can't create new AOs
  • VWR-2242: Specially formatted .BVH file can cause avatar distortion
  • VWR-3595: "Second Life requires True Color (32-bit) to run in a window" message is incorrect
  • VWR-3819: Script Editing Undo is Unreliable
  • VWR-4057: Multi-line chat display bug - first character in line missing
  • VWR-4106: Mini-map beacon icon doesn't display correctly when beacon is above or below the camera
  • VWR-4955: Local Chat doesn't show end of last conversation
  • VWR-5474: secondlife:// URLs not working any longer - even on the SL-Website
  • VWR-5717: Selected Text is not replaced by Input text when Japanese IME is on
  • VWR-6432: Space Navigator operation with vehicles is broken
  • VWR-8454: PARCEL_FLAG_ALLOW_CREATE_GROUP_OBJECTS not highlighted in script editor
  • VWR-8617: Missing / incorrect LSL keywords TEXTURE_MEDIA and TEXTURE_DEFAULT
  • VWR-8773: Closing parenthesis ")" breaks urls
  • VWR-8885: Move character/*.xml files to source bundle
  • VWR-9065: (intermittent) Right Click >profile on avatar does not display profile
  • VWR-9069: Region variable says 'Region Name' in AR if no object is selected
  • VWR-9194: Entering then leaving mouselook re-enlarges and minimized window
  • VWR-9248: On Mac: the "--url" option causes a command line parsing error
  • VWR-9352: Prim falls to 256m height when moved out of world
  • VWR-9377: Mapping will default to leave exact sim name listing first. (Searching Gar forces Gar to come up and not Garden of Dreams)
  • VWR-9620: send_parcel_select_objects in newview/llfloaterland.cpp uses the wrong datatype for the ReturnType field causing a warning
  • VWR-10829: Linux Viewer: CLICK_ACTION_PAY shows CLICK_ACTION_PLAY icon
  • VWR-11100: Space Navigator left button toggles flycam effects when the window is not in focus
  • VWR-11128: Python not always detected by
  • VWR-11172: A source coding mistake prevents number-pad keys from specifying Ctrl+digit shortcuts on Windows
  • VWR-12533: Linux viewer build for OpenAL fails during packaging unless FMOD library is available
  • VWR-12569: A comment in lluistring.h contains undefined UTF-8 code sequences
  • VWR-12587: Cmake install target has a hard coded secondlife-bin reference remaining
  • VWR-12617: Poor type name that violates Coding Standard breaks compatibility with system header files
  • VWR-12620: Viewer build fails on Linux when compiled with -O2 (--type=Release)
  • VWR-12691: Dangerous macro leads to possible wrong code
  • VWR-12696: Minimap object overlay blurred, or only rendered within a restricted area after resizing the floater
  • VWR-12763: non-portable printf specifier used with size_t causes FTBFS on 64bit (due to -Werror)
  • VWR-12995: FTBFS: error: format '%-3d' expects type 'int', but argument 3 has type 'size_t'
  • VWR-13202: Right clicking mouse triggers arrow key control events
  • VWR-13483: KDE 4 applications don't recognize secondlife:// urls
  • VWR-13816: Resizing the Search Window Causes the Results to Refresh back to First Page
  • VWR-13947: Viewer gpu_list.txt does not include some recent NVIDIA graphics cards
  • VWR-13996: Avatars completely invisible when first in sight, except for attachments
  • VWR-14267: Clicking send in an IM window does not add the sent text to the line editor history
  • VWR-14278: Gesture auto-completion adds uncommitted suggestions to the line editor history
  • VWR-14679: SLURLs and teleport Links not parsed properly
  • VWR-15549: A fast double-click on an object with the "Pay Object" click action set, can result in multiple super-imposed payment floaters
  • SVC-3871: Crash of viewer when clicking on ghost objects at (0,0,0) on a sim
  • Restored folders still have 'Purge Item' and 'Restore Item' options
  • URLs in chat log are terminated incorrectly when there is a newline in chat
  • Link-text in notecards should only become underlined upon mouse hover-over
  • Clicked tab should be displayed when 'Ignore Changes' is selected in group info window
  • Second Life icon poorly positioned in OSX Viewer Installer
  • Help->About Second Life doesn't differentiate between 32- and 64-bit Vista
  • Inventory> Search Recent Items highlighting incorrect characters
  • Viewer crashes on startup if installed into a custom folder with Korean, Japanese or Chinese characters in path
  • Modify Mac LLFastTimer to use Intel PMU
  • Selected objects / primitives should be greyed out when nothing is selected
  • UI scaling does not affect fallback fonts until restart
  • Keyboard shortcuts on OSX viewer are overridden by default OSX shortcuts
  • Invite to group, search by name will not show resident if their first name is two characters
  • Gstreamer Disabled on 64-bit Linux

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Known Issues


Possible Texture Loading Issues when Switching Between Viewers

  • Intermittent texture loading problems have been seen when transitioning between Viewer 2 and other official Second Life Viewers. If you experience this issue, the problem may be resolved by clearing your cache and re-logging into Viewer 2 using the following the process:
  1. Go to Me > Preferences
  2. Select the Setup tab
  3. Press the Reset button
  4. Logout and log back in

Possible Temporary Corruption of 1.23 UI if Viewer 2 Installed in Same Directory

  • Installing the 1.23.5 Viewer over Viewer 2.0 may result in a temporary corruption of the 1.23 UI. This potential problem can be avoided by installing Viewer 2.0 in a different directory - this is the default behavior of the Viewer 2 installer.

Possible Configuration Issue when Creating Groups

  • When creating a new Group, attempts to set the Content Level may fail.

Disabling JavaScript Removes Links from Search Results

  • When JavaScript is disabled, Search results are not presented as live links. Re-enabling JavaScript will correct the problem.

Potential Shared Media Issues

  • Possible crash of Shared Media instance when using input type="select".
  • Setting a "click to" action in the Build tool may break Shared Media interaction.

Hiding Language Preferences from Scripted Objects

  • In 1.23 you could opt to hide your language preference from objects via a check-box on the Preferences > General tab. In Viewer 2, this capability has been moved to Advanced > Show Debug Settings. In the Debug Settings dialog, select 'LanguageIsPublic' and set the value to 'False'.

Profile Picture Rendering

  • Profile pictures in Sidebar > My Profile and Sidebar > People do not fully render and remain blurry.

Avatar View in World Map

  • In the World Map, the point of origin for the avatar field of view does not remain stationary as the avatar turns, but rotates at a distance away from the avatar position, going nearly out of view at times.

Communication Window Shortcut

  • In Viewer 2, there is no Communication window. As a result, CTRL+T is no longer a functional keyboard shortcut. CTRL+H still functions as in 1.23.

Bumps, Pushes & Hits List

  • The Bumps, Pushes & Hits list will not populate under the following conditions: 1) When the floater is open, and 2) When the estate allows damage.

HTTP_USER_AGENT Reporting Problem

  • The Second Life webkit no longer reports "Second Life" in HTTP_USER_AGENT.