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Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

For more information on the Second Life Viewer series that began with Viewer 2, please see the comprehensive Release Notes for Viewer 2.0.0 (203055)

Release Notes for Second Life Release 2.1.1 (208043)

Released August 17, 2010

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Bug Fixes

  • 148 Votes - VWR-17194 llSetTouchText() and llSetSitText() without effect
  • 127 Votes - VWR-17212 Coalesced object groups no longer have a separate & distinct icon type in Inventory in Viewer 2.0
  • 52 Votes - VWR-19918 Lower UI - Conversation window's X does not close notifications - They are still there after relog
  • 26 Votes - VWR-20074 Crash (llerrs) in LLLoginInstance::constructAuthParams
  • 25 Votes - VWR-17256 Texture picker does not snap to selected texture

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SNOW-484 Recursive animations can crash viewer
  • VWR-20074 Crash (llerrs) in LLLoginInstance::constructAuthParams
  • VWR-20167 Performance: 2.0.2 with HTTP Textures loads textures slower than 1.23.5
  • VWR-20182 Performance: Turn off Win32 minidump writes temporarily because they are triggered for all exceptions and lead to deadlocks
  • Crash at LLTextureCache::writeEntryToHeaderImmediately(int,LLTextureCache::Entry &,bool) [secondlife-bin lltexturecache.cpp]
  • Crash at LLTextureFetchWorker::doWork(int) [secondlife-bin lltexturefetch.cpp] line 1061
  • Crash in LLSurface::getWaterHeight
  • Crash when exiting before outfit autopopulate completes
  • Crash in LLImagePreviewAvatar::`scalar deleting destructor'
  • Crash in LLGestureMgr::notifyObservers
  • Crash at LLViewerFetchedTexture::cleanup() [secondlife-bin llviewertexture.cpp]
  • Crash in inventory_offer_mute_callback
  • Crash in LLTabContainer::findChildView
  • Crash in LLVOAvatarSelf::updateAttachmentVisibility
  • Crash in LLFolderBridge::folderOptionsMenu(), and Trash folder options incorrect
  • Crash at [1] LLImageGL::checkTexSize(bool) [secondlife-bin llimagegl.cpp]
  • Crash in LLFloaterMove::setFlyingMode
  • Crash in copy_inventory_from_notecard() when opening embedded landmarks
  • Crash in LLChatHistoryHeader::showInfoCtrl()
  • Crash in LLAppearanceMgr::addCOFItemLink(LLInventoryItem const *,bool,LLPointer) [secondlife-bin llappearancemgr.cpp]
  • Performance: Viewer does not successfully cache object geometry data
  • Performance: Opening up Edit Outfit- Add More->Shirt causes FPS to drop from 60fps to 18fps for a really long time
  • Performance: Switching outfit on high-latency connection stalls the viewer for a minute
  • Performance: 2.0.2 texture queue gets jammed
  • Performance: Texture jamming problems with http texture off


  • Improved "URL redirect" handling for http texture
  • Outfit Edit > Add items > List view now shows only original items, not links
  • Shop button now opens different URLs depending on what is selected in outfit editor
  • Calls to cameraCustomizeAvatar now use gAvatarp->isUsingBakedTextures
  • Replaced empty right-click context menus with a "--no options--" menu item
  • Linked grass rendering to the Trees Mesh detail slider

Bug Fixes

  • VWR-17194 llSetTouchText() and llSetSitText() without effect
  • VWR-17212 Coalesced object groups no longer have a separate & distinct icon type in Inventory in Viewer 2.0
  • VWR-17256 Texture picker does not snap to selected texture
  • VWR-18075 [PDD] Dial-in to a PSTN bridge shows "(???) (???)" for the name
  • VWR-19831 Coalesced objects show (again) as regular objects
  • VWR-19868 About Land floater icons missing
  • VWR-19918 Lower UI: Conversation window's X does not close notifications - They are still there after relog
  • VWR-20161 Map button not enabled when Place Profile is is opened from Search
  • Classifieds and Picks placeholders show old gray X
  • "Set Default Upload Permissions" should be moved to the Upload sub-menu
  • Unresolved LLDialog is saved on exit
  • Max # of non-impostor avatars is off by 2
  • Edit Outfit > Add More > Do not switch to next item type after add/replace
  • My Appearance > Edit Outfit: '+' button on panel does nothing
  • Tattoo with "None" texture appears grey until bake
  • Textures are blurry when in Appearance Edit mode
  • Trash can needs confirmation dialog for My Outfits panel
  • Wearing 5 gloves when none are worn only wears 4
  • Accordions should be reset to default state after reopening Edit Outfit panel
  • Scrollbar position in the Add More pane isn't reset to top when panel is reopened
  • Spaces are replaced with %20 in the human-readable representation of location copied into clipboard
  • There is no ability to choose user name on 'Choose resident' floater if 'Share' behavior was launched from 'Add More' panel
  • Avatar name '(???)(???)' appears in 'Recent' tab of 'People' side panel after Ad-hoc voice chatting
  • Profile "More" link truncated to just "M"
  • Failed 'Set Home to Here' attempt triggers truncated error message
  • Build > Group > Edit Group: Replace check-box with new Edit icon to the right of group name
  • Renamed 'no-copy' item disappears from Edit Outfit list
  • 'No attachments worn' text appears at the bottom of blank 'Attachments' accordion
  • Add More: Items in panel are not sorted by name
  • Add More: Multi-selecting items and hitting + only adds one item
  • Add More: Wear Item button doesn't wear a selected item
  • Add More: Wear Item button stays disabled for unworn item after taking it off
  • Add More: Wear item remains enabled in context menu of worn object
  • Assertion on receiving object auto-return notification
  • Place Profile: Resizing Viewer 2, pushes up the text to the top on the sidebar
  • Wearable name change does not propagate to Edit Outfit or wearing tab
  • 'Sit Here' and 'Stand Up' items are shown simultaneously in object's 3D context menu
  • Icon textures are unnecessarily large
  • Group Profile > Notices > Add label to + button and move header down
  • Wear button is enabled when already worn item is selected
  • Checked menu items always appear checked

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-575 Set 16 localizations for French, Italian and Portuguese
  • VWR-18452 ALL LANGS: About land floater: Land-Info, Medien: none/none needs to be localized
  • VWR-19832 ALL LANGS: Object context menu: "Touch" is not localized
  • VWR-20175 ALL LANGS: System message "You died and have been teleported to your home location" needs to be localized
  • GENERAL: Set 14 localized into French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish
  • GENERAL: Default inventory item names aren't re-translated on viewer language switch
  • GENERAL: Unable to change name of wearable containing non-ASCII character in the name
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated options in Camera Modes window: "Object View", "Mouselook View" in floater_camera.xml
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated "Nearby Media" window title + "Show:" string in the French viewer
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated folder names under French Group Profile (roles and powers)
  • ALL LANGS: Tooltips in Nearby Media window in the French viewer
  • ALL LANGS: Whole Item Profile window is untranslated in the French viewer
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated list of options in the Attach to and Attach to HUD menus (French viewer)
  • ALL LANGS: New gesture dialog - options in English
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated area unit in Group Profile (French viewer): "sq. m."
  • ALL LANGS: Untranslated folder name in notification (French viewer): "Landmarks"
  • FR: Incorrect date format in Place profile and Top right menu
  • FR: Incorrect placement of currency and decimal separator
  • FR: Number of objects in My Inventory: 2,001 should be 2 001
  • FR: "Gestes" sub-folders not translated for some items
  • FR: Untranslated "Favorites" folder in the French viewer
  • FR: Untranslated "New Note" string in French viewer
  • PL: Polish character corruption in date
  • PL: Polish UI fixes

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Known Issues


Updater.exe Registers a False Positive "Suspect-D"

  • The updater.exe shipped with the 2.1.1 Second Life Release Viewer has been found to trigger a false positive result of type "Suspect-D" in McAfee 5.400.0.1158. The same file has scanned cleanly against 40 additional virus scanners. In addition, several separate efforts to rebuild updater.exe on a different machine yielded the same results. For these reasons, we are confident that the McAfee results represent a false positive and the file poses no threat.

Avatars Briefly Appear Nude When Changing Outfits

  • While the currently worn outfit is being replaced, the new outfit may rez flesh-colored until textures finish baking. As a result, your avatar may briefly appear nude.

Shared Media Broken in HUDs

  • VWR-20156 Prim Media in HUDs has no Audio or Interactivity - In Viewer 2.1, Media placed on a prim and attached to a HUD will have no sound and will be unresponsive to interaction (e.g. clicking links, etc.).

Control-F Shortcut Broken in Script Editor

  • Script Editor does not recognize CTRL-F - Pressing Control-F (Windows) or Command-F (Mac) does not open the 'Script Search' floater. Instead, the Control-F/Command-F shortcut opens the Second Life 'Search' floater.

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Supported Viewers


With this latest release, we support the two latest Viewer 2 generation Second Life Releases (2.1.1 and 2.1.0), the 1.23 Second Life Release (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer 2.1.1 (207998). For more information, please refer to the Supported Viewers wiki page