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Release Notes for SL Viewer v2.7.4 (235167) - Second Life Release

Released July 12, 2011

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SH-469 [PUBLIC] Crash in LLMultisampleBuffer::addColorAttachment
  • STORM-1263 [VWR-25654] memory leak in LLTranslate::getTranslateUrl
  • STORM-1298 Crash on startup of Second Life 2.7.1(231307)
  • STORM-1313 Fix for Storm-956 crashes viewer when connected to non-LL grids
  • STORM-1339 [crashhunters] Crash at LLPanelPlaces::onTeleportButtonClicked() [secondlife-bin llpanelplaces.cpp]

Bug Fixes

  • SH-1537 [PUBLIC] Mesh Importer ignores custom made Physic Mesh
  • SH-1561 [PUBLIC] Enabling show Physics Shape disables glow
  • SH-1648 [PUBLIC] Unexpected results when working with spot lights
  • SH-1678 [PUBLIC] For some avatars, beta viewer 2.7 shows low shine textures as totally invisible / transparent when applied texture is not transparent
  • SH-1679 [PUBLIC] Prim edges appear jagged
  • SH-1777 [PUBLIC] Physics "Prim" type hulls not uploaded?/available in Mesh Asset Deprecation build
  • SH-1778 [PUBLIC] Show physic shapes turns viewer window black
  • SH-1785 [PUBLIC] Wrong textures mapped to prim face on HUD attachments
  • STORM-787 Mute Gestures Button
  • STORM-956 Ability to mute dialogs by muting object (or object owner)
  • STORM-1103 Nearby sidebar minimap should be optional
  • STORM-1258 [Patch] server 2008 and server 2008 R2 incorrectly identified
  • STORM-1273 Duplicate entries in settings.xml
  • VWR-25965 Fix incorrect masks passed to LLDirIterator in LLAppViewer
  • VWR-26090 Help is unavailable in Viewer 2.7.4 (233399)
  • VWR-26095 Body Parts folder missing from Outfit editor in 2.7.5 Development Viewer

Translation and Localization Updates

  • CT-636 Translate Set1 for for Basic Viewer
  • CT-637 Translate light viewer Set2
  • CT-640 Translate Viewer Set22
  • CT-641 Translate Viewer Set23
  • INTL-50 Translate Viewer Set24 and Basic Set3
  • VWR-18950 (Spanish) [TRUNCATION] Mundo > Sol > Editor del entorno > Cielo avanzado. Truncated "Cielos definid"
  • VWR-20805 (Spanish) [OTHER] Blank spaces needed in Group profile > L$
  • VWR-20808 (Spanish) [ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATION] "Vista de objeto" -> "Vista objetiva"
  • VWR-20841 (Spanish) [TRUNCATION] [FORMATTING] Sharing Media on a prim, overlapped and truncated text in "Configuración de los media" window > "Seguridad" tab
  • VWR-20844 (Spanish) [FORMATTING] Text out of window buying an object WITHOUT L$
  • VWR-24121 (Spanish) Several [TRUNCATION] and [FORMATTING] issues in Sell Land window
  • VWR-24124 (Spanish) [ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATION] in About Land window: "Información del script" -> "Información de scripts"
  • VWR-24128 (Spanish) [ALTERNATIVE TRANSLATION] Preferences > Chat: "Utiliza la herramienta de traducción automática mientras utilizas el chat (mediante Google)"
  • VWR-24906 (Spanish) [---] Text in Spanish must be in English: "Desarrollador" should be "Develop"
  • VWR-24909 (Spanish) [SHORTEN FOR TRUNCATION] "Color de fondo de la etiqueta del nombre (afectará también a los bocadillos del chat"
  • VWR-25054 Text truncation in 'About land' in Danish localization
  • VWR-25057 Text truncation in 'Environment Editor' floater in Danish localization
  • VWR-25066 [PL] Text cut in Item Profile sidebar
  • VWR-25067 [JP]UI of scroll bar is corrupted in "Sell land" floater
  • VWR-25068 German: There is no space between input field and 'Description:' label at the 'Gesture' floater
  • VWR-25070 [JP]"Stretch Both Sides" check box is shifted if "Build" floater
  • VWR-25797 Spanish Basic Mode [TYPO] Visión button: Panóramica should be Panorámica
  • VWR-25984 (Spanish) [STRING IN ENG] "You must age-verified to enter this region"

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Known Issues


Frame Rate May Drop Significantly with Basic Shaders On

  • SH-1903 Basic Shaders On chokes framerate in 2.7.4 - Basic Shaders default to On for class 2 and higher hardware. If you find that your FPS is slower than usual, you may notice improvement by turning Basic Shaders Off... go to Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced, and de-select 'Basic Shaders'.

Floaters Disappear When Editing Group Roles in Attached People Side Panel

  • VWR-25821 Editing Group Roles causes portions of the UI to disappear - The problem occurs when attempting to edit Group Roles with the People panel attached to the sidebar. The workaround is to use the |<- icon to tear the People panel from the sidebar prior to editing Group Roles.

Shiny Metal Texture Renders Improperly with 'Lighting & Shadows' Turned On

  • SH-1912 Shiny metal texture characteristics entirely lost when Lighting and Shadows turned on - If this problem manifests on your system, go to Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced, and de-select 'Lighting and Shadows'.

Highlight Transparent only works with Basic Shaders Off

  • SH-1918 Highlight Transparent does not work if Basic Shaders are enabled - Basic Shaders default to On for class 2 and higher hardware. If you need to highlight transparent objects, turn Basic Shaders Off... go to Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced, and de-select 'Basic Shaders'.

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.7.4 (235167), 2.7.2 (233432), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 2.7.5 (233981). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.