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KBcaution.png Important: Apple OS X Lion is -not yet- supported by the Second Life Viewer. While we fully intend to support this latest OS X release, we are still testing and working out some compatibility issues. So, until we can be certain that the new OS X will play well with Second Life, we recommend you not upgrade to OS X Lion.

Release Notes for SL Viewer v2.8.3 (238392) - Second Life Release

Released Aug 16, 2011


Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXP-997 [PUBLIC] Significant FPS degradation in 2.8.0 Beta on Mac equipped ATI video card
  • SH-2038 [PUBLIC] Severe performance drop on MacBook Pros
  • SH-2216 [STORM-1512] Crash at LLCharacter::~LLCharacter()
  • STORM-1458 [crashhunters] Crash at LLParticipantList::LLParticipantListMenu::isGroupModerator() [secondlife-bin llparticipantlist.cpp]
  • STORM-1476 [crashhunters] Crash loading local chat log

Bug Fixes

  • SH-1990 [PUBLIC] Lighting and Shadows radically changes rendering of windlight colors and draw distance
  • SH-2048 [PUBLIC] Invisiprims that are members of an attached linkset are making the entire linkset invisible
  • SH-2179 [PUBLIC] Active UI elements glowing when basic shaders are enabled
  • STORM-320 Script Editor in Viewer 2.0+ "tabs" incorrectly
  • STORM-519 "Delete" is enabled in the context menu for folders which contain worn items
  • STORM-1234 In Nearby Chat, Group Chat and IM Chat, URL selection frequently fails to grab last character
  • STORM-1311 Place Profile only shows 2 lines and users have to click More link to see full description
  • STORM-1397 [VWR-26066] Opening the map floater consistently produces a warning on stdout and debug console
  • STORM-1474 Implement Show Last Search in viewer chrome
  • STORM-1487 Gestures -> Get more leads to wrong URL
  • STORM-1494 [DUPLICATED ID] Duplicated ID error in menu_viewer.xml
  • STORM-1502 Disable "Delete Water/Sky/Day Preset" dialogs if no user presets exist
  • STORM-1529 Sound Devices floater is too narrow for its widgets

Source and Build Changes

  • STORM-1519 Re-enable public build status indicators / Re-enable unit test TC service messages on Windows

Translation and Localization Updates

  • INTL-58 Translate Set25, LightSet4
  • STORM-1220 Region / Estate > Covenant - Type of region is in EN: "Estate / Full Region"
  • STORM-1221 [HARD CODED - ALL LANGS] Several strings are untranslated under Group Profile Land/Assets (French viewer)
  • STORM-1233 [TRANSLATED BUT IN EN] "Profile" button and tooltip appear untranslated at the bottom of the "Places" sidepanel pages (French viewer)
  • STORM-1291 [Spanish] [STRING IN ENG] Gestos button. Many gestures
  • STORM-1404 ALL LANGS [TRANSLATED BUT IN EN] Light Viewer - Untranslated button labels and tooltips in People pane
  • STORM-1405 [HARDCODED] Light Viewer - Untranslated items in Sound Devices drop-down list
  • STORM-1408 [DE] Text truncation in Edit outfit floater
  • STORM-1451 [DA] "Login failed" message is empty in Danish

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Known Issues


Render Issues Related to Basic Shaders & Lighting and Shadows
There are a number of issues relating to having Basic Shaders and/or Lighting and Shadows turned On. In some cases, though not all, the impact is to older hardware.
Possible Workaround: - If you find that your FPS is slower than usual, you may notice improvement by turning Basic Shaders Off... go to Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced, and de-select 'Basic Shaders'. If the problem appears specific to Lighting and Shadows, go to Me > Preferences > Graphics > Advanced, and de-select 'Lighting and Shadows'.

  • SH-1838 Black Screen when I enable Lighting and Shadows
    • VWR-26325 Rezzed items all Black after Beta 2.7 update
    • VWR-26347 Textures all Black, and not loading at all
    • VWR-26371 All background and scenery black after latest Viewer2 update

  • SH-2200 [PUBLIC] BSOD on WinVista when Basic Shaders are enabled

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 2.8.3 (238392), 2.8.1 (237612), and 1.23 (1.23.5), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.0.0 (238157). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.