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KBcaution.png Important: Apple OS X Lion is -not yet- supported by the Second Life Viewer. While we fully intend to support this latest OS X release, we are still testing and working out some compatibility issues. So, until we can be certain that the new OS X will play well with Second Life, we recommend you not upgrade to OS X Lion.

Release Notes for SL Viewer v3.0.3 (240895) - Second Life Release

Released September 20, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXP-700 [VWR-24502] SLPlugin(s) takes high CPU%
  • EXP-1065 Inventory has slowed to a crawl. Clicking between items has an average one second delay. Same with switching between tabs
  • EXP-1107 [crashhunters] Crash in LLFastTimer::NamedTimer::accumulateTimings
  • EXP-1160 Cannot drag/drop items from inventory into the contents of a prim in latest Mesh build 239475
  • SH-1498 Crash at LLImageGL::deleteDeadTextures() line 1429
  • SH-2177 Second Life Crashes On Startup in Advanced Mode -- I have reinstalled SL, Clear Caches -- Nothing Works
  • STORM-1427 Crash in world map when region name search is empty (Assert fails in LLWorldMapMessage::processMapBlockReply)
  • STORM-1546 [crashhunters] Crash in LLSecAPIBasicHandler::getCertificateStore
  • Crash at LLPluginClassMedia
  • Crash at LLImageGL::setCategory(int) line 1890
  • Crash at LLVOCacheEntry::~LLVOCacheEntry() line 138
  • Viewer stalls when crossing parcel boundaries (affects Windows only)


  • STORM-1112 [VWR-20801] Implement socks 5 proxy
  • Move mode switching to logged in UI

Bug Fixes

  • OPEN-107 llconvexdecompositionstub is missing some required functions
  • SH-2181 Severe Alpha "flickering" whilst using the new Viewer
  • STORM-632 URL-like resident display name is shown as clickable HTTP URL in various places
  • STORM-782 Unnecessary 'Compress snapshots to disk' menu item is presented in Advanced menu
  • STORM-793 Offered URL-like named object is displayed as a HTTP URL in the llGiveInventory
  • STORM-1041 Removed clothes come back to haunt me
  • STORM-1186 "no mCurrentRMessageTemplate" spam when first opening inventory
  • STORM-1194 Web browser opens clicking URL-name of object in Object Contents floater
  • STORM-1268 Viewer update resets some viewer settings
  • STORM-1473 [VIEWER DEV] ALL LANGS Untranslated Voice Morph Names in the French viewer
  • STORM-1521 All text appears over avatar
  • STORM-1534 Derive Credits in "About Second Life" from doc/ contents
  • STORM-1540 Duplicated ID errors: floater_build_options.xml, floater_model_wizard.xml
  • STORM-1542 Update viewer 2 search url back to
  • STORM-1543 During busy mode inventory offers get silently deleted instead of thrown into trash - in contrast to the statement in the dialog box
  • STORM-1576 Show button does not work in Inventory offer toast
  • Search broken in Second Life Beta Viewer 3.0.3 (239645)
  • [REGRESSION] Sometimes bumpmaps load only partially
  • HUD objects do not display bumpmaps when Lighting and Shadows are enabled
  • Brightness Bump maps don't load when shadows are enabled
  • Viewer UI is visible on the login progress screen
  • Impostor alpha masking broken

Translation and Localization Updates

  • INTL-66 Translate Viewer Set26, Light Set 5
  • STORM-1276 [MULTIPLE LANGS] Text truncation in Email Snapshot floater in Spanish localization
  • STORM-1309 [TEXT ELLIPTED] Text overlaying in Buy Land floater in Portuguese localization
  • STORM-1436 [JP] "Contents" and "New Script" folder text are missing in "Content" tab for "Build" floater
  • STORM-1523 Typo in German translation: "Hilmmel" instead of "Himmel"

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Known Issues


Issues Relating to SLM Settings
If you experience problems with your SLM settings, try using the 'Set to defaults' button in the model uploader.

  • SH-2017 [SLM] Previously defined settings don't show in UI
  • SH-2209 [SLM] Pelvis offset setting not stored (or loaded) in SLM file

Mesh May Not Be Available the Session Following a Crash
If your prior Second Life session ended in a crash, mesh may not be available at the next login. The workaround is to restart Second Life and log back in.

  • SH-1030 [PUBLIC] Upload menu is missing the option to upload a Model (mesh capabilities released)

Upload Button Not Disabled During Mesh Upload
It is possible to click the upload button a second time while a model is already uploading. Doing so will not disrupt the upload underway. Some larger meshes may take as long as 60 seconds to upload. During the upload process, an icon will appear in the upper-right of the viewer UI. As soon as the upload is complete, the icon will disappear.

  • SH-2064 Disable 'Upload' button once the upload has started

Cannot Upload Mesh While Standing On No-Build Land

  • SH-1941 [PUBLIC] Mesh upload options do not appear when avatar is on land that does not allow building

Specifying Manual LODs With Multiple Meshes May Not Be Handled Correctly

  • SH-2109 [PUBLIC] Mismatch of LOD meshes in multi-object upload (linkset) yields viewer crash
  • SH-2110 [PUBLIC] Accept LOD-meshes with different order of objects in the dae files
  • SH-2266 [CTS-670] Meshes of lower LOD being resized to bounds of highest LOD

Mesh Upload Error Detail Missing from Error Dialog
Upload errors are detailed in the Second Life log file, but not listed explicitly in the UI (which only shows a very general failure message)

Viewer May Crash While Attempting to Get Mesh Estimatesg

  • SH-2201 Crash when attempting to get mesh estimates

Some Users Will Be Unable to Upload Mesh After Completing the Tutorial
This is a known, temporary issue for a small subset of Second Life users. If it happens to you, please contact Customer Support. (Internal Note: users on the old billing system aren't recognized as having current payment info on file)

  • CTS-717 Mesh Status did not change after completing entire Mesh IP Tutorial with score of 100% + answertable displaying 11 or 12 correct answers from only 10 possible questions
  • SH-2133 People API returns mesh_upload_status of Banned if no payment info on file

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 3.0.3 (240895), 3.0.0 (238864), 1.23.5, and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.0.3 (240667). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.