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Release Notes for SL Viewer v3.1.0 (243176) - Second Life Release

Released October 18, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • CTS-803 Viewer crash on model upload
  • SH-2358 [PUBLIC] Crash in LLError::crashAndLoop: Invalid face index
  • SH-2559 Crash in LLPluginMessage::generate()
  • STORM-1562 Multi-threaded curl crash
  • STORM-1595 Crash in developer builds when changing selection in detached sidebar inventory panel
  • STORM-1635 [VWR-26864] Recent commit to Snowstorm project introduces frequent errors and crashes associated with private memory pool
  • STORM-1641 [SH-2434] Mac viewer sometimes freezes at start up and must be force quit
  • STORM-1649 [EXP-625] New user loads as cloud when logging in with second new account
  • Model crashes viewer on fee calculate
  • Crash when decomposing bigfoot when loading from SLM
  • Enabling "Show Textures" crashes viewer
  • Crash when attempting to get mesh estimates
  • Crash at LLVOVolume::lineSegmentIntersect line 3435
  • Crash in LLPipeline::createObject(LLViewerObject *) [secondlife-bin pipeline.cpp]
  • Crash in LLVOVolume::lineSegmentIntersect
  • Crash uploading mesh


KBtip2.png Tip: This release changes the default mouse behavior. Clicking on most surfaces will make your avatar walk there, and dragging the mouse around your avatar works differently from older releases. If you prefer the old mouse behavior, pick Me>Preferences from the top menu, click on the Move & View tab, then change the Single click on land: setting to No action.
  • STORM-1005 Design and implement a customized memory management system
  • STORM-1567 Mute button for llDialog popup
  • STORM-1612 As a user of the advanced mode, I would like to enable the click-to-walk and click-to-steer functionality from basic mode in a way that does not interfere with my interactions in the world
  • STORM-1616 As Linden Lab, I want to the default mode on a new user Viewer install to be 'Advanced'
  • LLQtWebKit (and related media system) should log events, progress etc. to make debugging problems easier
  • LLQtWebKit should support a JavaScript/content debugger to help content creators
  • Determine performance impact of animated textures
  • Finalize Render complexity algorithm on the viewer
  • Mesh UI cleanup per Leo's doc
  • Measure performance of flexi prims
  • Measure performance of light-producing prims
  • Measure performance impact of media textures
  • Support initial user-supplied metric data for upload
  • Implement viewer caps to request prim equivs for build tools
  • Create new object weights floater
  • Add object and land data to new weights floater
  • Add new prim weights to weights detail floater
  • Priority modifications to mesh uploader UI
  • Update labels in about land floater

Bug Fixes

  • EXP-701 [VWR-24426] SSL Handshake Failed Error when accessing web-based content on development viewers using recent Webkit 4.7
  • EXP-974 [PUBLIC] Inventory Keystroke Behavior No Longer Working
  • SH-1336 CTS-510 Weight table corrupted by the lod
  • SH-1847 CTS-621 Mesh won't upload
  • SH-1856 CTS-616 Shininess does not work on worn meshes
  • SH-1925 CTS-660 Changing DAE skin names causes weird behavior
  • SH-1941 CTS-655 Mesh upload options do not appear when avatar is on land that does not allow building
  • SH-2044 CTS-718 Importer breaks rigged av weighting (skinning), creating stray vertex assignments
  • SH-2047 CTS-608 Unable to upload weighted meshes, missing joints errors while .dae seems fine
  • SH-2109 CTS-694 Mismatch of LOD meshes in multi-object upload (linkset) yields viewer crash
  • SH-2144 CTS-707 Hi-resolution model that don't upload
  • SH-2166 CTS-718 Vertices with wrong skin weights appear when meshes are joined
  • SH-2188 [PUBLIC] llSetColor ALL_SIDES doesn't work properly for mesh with multiple faces
  • SH-2210 [PUBLIC] User supplied Physics mesh causes already uploaded LOD mesh to be removed - Re-adding LOD files results in distorted Physics mesh
  • SH-2314 [PUBLIC] Malformed circular prims and unresolved sculpties because RenderVolumeLODFactor is set at '0' as default for low graphics
  • SH-2350 [PUBLIC] Rigged meshes not being able to upload under certain cases
  • SH-2433 [PUBLIC] Newest COLLADA exports for Blender 2.59.2 (r40103 from crash client
  • STORM-638 "Object Return" doesn't return distant objects
  • STORM-918 Changes in Group Role Titles or Assignments Not Reflected in Title Dropdown
  • STORM-1027 [Merge] Memory project
  • STORM-1028 Speak button label not displaying at default window size
  • STORM-1297 Clicking on Block in a dialog box from an object blocks the object owner, not the object, and sets the wrong block type
  • STORM-1522 Region/Estate -> Terrain Text explaining Low and High values is truncated
  • STORM-1532 [VWR-25923] Unnecessary capability request spam
  • STORM-1566 Sidebar windows no longer detach by right-clicking the tab
  • STORM-1572 XML issues for Basic/Advanced Mode button in menu bar
  • STORM-1597 Inventory Window "object profile" warped when Inventory Window is a re-sized floater
  • STORM-1599 Unexpected camera zoom occurs if scroll search history drop-down list by mouse wheel
  • STORM-1600 Error in focus while naming a new item - may lead to content loss
  • STORM-1603 Investigate Classifieds' Cap on pricing
  • STORM-1611 Untrusted link to server release notes
  • STORM-1619 Unable to use web profiles or dashboard in internal browser since fix for VWR-26823
  • STORM-1620 No settings persistence in Viewer 3.0.5 (241244)
  • VWR-26435 Glow not working correctly after Lights and Shadows is disabled
  • Destination Guide link in side panel does not open to destination guide specific search window
  • SLURLs with only 2 coordinates are interpreted as center of sim
  • Log in Screen: Replace the new mode selector with the old one
  • We are failing to create the Outfit links from the library initial outfits copied on first login
  • Quit button option not present in Mode Changing and Exit viewer dialogs
  • Modify render cost algorithm to use weighting factors determined experimentally
  • Verify texture performance statistics on low-end hardware
  • Mesh Import Wizard: Physics/collision shape should be transparent
  • Mirrored dae files import in unexpected ways
  • Scale mesh render cost with respect to provided levels of detail
  • Limitations in selecting and moving 64 M prims, increase select distance limitations
  • Setting a mesh to flexi makes the mesh phantom
  • SLM names all object "mesh model"
  • Possible issue with parsing of skin weights (from user group)
  • Disable 'Upload' button once the upload has started
  • Remove the Option to Have Sculpt Type "None"
  • Remove checkbox for per-region mesh disablement
  • "Invalid asset spams forever"
  • Racetrack_segments.dae no longer uploads
  • Seymour.dae is allowed to upload with invalid skin weights
  • Prims switched to sculpties default to Stitching type blank
  • Model upload errors are not displayed
  • "Not allowed to upload message" flashes when uploader dialog comes up
  • Mesh upload error overlays and is obscured by 'Upload Model' window title

Translation and Localization Updates

  • INTL-74 Translate Viewer Set27 and Basic Set6
  • STORM-1587 A lot of notifications are shown in English for other locales in 3.0.3 Beta
  • STORM-1614 Untranslatable gesture: /bow
  • VWR-26937 Check in Valerie's minor text fixes
  • VWR-27039 FR linguistic changes
  • Add localization capability to mesh uploader strings

Source and Build Changes

  • STORM-1541 New static member in LLInstanceTracker causes link error in Windows unit test programs
  • STORM-1574 Binary data in panel_login.xml -- filled up-pointing triangle
  • STORM-1585 Duplicated XUI ID: floater_preferences_proxy.xml
  • STORM-1586 Remove DigiNotar CA cert

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Known Issues


Performing a Gesture Also Performs 'Move to Clicked Point'

  • STORM-1632 Selecting a gesture in the Gestures list also performs moving to a clicked point

SLM Settings Not Stored

  • SH-2209 [PUBLIC] [SLM] Pelvis offset setting not stored (or loaded) in SLM file - A possible workaround is to try using the 'Set to defaults' button in the model uploader.

Mesh May Not Be Available the Session Following a Crash

  • SH-1030 [PUBLIC] Upload menu is missing the option to upload a Model (mesh capabilities released) - The only workaround for this issue is to restart Second Life and log back in.

Specifying Manual LODs With Multiple Meshes May Not Be Handled Correctly

  • CTS-695 [SH-2110] Accept LOD-meshes with different order of objects in the dae files
  • SH-2266 [PUBLIC] [CTS-670] Meshes of lower LOD being resized to bounds of highest LOD

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 3.1.0 (243176), 3.0.3 (240895), 1.23.5, and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.1.0 (243057). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.