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Release Notes for SL Viewer v3.2.0 (244443) - Second Life Release

Released November 08, 2011

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • SH-2464 Crash on exit in LLPrivateMemoryPoolManager::freeMem
  • Viewer crash after teleport in FUI viewer
  • Viewer crashes if dbl click on Mini-map in People > Nearby
  • CurlUseMultipleThreads is turned off, leading to performance issues

Bug Fixes

  • STORM-910 Text formatting issues in Land/Assets accordion
  • STORM-976 Object muted by name still displays notification message when clicked
  • STORM-1579 XML formatting issues in Region/Estate floater
  • STORM-1581 Graphics preferences are reset after every upgrade/reinstall to Recommended
  • STORM-1602 2011 Q3 GPU Table Update
  • STORM-1604 check_mark.png not loading at startup
  • STORM-1633 As a user, I would like for more detailed and useful information on the status floater
  • STORM-1638 Duplicated XUI ID: floater_model_wizard.xml
  • STORM-1639 Duplicated XUI ID: floater_build_options.xml
  • STORM-1640 Symbolic links to calling cards missing the tailing "(link)" text in name
  • STORM-1642 Typos in keywords.ini
  • STORM-1647 Orbit camera controls in the View floater are not responding
  • STORM-1670 Disabling Received Items panel for users without an inbox
  • VWR-26081 Radeon HD 6XXX cards not properly recognized
  • VWR-26622 Intel Mobile 4 Series GPU not detected

Translation and Localization Updates

  • INTL-75 Viewer Set23-27 for Russian and Turkish
  • INTL-78 Translate Set28 (FUI re-design)
  • STORM-1615 Please update language support for Viewer (please see desc)
  • STORM-1646 Update language list in Windows installer
  • VWR-26166 (Spanish) [TRUNCATION] My Profile > My picks. "Información del des..." should be "Información del destacado" (or shorter)

Source and Build Changes

  • OPEN-36 error "COPY_IF_DIFFERENT Macro invoked with incorrect arguments" due to empty (zero-length) strings in CMake variables that should not be empty
  • STORM-1524 Fixes for viewer-autobuild for standalone

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 3.2.0 (244443), 3.1.0 (243176), 1.23.5, and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.2.1 (244227). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.