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Release Notes for SL Viewer v3.2.5 (247236) - Second Life Release

Released January 10, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXP-1742 Clicking IM notification or receiving multiple IM notifications in quick succession crashes to desktop
  • SH-2710 I don't want UI calls to getChild to reduce my fps!
  • SH-2711 The "RenderAnimateTrees" setting looks strange and queries related to the setting reduce the viewer fps
  • SH-2712 LLVOAvatar::isFullyLoaded is called many times a frame and queries settings without doing any caching
  • SH-2713 LLPipeline::refreshCachedSettings is called once per frame and is the single largest use of CPU time related to querying settings
  • Crash at LLIMWellWindow::removeObjectRow(LLUUID const &)
  • Crash on startup on Mac (viewer-experience build 245885)
  • Crash in LLBufferArray::countAfter()
  • LLCurl causes SL to freeze when logout
  • Texture fetching freezes due to LLcurl
  • Viewer crashed on logout in LLCurl::Easy::releaseEasyHandle
  • Crash in LLCurlRequest::addEasy
  • Crash in LLCurl::Multi::doPerform()


  • STORM-591 As a music fan, I want audio to fade in gently so my immersion is increased
  • STORM-1712 As a User, I have a hard time viewing user profiles in the recent speakers list because it resorts while my mouse is over the list. Please suspend recent speakers sorting while mouse is over it so I can more easily view profiles and inspectors
  • As an advanced user I want all UI floaters accessible from the menu
  • Extend menu bar label changes to floater titles and UI button labels
  • Please change success message text on posting to profile feed
  • Remove 'Edit Terrain' from About Land floater
  • Remove old profile window from People panel
  • Add "Snapshots" button to 2nd tier default toolbar
  • Turn off web loading spinner until a more visually pleasing one can be defined

Bug Fixes

  • EXP-1565 Emoting in plain-text chat & IM shows redundant name display
  • EXP-1577 Profile Floater size does not persist even within same login session
  • EXP-1588 Floaters do not snap to edge
  • LLSD-14 Current viewer C++ LLSD implementation is thread-unsafe in all contexts
  • SH-1912 Shiny metal texture characteristics entirely lost when Lighting and Shadows turned on
  • SH-2038 Severe performance drop on MacBook Pros when enabling Vertex Buffer Objects (VBO's)
  • SH-2449 The way that textures display on some objects now changes incorrectly when the camera gets a certain distance away from it and also stops any animations that were applied to the texture as well
  • SH-2512 Some avatar textures in welcome area never load on first visit
  • SH-2614 Physics mesh from file functionality perminantly disabled in both 3.1 and 3.2 beta (and all viewers with the fancy mesh upload dialog)
  • SH-2668 "Ocean" water is always 20m high instead of the Region Water Height
  • SH-2708 Broken shadows on alpha objects since 3.1
  • SH-2726 Texture Console and Debug Console inaccessable
  • STORM-1686 Missing menu options for attachment points Neck and Avatar Center
  • STORM-1713 Mouse pointer flickers when hovering over any active/clickable UI item
  • STORM-1717 Inspect floater does not show correct names on first open
  • STORM-1719 notifications.xml has two instances where a button shows as "Ok" and Not "OK"
  • STORM-1721 Set UI Size to Default Option Duplicated in Advanced Menu
  • STORM-1728 Name truncation in the Region/Estate floater -> Covenant tab
  • Fix teleporting in sit mode
  • Places and Appearance floaters minimum sizes are different from other fui floaters
  • I want to put my NEARBY CHAT window at the bottom left, but then it obscures chatted text
  • IM chiclets overlay Mini-Location bar
  • Moving speak button to empty toolbar while incoming/outgoing call dialog is open does not move the dialog as well
  • Cannot build notifications not being shown when chat floater closed with chat log toggled open
  • IM floater does not have help button
  • When dragging an item from inventory to the build floater the Contents tab does not open up
  • Hovering over a group chat or IM toast causes it to be immortal
  • URL-like resident display name is shown as hyperlink in Remove friend confirmation window
  • Web Preference radio button must be clicked twice to engage
  • Debug values for windowwidth and windowheight can be set below minimum required values
  • Selecting More Info for more than one Classified section in Search floater, breaks the navigation history in Picks Floater
  • New users taking Snapshots or creating new body parts, uploading textures etc.. items are not visible until full inventory fetch triggered and relog occurs
  • Resize indicator on Linux shows Viewer window can be resized below minimum size which then snaps to minimum size when released
  • Existing users with populated system folders can have system folders hidden on login if cache is cleared
  • Selecting Edit for more than one Pick from Profile floater, breaks the navigation history in Picks Floater
  • Window size does not persist between sessions
  • Build tool floater size affected by viewer window size
  • Fast timers does not show entire frame when Full bar = Max
  • Text gets cut off on Email Settings -> Image Quality
  • Toolbars visible in mouselook view and when hide all controls selected
  • Remove minimum window size constraint in the Viewer
  • Unexpected chrome elements shown in Profile floater
  • Resizing Viewer window on Mac can result in viewer launching invisible to user on next login
  • Sometimes other avatar textures don't load

Translation and Localization Updates

  • VWR-17783 [STRING IN EN] In "Développeurs" > "Réseau" : "Velocity Interpolate Objects" is in english.
  • VWR-17784 [STRING IN EN] In "Développeurs > Monde : "Sim Sun Override" and "Dump Region Object Cache" are in english.
  • VWR-21237 'Editing Appearance' isn't translated in multiple languages
  • VWR-25381 Spanish [TYPO] Navigation Bar, toool tip: "Volver a lo localización anterior" and [TRUNCATION]
  • VWR-27811 French linguistic edits

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Release versions 3.2.5 (247236) and 3.2.4 (246439), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.2.5 (246958). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.