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Release Notes for SL Viewer v3.2.6 (248086) - Second Life Release

Released January 24, 2012

Installer Downloads

Windows | Mac | Linux

Crash and Performance Fixes

  • EXP-1756 "Set window size..." destroys viewer
  • Crash at LLFolderView::onItemsRemovalConfirmation(LLSD const &,LLSD const &) [secondlife-bin llfolderview.cpp]
  • Crash at LLStartUp::loadInitialOutfit
  • Crash in ASSERT (mInDraw == false) - can trigger with selecting build tool


  • STORM-653 As a user I would like to be able to see the available number of attachments and remaining free slots.

Bug Fixes

  • EXP-1551 The ability to alter the amount of flashing of the IM tabs no longer works in Viewer 3.2
  • EXP-1598 Items from a second inventory window cannot be shared
  • EXP-1599 Sharing multiple selected inventory folders only shares one folder (no warning for user)
  • EXP-1618 Serious truncation in top-right status bar "Buy $S" and "Shop" buttons in many languages
  • EXP-1671 "Translate chat" checkbox in the nearby chat log window should be disabled or hidden until valid token is specified in Preferences
  • STORM-1242 'avatar_lad.log' appears on desktop when logging into SL
  • STORM-1653 Group notices sent by muted residents are still displayed
  • STORM-1708 Save and load scripts from the script editor to local disk
  • STORM-1723 Characters appear broken when a lot of different characters are used
  • STORM-1725 Truncation of UI element Preferences->General->Busy mode response
  • STORM-1727 Dates displayed incorrectly in group profile. year "2035"
  • STORM-1729 CPU string in Help > About floater has leading spaces
  • STORM-1731 Ad-hoc confererence block failing. Residents using it to start massive multi-sim conferences, used as a griefing tool.
  • STORM-1733 Menu entry Release Keys is in Advanced->Shortcuts sub-menu but has no shortcut
  • STORM-1734 [VWR-27832] L$ Transfer failures show alert as if successful
  • STORM-1736 Cropped buttons in the bottom of the Ad-hoc floater
  • STORM-1737 panel_edit_skin.xml uses confusing historical terminology
  • STORM-1790 Provide a Develop sub-menu to change the default logging level
  • Changing UI size changes cursor position in notecards
  • Nearby chat window no longer persists between viewer startups
  • Navigation & Favorites bar are displayed after exitting hide contorls mode although 'Show Navigation & Favorites bar' is unchecked
  • Duplicated XUI ID: panel_snapshot_postcard.xml
  • Selecting Custom size for Saving snapshot to Inventory shows width and height greater than allowed 512 by 512 pixels
  • Post to My Profile Feed: Dimensions and filesize occasionally fails to show when refreshed
  • LLWindowShade doesn't stack multiple notifications
  • "Refresh to Save" message displayed in auto-refresh mode
  • URL-like group display name is shown as hyperlink in the Leave Group confirmation message
  • No snapshot resolution selected by default

Translation and Localization Updates

  • VWR-22392 [TRANSLATION MISSING] - "Set Default Upload Permissions" in Build > Upload (French viewer) (translated in menu_inventory_add.xml)
  • VWR-22449 Spanish case inconsistency
  • VWR-23635 (Portuguese only) An inspector window (green-circle-with-an-"i") displays "[IDADE]" and "[PERFIL_SL]" instead of actual information
  • VWR-23642 Portuguese internationalization issues (multiple)
  • [TRANSLATED BUT IN EN] Tooltip for chat floater in English: Shows/hides nearby chat log

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Supported Viewers


With this release, we support Second Life Viewer versions 3.2.6 (248086), 3.2.5 (247236), and Second Life Beta Viewer version 3.2.7 (247803). For more information, please go to the Supported Viewers wiki page.