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Release Notes for v3.7.12 (291764) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on July 08, 2014.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


A batch of maintenance fixes to make your Second Life smoother.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1744 User cannot unblock an object by selecting "Unblock" menu item from object's pop-up menu
  • MAINT-2034 Terrain texture changes caused by changing texture elevation ranges or terraforming can not be seen until after relog or teleporting out and back to the region
  • MAINT-2059 Corner scaling doesn't highlight distance text
  • MAINT-2062 User is able to open pop-up menu for avatar in not logged mode, as result viewer crashes after some steps with such menu
  • MAINT-2176 There is no maturity icon (G/M/A) in "Estate" section of "Place Profile" dialog
  • MAINT-2325 "For sale" mark is visible partially in Place profile
  • MAINT-2578 Resident can add nonexistent resident to IM or add-hoc conference in "Choose resident" floater
  • MAINT-2613 Two entries for 'DisablePrecacheDelayAfterTeleporting' in settings.xml
  • MAINT-2726 confirm before sharing items flag not working if sharing a folder
  • MAINT-2737 "Buy land" button is active for selected not for sale parcels
  • MAINT-2876 Viewer freezes in infinate loop and never recovers when editing certain rigged meshes at altitude - Octree insertion failed, starting over from root!
  • MAINT-2902 Browser secure session indicator should be prominent
  • MAINT-2980 Reevaluate the 512 meg texture cap
  • MAINT-3135 Cocoa Viewer: Mac: Maximizing the viewer leaves garbage on the screen
  • MAINT-3154 Alt zoom zooms way out when attempt to zoom in on Mac build running with external monitor
  • MAINT-3426 Searching inventory for "online" no longer returns online friends calling cards in search results.
  • MAINT-358 [PUBLIC]Verbs buttons are available for landmarks folder if it was selected via keyboard
  • MAINT-3610 SL viewer partly 'eats' chat-messages
  • MAINT-3671 Multi previews from object inventory misses tab titles
  • MAINT-3698 Reduce Abuse type options available in the abuse report dialog
  • MAINT-3720 Add timestamp to Teleport History
  • MAINT-3735 Wrong image names cause warning spamming on Linux
  • MAINT-3746 Viewer UI to rebake region is broken for parcel owners
  • MAINT-3752 Reword "Show me in Search result" check-box
  • MAINT-3778 Develop>RenderMetadata>LOD Info no longer displays values for objects.
  • MAINT-3786 When bringing focus back to the viewer with a single click in world view, a double click teleport to clicked point happens under certain circumstances
  • MAINT-3789 When moving items between inventory folders, the moved item is no longer highlighted in the new folder.
  • MAINT-3821 The fix for MAINT-3374 does not work after disabling "Show usernames" and relogging.
  • MAINT-3822 Viewer "Do Not Disturb" mode is way too chatty
  • MAINT-3832 Some color pickers don't update color until mouse button is released.
  • MAINT-3838 Help -> Report bug form does not fill in the "Where" field correctly for regions who names are more then one word.
  • MAINT-4001 Received Folder is movable within Recent Tab
  • MAINT-4009 Investigate and address memory leaks in the viewer
  • MAINT-403 [PUBLIC]Trash button is enabled when no one landmark is not selected
  • MAINT-4113 group land holdings inworld incorrect
  • MAINT-4137 Occasional crash while adding a local texture

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-4158 Avatar distorted when changing outfits
  • MAINT-809 [PUBLIC]Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • MAINT-3200 WL Haze effects are inconsistent between solid and transparent objects under water.
  • MAINT-3197 Rigged alpha attachments don't render for impostors.
  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build