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Release Notes for v3.7.16 (294015) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on September 11, 2014.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Large batch of Maintenance fixes and small features including

  • inventory & outfit management
  • appearance editing
  • group & group ban management
  • multi-grid support for favorites
  • camera controls
  • notifications management
  • stability improvements
  • various UI bugs
  • several crash fixes
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Resolved Issues

  • GAMING-19 Unknown content message on attempting to enter an SLSG restricted region with an ineligible account.
  • MAINT-1180 Cannot delete object description.
  • MAINT-1190 Editing a shape shows female options instead of male options after changing sex from female to male
  • MAINT-1344 Attempting to move a folder or item, to another folder in a different inventory window found via inventory search, fails.
  • MAINT-145 [PUBLIC]Can not use "ctrl+maj+b" to close my "Grid Option" XUI ..
  • MAINT-1606 Warning message 'The object is not for sale' appears while user try to buy the shared object
  • MAINT-1642 Viewer crashes on double-click on RegionCapabilityRequestError in Notifications Console
  • MAINT-1695 Notecard is not closed after saving changes if user try to close not saved notecard
  • MAINT-1696 "Owner" name is not clickable in "Place Profile" dialog if region is group owned
  • MAINT-1734 Avatar chooser panel is empty the session after an avatar is chosen.
  • MAINT-1805 "Back" button doesn't teleport user to correct location after performing several teleports to a different locations
  • MAINT-1851 Viewer crashes while attempting to close "Snapshot" dialog after pressing on "Snapshot" icon several times at the left toolbar
  • MAINT-2018 Viewer crashes when copying and pasting an empty outfit folder
  • MAINT-2059 Corner scaling doesn't highlight distance text
  • MAINT-2205 Pressing delete in script window deletes selected object
  • MAINT-2245 Object's content doesn't display inside "Buy" dialog when prim is set for sale
  • MAINT-2255 User can copy any folder with landmark and paste into "My Favorites"
  • MAINT-2361 One and the same user shown in Allowed and in Banned Residents lists
  • MAINT-2376 Map doesn't locate the place of your friend if 'Map' was opened from People panel -> Friend Tab
  • MAINT-2536 User isn't able to use mouse after leaving mouse-look mode with holding left mouse button
  • MAINT-2570 Viewer crashes when user trying to drop attached object, if it already sent to Marketplace
  • MAINT-27 [PUBLIC]User is able to enter non-ascii characters when create or rename outfit
  • MAINT-2855 Add multiple grid support for favorite landmarks on the login screen.
  • MAINT-2873 underlines are not visible in last line of XUI tool tips
  • MAINT-2881 Open folders close when you create a new folder, new script, new notecard etc
  • MAINT-2884 Empty menu item is presented in Type drop-down list in Media tab.
  • MAINT-2953 When "Inspect Objects" floater has focus you cannot move the camera with ALT+Zoom or CTRL+ALT+Zoom
  • MAINT-3064 Unable deselect Nearby Chat item in Communicate menu
  • MAINT-3186 Residents have an ability to create multi-chat with group.
  • MAINT-3211 CLONE - Tile-Based Texture Animation Scales Incorrectly for Rigged Mesh when worn
  • MAINT-3301 Viewer should save open notifications on a per-grid basis
  • MAINT-3460 in SL Viewer the dictionary doesn't exchange the mispelled word to correct one in a special case
  • MAINT-3475 windows 64bit (?) crash in LLTextBase::getDocIndexFromLocalCoord
  • MAINT-3504 Avatar cannot move after TPing into region he nearly crossed into
  • MAINT-3564 Favoritites landmarks are not presented in Location drop down with enabled “Show my Favorite.." option for user like <username.lastname>
  • MAINT-3634 After right-clicking another avatars nametag or avatar then pressing the "Alt" key, most options in the dropdown menu will no longer function.
  • MAINT-3812 "Remove from outfit" is unavailable for folders containing only gestures
  • MAINT-3840 Linux: Mouse sensitivity low, cannot be adjusted.
  • MAINT-3842 Using "Close Window" (Ctrl + W) shortcut while in Appearance mode doesn't visually revert any changes made as it would when closing manually. Going back into Appearance mode saves those changes to file.
  • MAINT-3846 I can only invite members to a group to the role of everyone, even though i am a manager of that group and have the abilities.
  • MAINT-3852 Populate Script "Save to file" with the script name
  • MAINT-3871 Recent issues with dragging the World Map.
  • MAINT-3878 Inventory - My Outfits - search does not find keywords used in Outfit folder name when keywords are not part of the Outfit contents
  • MAINT-3885 With an active scripted camera using CAMERA_FOCUS & CAMERA_POSITION settings, double click teleporting causes camera to move.
  • MAINT-3891 Clearing saved URLs from media URLs list causes mouse cursor to spin constantly until relog.
  • MAINT-3907 Issue setting Voice chat set key in Second Life 3.7.4
  • MAINT-3917 Avatar cannot move or double click TP when Avatar rendering is disabled.
  • MAINT-3931 [MAINTENANCE RC] Sun overide check mark often displays incorrectly
  • MAINT-3940 Scrollbar not visible after conversation floater is resized
  • MAINT-3942 missing entry on statistics floater.
  • MAINT-3950 can't open lag meter
  • MAINT-3951 Multi-person log entry doesn't appear in Conversation Log if conference was started using People panel
  • MAINT-3957 Group owner issue
  • MAINT-3963 mic won't be switched off after prive/conf call
  • MAINT-3967 Up arrow key does not move the cursor up in chat field.
  • MAINT-3969 Animation problems when teleporting while sitting on some objects
  • MAINT-3977 Object does not display newly added contents if it was edited that session and you teleported to another region and back and then added new contents.
  • MAINT-4004 Viewer crashes to desktop when attempting to use a large sized texture as a local texture
  • MAINT-4013 When seated, down arrow in mouselook exits mouselook.
  • MAINT-4016 Viewer attempts full fetch of member list before allowing user to leave group
  • MAINT-4022 Snapshot Preview floater is not closed by Ctrl+W
  • MAINT-4032 Sounds played locally play from avatar position, not camera position.
  • MAINT-4064 Dragging a no copy item to ground from an inventory folder that contains no other items does not remove the expansion icon on the left side of the folder.
  • MAINT-4071 "Packets lost" calculation in Help->About is broken
  • MAINT-4072 Searching object content by typing letters no longer works for non-capitalised names.
  • MAINT-4076 "Whisper" autofill too easily triggered
  • MAINT-4081 when removing a friend, the dialog should mention both username and display name
  • MAINT-4086 Limit the number items "Replace Current Outfit" or "Wear" applies to
  • MAINT-4094 "%20" instead of space in Teleport notification
  • MAINT-4099 Expanded inventory folders do not close with ENTER key since CHUI.
  • MAINT-410 [PUBLIC] llLoadURL dialog display wrongly includes ? at end of line into URL sent to browser
  • MAINT-4112 Outfits should not be able to incorporate coalesced items
  • MAINT-4120 Spammy message in viewer logs at startup for STATE_WEARABLES_WAIT
  • MAINT-4123 Crash to desktop while attempting to upload a corrupted mesh after selecting file from open window - load_face_from_dom_triangles
  • MAINT-4127 New default mode when clicking links: Linden links open in viewer, third-party links open in user's browser
  • MAINT-4132 permission requests to an offline user causes the Chat button to flash on nearby viewers
  • MAINT-4135 Text input field is not disabled in group chat window for user who cannot enter text chat
  • MAINT-4155 Scene Loading Monitor does not open from menu
  • MAINT-4157 Lag meter tool tips are missing units since viewer-interesting
  • MAINT-4185 UISndWindowClose sound is played if a friends logged in and logged out toasts are onscreen at the same time.
  • MAINT-4218 Adding clothing from inventory closes THAT clothing folder and hides THAT folder
  • MAINT-423 [PUBLIC]'share' function (in friends-list) doesn't bring up the residents' IM window when it's minimized
  • MAINT-4237 Can no longer 'Add To Current Outfit' gestures contained in a Folder
  • MAINT-4239 Using Open to unpack items Gives you "Copy and Wear" which replaces whole outfit with item
  • MAINT-4256 Viewer always crashes when opening "Scene Statistics" if you closed scene statistics previously with the X
  • MAINT-4257 [Shining] new crash in AISUpdate::parseMeta
  • MAINT-4283 [BEAR] Viewer always crashes when opening "Scene Loading Monitor" if you closed it previously with the X
  • MAINT-4286 [BEAR] Dragging outfits folder onto cloud avatar in Bear crashes the viewer
  • MAINT-4287 [BEAR] Logout crash in !LLToolPie::handleDeselect() [lltoolpie.cpp : 1318]
  • MAINT-4288 [BEAR] MAINT-4018 fix appears to cause almost instant texture thrashing as soon as many profile icons display in the UI - for example when opening friends/groups lists.
  • MAINT-4289 [BEAR] Recent Items "Reset Filters" not working correctly
  • MAINT-4290 [BEAR] Recent Items flashes badly and sometimes blanks out when any change is made to inventory and especially when inventory is fetching from a clean cache
  • MAINT-4292 [BEAR] Received Items and Merchant Outbox folders show as normal inventory folders and it is possible to move and delete the Merchant Outbox folder. Viewer crashes when emptying Trash if it contains Merchant Outbox.
  • MAINT-4293 Very slow inventory fetch
  • MAINT-4325 [BEAR] Fix to "Reset Filters" causes empty folders to appear in Recent tab of Inventory
  • MAINT-4432 [Maintenance-RC] "Packets Lost" under Help -> About Second Life does not display correctly - French language only
  • MAINT-459 [PUBLIC]Cannot delete prim displaying media
  • MAINT-535 Wiki-style link markup hides potentially malicious secondlife: app URLs
  • MAINT-865 [PUBLIC]Multiline description in Place profile is shown as one line after changing floater width
  • MAINT-875 No notification given when user attempt to edit terrain they do not have permission to edit

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-809 Setting 16x antialiasing crashes Viewer in Ubuntu 11.10 with GeForce 6600
  • MAINT-3200 WL Haze effects are inconsistent between solid and transparent objects under water.
  • MAINT-3197 Rigged alpha attachments don't render for impostors.
  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.
  • MAINT-4158 Avatar distorted when changing outfits
  • WEB-4659 Direct Delivery Outbox fails in Linux build