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Release Notes for v3.7.26 (299635) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on March 10, 2015.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Project Hover

Avatar Hover Height is a new feature that allows you to adjust the vertical position of your avatar within some preset limits. This is a purely graphical tweak that does not affect your position for physics purposes. For it to work properly, both you and observers watching you need to be running a supported viewer.

More detailed notes on how to use the feature can be found at the Hover Height wiki page. Please submit bug reports for any problems encountered.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-4809 Avatar height/hover adjustment (Server Side)
  • MAINT-4858 [Project-HoverHeight] Ground sitting when Hover Height is above 1.0 causes your avatar to shoot up into the air with legs stuck behind head
  • MAINT-4967 Debug console spams on movement
  • SL-92 Avatar height/hover adjustment

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.