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Release Notes for v3.7.26 (299845) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on March 18, 2015.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


A cornucopia of fixes including, but not limited to:

  • snapshot floater & email
  • de-cluttering dialogs
  • appearance editing
  • rendering performance under some conditions
  • UI & keyboard bugs
  • camera bug in snapshot floater
  • performance
  • build tool
  • link parsing and display behavior
  • crash fixes
  • materials
  • sun position

... and many more for your Second Life pleasure.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1333 User is not able to changed status of 'For sale' checkbox for attached prim
  • MAINT-1654 object context menu redraws and repositions some time after being opened.
  • MAINT-1662 'Take' menu item is active but not functional in main menu for attached objects
  • MAINT-1774 Texture floater opens after canceling of saving it to disk
  • MAINT-1789 Object inspector doesn't show any information about object except wrong price if user uses 'Select Only My Objects' option
  • MAINT-1861 Texture doesn't appear in Inventory after using 'Copy to inventory' button
  • MAINT-1863 'Delete' button is always disabled for Notecard that was opened from object's content
  • MAINT-1871 Avatar continues to move forward and backward when you change the camera position
  • MAINT-1884 "Shortcut Key" text label is overlapped by drop-down lists in Preview floater when user opened more then one gesture
  • MAINT-1998 'Open' menu item is absent in pop-up menu for notecard marked for sale from object's content
  • MAINT-202 [PUBLIC]Can't open scripts in copied objects individually on the viewer2
  • MAINT-2131 "Copy" menu item is enabled for folders in "My inventory" panel inside "Places>My Landmarks" tab
  • MAINT-2336 Avatar continues to move in edit mode
  • MAINT-2477 Feature Request - Sun position override should not persist across logins
  • MAINT-2590 Linked HUDs attached directly from inworld are invisible
  • MAINT-2742 Duplicate Display Names appear once in share picker
  • MAINT-2759 Touch is greyed out when right clicking on child prims in a touchable linkset if the script uses a reset on rez
  • MAINT-3067 Bumps, Pushes and Hits is hard to discover
  • MAINT-3202 Cancel of selected specular color in "Color picker" floater does not return color icon to previous condition
  • MAINT-3205 Normal map thumbnail icon lacks "Multiple" text when last-selected face lacks a normal map
  • MAINT-3208 Confusing button state when working with multiple textures and the default texture is the last selected.
  • MAINT-3240 [MAINTENANCE RC] Muted Avatars are now rezzing when in the past muting someone hid thier avatar.
  • MAINT-3418 Button truncation in some non-English Estate floaters
  • MAINT-3457 List of notecard content is shifted while resize of notecard window
  • MAINT-3483 Cursor is not in input field, after double click on resident in Nearby chat.
  • MAINT-3488 Pose balls are sometimes invisible after standing up until zooming camera closer
  • MAINT-3529 Certain pathcuts made to a cube cause some faces to not react to sunlight or local lights
  • MAINT-3585 Viewer Crashes when attempting to upload image.
  • MAINT-3648 If you have any text selected, clicking on any URL or SLurl will not do anything until you deselect the other text, then click the URL again.
  • MAINT-3800 Improvement: Remove the draw distance reference in the viewer when alt-camming on terrain.
  • MAINT-4092 Prim faces with opaque diffuse maps, with material set to ALPHA_MODE_BLEND, do not render
  • MAINT-4096 Object's new land impact is not shown in build tool until new face or prim in linkset is selected, after adding or removing only material to/from child prim
  • MAINT-4169 Suppress initial display of the path portion of URLs from other users and scripts
  • MAINT-4301 failed script upload makes the wait cursor stick
  • MAINT-4342 Height text-box value decreases once to a specific value by clicking ▲ or ▼
  • MAINT-4435 Viewer often crashes when logging into or teleporting to a certain location - ntdll.dll!RtlReportCriticalFailure()
  • MAINT-4497 [Maint-RC] "Use built-in browser for Second Life links only" matches things it should not
  • MAINT-4499 [NUI] "Forgotten password" button is not aligned with "Password" input field
  • MAINT-4554 Owner name is 'nobody' in Inspect Objects if owner is a group.
  • MAINT-4555 Floater opens in the bottom right corner overlapping "Conversations" floater
  • MAINT-4567 <nolink> is not parsed correctly in viewer-lion
  • MAINT-4576 Damage Icon always displays regardless of land setting.
  • MAINT-4581 Flickr slurl links break on some parcels with URLs in the parcel name
  • MAINT-4582 viewer-lion: Certain URLs which end contain '' or '' incorrectly open the 'Place Profile' floater
  • MAINT-4597 When chat mode is set to expanded view, emotes in IM and group chat do not show the emoted name in the correct format.
  • MAINT-4602 URLs are not highlighted as URLs in chat view when preceding an internal URL
  • MAINT-4614 Fix viewer warning about bad membership list update
  • MAINT-4617 Viewer chews on "Inventory->Open and Select" until inventory received or recent items selected
  • MAINT-4619 Using "Align Planar Faces" on flexible prims causes viewer to crash
  • MAINT-4621 No notification is received when an incoming call is missed due to 'Do Not Disturb' mode, if conversation tab was not previously open
  • MAINT-4657 Objects can appear to have wrong 'for sale' type when viewed in inventory
  • MAINT-4660 Viewer freeze when taking snapshots using 'freeze frame' feature
  • MAINT-4662 "Packet Loss" always shows zero in the statistics floater
  • MAINT-4682 Viewer won't clear AGENT_ALWAYS_RUN while sitting
  • MAINT-4683 Inconsistencies between viewer location URL/URI formats and click performance when the URL/URI's contain negative axii.
  • MAINT-4691 When selecting multiple for-sale objects with different prices set, displayed object price is not the total
  • MAINT-4699 notifications list is out of order
  • MAINT-4700 Viewer cursor defaults to 'grab' mode when clicking on child prim of linkset that was recently physical and sat-upon
  • MAINT-4704 Session log is spammed with hundreds of lines of "WARNING: LLWorldEnableEnvSettings::handleEvent: Unknown time-of-day item: region" if "Sun" menu is torn off.
  • MAINT-4710 The 'Copy to inventory' button should be disabled in Texture preview floater when permissions forbid it
  • MAINT-4718 Context menu's 'Open' button is always disabled for no-copy textures in task inventory
  • MAINT-4726 Strange camera roll when using 'freeze frame' in snapshot floater
  • MAINT-4735 Need to press Ctrl+W twice to close floater
  • MAINT-4739 The mouse pointer is lost when dragging the world map while a region restart alert occurs.
  • MAINT-4740 Context menus left on screen when closing floater with Ctrl+W
  • MAINT-4755 Asset on Screen Causes Sudden FPS Drop
  • MAINT-4766 Disabling "Automatic position for: Appearance" while editing appearance leaves avatar stuck in the T-pose.
  • MAINT-4769 Teleport history timestamp text is truncated for "AM" times.
  • MAINT-4777 Confusing 'Save changes?' dialog when hitting the Delete button in notecard edit floater
  • MAINT-4804 Viewer gets stuck in mode sending email with snapshot if that fails
  • MAINT-4971 [MAINT-RC] Own avatar is often totally invisible at login with no way to fix apart from a relog. Other avatars are also often invisible.
  • MAINT-4972 [MAINT-RC] Material enabled objects with a diffuse texture set to alpha blending mode randomly (but often) change to alpha mode none locally. If the avatar that sees this breakage has modify rights over the objects, ALL observers see this change.
  • MAINT-4973 [MAINT-RC] Clicking on the green part of links (as opposed to the grey) opens the wrong link in all places apart from in a conversation window or chat toast.
  • MAINT-4974 [MAINT-RC] IM tabs show Display Name only when you IM an offline user or when user is online but hiding online status but show Display Name (username) when you IM an online user.
  • MAINT-4975 [MAINT-RC] Sender's name is hidden out of view for inventory offer popups and payment popups
  • MAINT-729 Viewer crash when closing llDialog messages while they are arriving.

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Known Issues

  • MAINT-3198 Legacy bumpiness renders funny on HUD faces with custom alpha mode
  • MAINT-3213 Brightness and Darkness legacy bump maps render incorrectly on Intel GPUs.