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Release Notes for v4.0.1 (309943) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on January 14, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This viewer release is a complete replacement of the under the hood HTTP infrastructure. It provides improved performance and stability by replacing the self deleting responders with coroutine implementations. These coroutines also provide a finer grained concurrency allowing the Viewer greater control over the numbers and types of HTTP requests that can be simultaneously outstanding. This release also removes a considerable amount of deprecated and unused code from the viewer.

These changes impact all areas of the viewer that use Sim Capabilities. A nonexhaustive list includes:

  • Asset upload (Images, Meshes, Animations)
  • AISv3 inventory manipulation
  • Viewer Managed Marketplace
  • Simhost event polling
  • LSL script compilation
  • Experience management (blocking, allowing, creating)

Additionally, this release corrects a number of Voice quality and connection issues on both Windows and the Mac.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-4952 Replace old http client usage with llcorehttp
  • MAINT-5200 Current version of SL viewer fails to post photos to Facebook.
  • MAINT-5259 Login screen displayed in English after installation in another language
  • MAINT-5282 HTTP Core Viewer Still Shows Merchant Outbox in menu.
  • MAINT-5283 Viewer doesn't connect to Facebook
  • MAINT-5351 Remove 'self' parameter from coroutine-related viewer functions
  • MAINT-5614 Login screen is black, and user cannot enter his name and password, after 2 failed attempts
  • MAINT-5628 [Project Azumarill] When posting to Flickr, Upload button does not grey out when upload is in progress, clicking Upload more then once results in all images failing to post.
  • MAINT-5691 [Azumaril] No error message, when cannot "List" folder in Marketplace Listing
  • MAINT-5693 [Project Azumarill] Avatar often bakes fails on Azumarill
  • MAINT-5732 [Azumarill-RC] Viewer actually crashes when connection is lost instead of disconnecting.
  • MAINT-5780 Viewer crashes when trying to create webprim
  • MAINT-5788 Secondlife has stopped working error, after canceling TOS
  • MAINT-5791 Terms of service are not loading
  • MAINT-5804 [azumaril] Consistent session disconnect on teleport
  • MAINT-5812 [Azumaril] Bing Translator service does not work
  • MAINT-5820 Spurious parse error in Core HTTP
  • MAINT-5831 [CoreHTTP] Attempting an intra-parcel TP when a forced landing point is set leaves TP screen hanging at "Requesting teleport" instead of showing "Could not teleport closer to destination" error.
  • MAINT-5835 [CoreHTTP] Excessive log spam is generated when at a location with voice disabled at either parcel or region level.
  • MAINT-5890 [azumaril] Consistent session disconnect on region crossing
  • MAINT-4477 SLVoice process continues after logout
  • MAINT-4600 Some Residents using Voice Server Version: Vivox 4.6.0009.20030 have constant problems with voice breaking up and voice quality. This does not reproduce on the previous voice versions 4.5.0009.1786 or 3.2.0002.104265
  • MAINT-4911 After teleporting from Region A to Region B, voice sometimes stays connected to local voice chat on Region A until you relog
  • MAINT-5049 Avatar Loses the Voice Dot
  • MAINT-5050 Buddy and Group WARNING in Secondlife.log
  • MAINT-5051 VivoxProtocolParser WARNING messages in logs
  • MAINT-5053 The Sound and Media Setting Panel Doesn't Work as Expected for Voice Device Tunning
  • MAINT-5061 Voice calls unavailable
  • MAINT-5190 [Vivox 4.6.0017.21209] SLVoice crash on USB device change
  • MAINT-5571 Group and ad-hoc voice calls not working for anyone on any viewer. Local & IM voice calls working as expected.
  • STORM-2109 Avatar Does not leave previous area voice during a race condition
  • VOICE-2 VIVOX acting up

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.