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Release Notes for v4.0.5 (315117) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on May 11, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This viewer introduces two sets of improvements intended to make your Second Life graphics experience better:

Graphics Presets
You can now create different saved "presets" for your graphics preferences, and quickly switch between them using a new top bar pulldown. Create one with a short draw distance and support for lots of detail to use when going to a dance club, another with long views for exploring, and any others that you find yourself using frequently.
Avatar Rendering Complexity Controls
For many users, the most expensive part of rendering a Second Life scene is rendering the avatars around you. For some time, the viewer has had a measurement of how much each avatar around you is affecting your performance; this viewer introduces some control and feedback based on that measure. A new *Avatar Maximum Complexity* control lets you prevent expensive avatars from lagging you; any avatar over the limit is displayed as a solid color rather than rendering full detail. A default limit is set based on the rendering performance of your system. You'll also get a notice when your own rendering complexity changes, and an indication when you're over the limit of too many of the avatars around you.

See more about this on the Avatar Rendering Complexity page.

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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1945 Outgoing packets logging always says 0 bytes
  • MAINT-4506 Polish translation update
  • MAINT-4677 Unexpected behaviour when blocking objects with a / in their name when using compact chat view
  • MAINT-5022 [QuickGraphics] Materials should not be applied to simple imposters
  • MAINT-5164 3p libraries built from different changesets
  • MAINT-5331 [viewer-render-weights] Advanced Graphics Preferences floater is too tall
  • MAINT-5378 Add avatar complexity information notices
  • MAINT-5537 Advanced Graphics Preferences sliders are incorrect if you click Cancel rather than OK
  • MAINT-5541 [QuickGraphics] 0 complexity avatar renders as jelly
  • MAINT-5542 [QuickGraphics] cannot select default option using quick change menu
  • MAINT-5557 [QuickGraphics] Estimates of how many users can show you are incorrect immediately after changing an outfit.
  • MAINT-5560 Avatars with negative attachment bytes or surface area shown as colored blobs
  • MAINT-5567 [QuickGraphics] A mesh attachment causes avatar to be jellybaby while Avatar complexity is set to No Limit
  • MAINT-5569 [QuickGraphics] everyone starts as a jelly teleporting into a crowd
  • MAINT-5570 [QuickGraphics] Visual complexity notifications are confusing.
  • MAINT-5600 [Project QuickGraphics] Chat log dropdown menu is always grayed out
  • MAINT-5607 [QuickGraphics] Avatar set to always render turns solid when Avatar Impostors are triggered
  • MAINT-5609 Log avatar complexity notices at INFO level
  • MAINT-5610 Misspelling
  • MAINT-5612 [Project QuickGraphics] Avatar Complexity reading remains stuck on zero after removing an alpha layer created in a certain way.
  • MAINT-5613 [Project QuickGraphics] Complexity readings vary greatly for each avatar using the QuickGraphics viewer
  • MAINT-5615 [Project QuickGraphics] Visual complexity notifications are usually wrong.
  • MAINT-5620 [QuickGraphics] clicking on Graphics Preset title triggers favorite
  • MAINT-5622 Blocking an avatar renders them alpha not gray
  • MAINT-5632 [QuickGraphics] Max. # of non-impostors should default to 3 when Graphics Quality is set to Low
  • MAINT-5637 Replace Quick-settings icon
  • MAINT-5663 Very short session can cause crash in mesh handlers
  • MAINT-5673 [QuickGraphics] RenderAutoMuteSurfaceAreaLimit default is 1000
  • MAINT-5681 [Quick Graphics] particles still render when complexity threshold is reached
  • MAINT-5682 [QuickGraphics] Some avatars are invisible
  • MAINT-5685 [Quick Graphics] light still renders when complexity threshold is reached
  • MAINT-5690 [QuickGraphics] viewer crash when zooming out
  • MAINT-5699 [QuickGraphics-RC] Graphics preset changes to None each time the Advanced Graphics floater is opened, even when no changes are made.
  • MAINT-5700 [QuickGraphics-RC] Blocked avatars should always be derendered
  • MAINT-5750 [QuickGraphics] graphics quick change icon and notices appear in mouselook
  • MAINT-5974 Simplify crash upload service location
  • MAINT-6070 Add detailed logging for how Avatar Rendering Complexity is computed
  • MAINT-6098 Viewer build integration tests fail on Mac 10.11.2 or greater
  • MAINT-6150 [QuickGraphics] Clicking the blank space in the quick graphics floater will select the first Preset
  • MAINT-6174 [QuickGraphics] Graphics parameters are wrong after closing the Advanced Graphics floater.
  • MAINT-6183 Remove geometry bytes as a trigger for muted/impostor rendering
  • MAINT-6218 [QuickGraphics] Avatars that should be alpha'ed out are shown when simple impostors
  • MAINT-6236 [QuickGraphics-RC] Viewer version & libcurl version in system information does not display correctly for non-English languages
  • MAINT-6316 [QuickGraphics] Two identical "Marketplace Listings" menu items
  • MAINT-6317 [QuickGraphics-RC] Some rigged mesh attachments render fully on jellybaby avatars when ALM is enabled
  • MAINT-6318 [QuickGraphics-RC] Rigged mesh on standard imposter avatars is super shiny with ALM enabled
  • MAINT-6322 [QuickGraphics] Crash reports fail to send
  • MAINT-6326 [QuickGraphics-RC] Blingposter avatars are all full bright white when basic shaders are disabled.
  • MAINT-6392 Failed to Upload Image to your Profile
  • OPEN-287 glh_linear autobuild corrections
  • OPEN-292 Remove lscript from the viewer
  • OPEN-297 Remove dependence on sed and wc for build number generation
  • SL-217 Document Avatar Complexity
  • STORM-2082 Allow saving and loading of graphic settings and ability to control view of "blinged" avatars
  • STORM-2083 LLCalcParser calculates inverse trigonometric functions wrong
  • STORM-2085 Spelling error and duplicate entry in notifications.xml
  • STORM-2086 Convert old style llinfos and llwarns to new format
  • STORM-2088 Minimap no longer remembers zoom setting between sessions
  • STORM-2094 Save button not activated if spelling corrected in Notecard and no other changes made
  • STORM-2097 Polish translation update
  • STORM-2098 Crashfix; enable_object_edit() crashes when called without being logged in
  • STORM-2099 Minor formatting issue with logged out message
  • STORM-2120 Graphics Quick Preferences should be account specific
  • WOLF-310 Automated Doxygen/Sphinx document generation during build

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.