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Release Notes for v4.0.9 (320038) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on September 28, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This is another Maintenance release chock-full of great fixes!

"We've got your crashfixes:"

in memory allocation
in Pay floater
on Exit in LLView::OnVisibilityChange
on opening oversized texture
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1660 Please don't close script windows immediately when the script gets deleted from the inventory
  • MAINT-1768 User cannot share objects from trash
  • MAINT-2141 Region Windlight - Fixed Sky Cloud Coverage reverts to 0.27 when toggling view back to region sky
  • MAINT-4066 Notification alerts not synched with the viewer
  • MAINT-4124 Provide an informative warning when a user has a render-heavy set of HUDs
  • MAINT-4146 [Griefing] Folders from muted avatars not sent to trash at login
  • MAINT-5040 Warning "ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Connection refused" continually appears on Linux
  • MAINT-5207 Build: Snap to grid / Grid options broken, object snaps to incorrect Units
  • MAINT-5388 File "conversation.log" created in users' root directory (C:\) on Windows
  • MAINT-6125 Mesh avatar deforms constantly
  • MAINT-6259 Rigged meshes LOD swap based off of Avatar bounding box instead of element or linkset bounding box.
  • MAINT-6397 Cut Items should not be put in Trash
  • MAINT-6419 Show the release notes when first starting a new viewer
  • MAINT-6438 Add new alert to viewer for too much inventory in coalesced objects
  • MAINT-6447 [Maintenance RC] In OS X El Capitan, display by a Gothic font is needed.
  • MAINT-6456 Pop-Ups Notifications
  • MAINT-6461 Crash on exit?
  • MAINT-6487 After editing an object with a large number of contents, contents in any object will not load until relog.
  • MAINT-6490 [InvMsgs] Newly created inventory reports version mismatch in Secondlife.log
  • MAINT-6493 SL Viewer does not respect the Windows 10 display setting size slider
  • MAINT-6495 Problem with saving notecard embedded in object
  • MAINT-6497 [mainland buy] land buy disqualification missing warning icon
  • MAINT-6509 Viewer still allows you to create a group with leading spaces in the group name
  • MAINT-6511 Crash in LLFloaterView::restoreAll
  • MAINT-6513 Math rounding error when calculating IndirectMaxComplexity
  • MAINT-6514 Appearance Mode Body Parts Select shows wrong type
  • MAINT-6515 Viewer doesn't store scripted null string settext updates for Metadata close refreshing.
  • MAINT-6516 Crash in LLFloaterPathfindingLinksets::updateEditFieldValues() while in Pathfinding -> Linksets floater
  • MAINT-6518 allow negative numbered chat channels
  • MAINT-6520 Add a way to see worn temp attachments.
  • MAINT-6521 Listening with an unnamed connection.
  • MAINT-6550 [QuickGraphics] Graphic preset name including "\" causes preset to be unusable & preset cannot be deleted.
  • MAINT-6552 Contribution: Viewer sometimes crashes when opening oversized textures - SecondLifeViewer.exe!LLViewerFetchedTexture::updateFetch() [llviewertexture.cpp : 1983 + 0x0]
  • MAINT-6554 [InvMessages] With ALM on error: Oh no! No binormals for this alpha blended face!
  • MAINT-6559 Error in mathematical constant used in Mesh Streaming calculation
  • MAINT-6566 Avatar sliders display incorrect values immediately after saving a copy of the wearable.
  • MAINT-6568 Detached Object Ends up in Root of Inventory
  • MAINT-6569 al.bathori a Bot was some how removed from my lands BAN List and for some reason I can not re add it. And since it was removed some how, it has appeared on my land.
  • MAINT-6572 UI freezes when clicking on a specific folder in the inventory
  • MAINT-6574 [Improvement] Background storage of settext params should also include host object size so when Metadata is closed, original render distance can be restored.
  • MAINT-6584 LLImageBase::getData: Bad memory allocation for the image buffer!
  • MAINT-6592 Duplicate entries are shown in Object list in Script info floater after clicking "Return" button
  • MAINT-6598 replace all instances of "jelly doll" with JellyDoll in the viewer ui
  • MAINT-6605 Crash in LLClipboard::addToClipboard
  • MAINT-6608 URI parser problem with links with username, password and dashes
  • MAINT-6612 Server release notes in Help -> About Second Life never fetch on any region. (Fix included)
  • MAINT-6614 Typo in InventoryTrashMaxCapacity comment
  • MAINT-6618 Crash in LLImageRaw::scale()
  • MAINT-6620 Buy L$ links should open in internal browser by default.
  • MAINT-6634 "My graphics driver is out of date" appears 3 times in Alerts
  • MAINT-6636 [Contribution] Regression - Mesh fails to upload from a folder with a diacritic character in the name.
  • MAINT-6637 DebugAvatarAppearanceMessage incorrectly reports all avatars received COF version as -1
  • MAINT-6644 There is no easy way for users to disable *all* avatar complexity notifications.
  • MAINT-6648 [SECURITY] Link tags do not filter unicode and allow for easy URL spoofing.
  • MAINT-6655 Group inspector doesn't support default icon.
  • MAINT-6657 Media navigation bar beyond the window border
  • MAINT-6658 why do i need an app to enter second life/teleport to a sim which is shown in an sl users profile ?
  • MAINT-6662 At first login release notes are forced to open in media window
  • MAINT-6665 [Contribution] When setting a local texture from a path containing non-standard characters, the viewer either crashes or the local texture silently fails with no feedback.
  • MAINT-6671 Crash in LLFloaterPay::give()
  • MAINT-6676 Viewer crashes when clicking "Default creation permissions" before logging in.
  • MAINT-6682 Viewer crashes when deleting notecards one by one
  • MAINT-6683 Notecard embedded items no longer wrap causing them to seemingly disappear when notecard is resized
  • MAINT-6694 Crash in Gestures floater when starting multiple gestures
  • MAINT-6697 Crash in unpackVolumeFaces()
  • MAINT-6711 "Object view" rotates around the avatar
  • MAINT-6718 [VOB] Can't Wear - Replace current outfits.
  • MAINT-6720 Crash in LLTextBase::onVisibilityChange()
  • MAINT-6723 [VOB] Crash in LLOutfitGallery::buildItemPanel(int)
  • MAINT-6726 LLLineEditor's menus stay in sMenuContainer memory forever
  • MAINT-6731 Replace web profile URL debug settings with grids.xml parameters
  • MAINT-6733 On build disabled land, the build button is enabled when left clicking any touchable object.
  • MAINT-6734 Crash in LLMeshHeaderHandler::processData()
  • MAINT-6735 Teleport offer sound does not play when the the destination region's maturity exceeds the current maturity settings
  • MAINT-6744 Window with message 'System UI size factor has changed since last run... ' appears after installation
  • MAINT-6752 Improvements to UI DPI scaling detection on Windows
  • MAINT-85 [PUBLIC]Using mouse scroll while renaming item moves it out of My Inventory tab
  • SL-437 Remove Checkbox from Abuse Report Submission
  • SL-444 Add Abuse Report Submision Confirmation Pop up

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.