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Release Notes for v4.1.2 (321518) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on November 10, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This is another Maintenance release chock-full of great fixes!

We've got your crashfixes:

in memory allocation for the image buffer
in Pay floater
on Exit in LLView::OnVisibilityChange
on opening oversized texture
Crash in LLFontGL::getWidthF32
in LLTextureCache::writeToFastCache
Crash in LLFloaterView::restoreAll
Crash in Pathfinding -> Linksets floater
in LLClipboard::addToClipboard
in LLImageRaw::scale()
in LLImageGL::setSize()
in "default creation permissions" dialog
on deleting notecards
in Gesture floater when starting multiple gestures
in unpackVolumeFaces()
in LLTextBase::onVisibilityChange()
in Outfit Gallery
in LLMeshHeaderHandler::processData()

We've got lots of other good stuff in here too!


Snap-to-grid refused to stay fixed. We made it snap to grid like a good feature should.
Sometimes (often) editing an object with a large task inventory would lead to no other object inventories loading. This was due to the object spamming inventory download requests. We will now abort previous requests when starting a new one and you will be able to load object inventories to your heart's content!
fixed a regression where a notecard embedded in object wouldn't allow edits after saving


Radars using floating text were broken due to a bug where viewer wasn't storing scripted null settext updates. Unbroken now. Added host object size to background storage so original render distance can be restored after Metadata is closed.
putting a "\" in your graphics preset name caused it to be unusable. escaped!
a "/" in an inventory folder name caused UI to freeze up temporarily. We escaped that one properly as well.
We were not respecting the Windows 10 display size slider settings. Now they will affect UI size and fonts in SL.
Resident picker agent search was failing due to a timeout in some specific cases, leading to problems with bans etc. Fixed.
Buy L$ links will once again open in internal browser by default now that it's a modern one.
PRIM_TEXT draw distance limit can now be changed up to 300m via debug setting "PrimTextMaxDrawDistance"
No more creating group names with leading spaces. Not allowed.
Media navigation bar will not extend beyond the window border in non-English UI.
Japanese Gothic font added for OSX El Capitan.
Ansariel Hiller fixed a regression that broke uploads from a folder with a diacritic character in the name.
"Visit Location" links in feeds were opening in internal browser instead of the map under some conditions.
fix for issues setting a local texture from a path containing non-standard characters. Thanks Nicky Dasmijn!
build button remains disabled on build-disabled land now.
Experiences & LLSit - Stand button was disappearing when it shouldn't have been, but now it's appearing correctly.
fixed Snapshot Freeze Frame issues
Increased Max UI size to 4 for those really hi-rez monitors.
RTSP media format was incorrectly directed to CEF and now is sent to LibVLC

Avatar appearance & Outfits

You can now see your Temp attachments in Appearance > Wearing > Temporary attachments
Avatar Complexity notices can now be disabled from Notifications: "Warn me about my avatar complexity changes" + "Warn me if my avatar complexity may be too high" settings.
In the past, it was possible to wear or create HUDs that cause critical performance hits without realizing it. Now we warn you about it. Except for Temp attached objects.
You can now "Wear-Replace current outfit" even if the new outfit is a subset of the old one.
When editing an outfit in appearance mode, body part selection was incorrect (off by 1).
Ansariel Hiller found & fixed a rounding error in IndirectMaxComplexity
Appearance editor doesn't annoyingly switch from a newly saved shape to a previous one anymore.


Script preview window remains open when you accidentally delete the script from your inventory. Although, really, you shouldn't delete scripts you're working on, but things happen...
scripted null settext changes get saved now, thus unbreaking radars using floating text.


Cut items won't be put in Trash anymore - that was a bad design decision that led to unintended inventory loss. Instead they'll be visually greyed out but remain in place until the next operation is performed.
You shouldn't share from trash. You can't even try now.
If you scroll your mouse wheel while renaming an item in inventory, we now cancel renaming instead of moving the item. True for any operation where 'renamer' moves out of visible area.
We're gonna warn you when you're trying to put too much inventory in coalesced objects. And still not let you do it.
Some folders weren't getting discarded along with their contents in some cases when recipient is offline. Well, they're discarding now...
Detached objects were ending up in the root folder of inventory. That's no good! Now they are going to Objects. Good.
newly created inventory items were reporting Version Mismatch errors in the logs, but no more.

Notifications etc:

Some notifications weren't displayed in the viewer in case of errors. Added missing ones to notifications.xml
We now show you release notes when you install a new viewer. Otherwise, who will read them? To disable go: Preferences -> Setup -> Show Release Notes after update
Server release notes link in Help -> About second life is fixed by Ansariel Hiller.
Notecards: embedded items wrap again
got rid of an outdated notification ("enable all pop-ups")
DebugAvatarAppearanceMessage bug
teleport offer sound wasn't playing under some conditions and now it does.
Experience permissions dialog now includes "Sit your avatar for LLSit
New notifications added for LLsit when object denies standing and resitting
no more spurious "Autopilot cancelled" messages
made some minor improvements to Abuse reporting dialog + new submission confirmation popup.


You can chat on negative channels now.
fixed URI parser issues with links that contain username, password and dashes
File "conversation.log" was sometimes created in users' root directory (C:\) on Windows. Let's not do that.


a bunch of cleanup - in various places in the code, in the console, in the logs, in preferences...
cleaned up some logspam from inventory messages.
fixed a math error in mesh streaming calculation
on beta grids we now rely on grids.xml for profiles link
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1660 Please don't close script windows immediately when the script gets deleted from the inventory
  • MAINT-1768 User cannot share objects from trash
  • MAINT-4066 Notification alerts not synched with the viewer
  • MAINT-4124 Provide an informative warning when a user has a render-heavy set of HUDs
  • MAINT-4146 Folders from muted avatars not sent to trash at login
  • MAINT-5040 Warning "ll_apr_warn_status: APR: Connection refused" continually appears on Linux
  • MAINT-5207 Build: Snap to grid / Grid options broken, object snaps to incorrect Units
  • MAINT-5388 File "conversation.log" created in users' root directory (C:\) on Windows
  • MAINT-6123 [MAINT-RC] Crash in LLTextureCache::writeToFastCache
  • MAINT-6397 Cut Items should not be put in Trash
  • MAINT-6419 Show the release notes when first starting a new viewer
  • MAINT-6438 Add new alert to viewer for too much inventory in coalesced objects
  • MAINT-6447 [Maintenance RC] In OS X El Capitan, display by a Gothic font is needed.
  • MAINT-6456 Pop-Ups Notifications
  • MAINT-6461 Crash on exit?
  • MAINT-6487 After editing an object with a large number of contents, contents in any object will not load until relog.
  • MAINT-6490 [InvMsgs] Newly created inventory reports version mismatch in Secondlife.log
  • MAINT-6493 SL Viewer does not respect the Windows 10 display setting size slider
  • MAINT-6495 Problem with saving notecard embedded in object
  • MAINT-6497 [mainland buy] land buy disqualification missing warning icon
  • MAINT-6509 Viewer still allows you to create a group with leading spaces in the group name
  • MAINT-6511 Crash in LLFloaterView::restoreAll
  • MAINT-6513 Math rounding error when calculating IndirectMaxComplexity
  • MAINT-6514 Appearance Mode Body Parts Select shows wrong type
  • MAINT-6515 Viewer doesn't store scripted null string settext updates for Metadata close refreshing.
  • MAINT-6516 Crash in LLFloaterPathfindingLinksets::updateEditFieldValues() while in Pathfinding -> Linksets floater
  • MAINT-6518 allow negative numbered chat channels
  • MAINT-6520 Add a way to see worn temp attachments.
  • MAINT-6521 Listening with an unnamed connection.
  • MAINT-6550 [QuickGraphics] Graphic preset name including "\" causes preset to be unusable & preset cannot be deleted.
  • MAINT-6552 Contribution: Viewer sometimes crashes when opening oversized textures - SecondLifeViewer.exe!LLViewerFetchedTexture::updateFetch() [llviewertexture.cpp : 1983 + 0x0]
  • MAINT-6554 [InvMessages] With ALM on error: Oh no! No binormals for this alpha blended face!
  • MAINT-6559 Error in mathematical constant used in Mesh Streaming calculation
  • MAINT-6566 Avatar sliders display incorrect values immediately after saving a copy of the wearable.
  • MAINT-6568 Detached Object Ends up in Root of Inventory
  • MAINT-6569 Agent search failing due to timeout
  • MAINT-6572 UI freezes when clicking on a specific folder in the inventory
  • MAINT-6574 [Improvement] Background storage of settext params should also include host object size so when Metadata is closed, original render distance can be restored.
  • MAINT-6584 LLImageBase::getData: Bad memory allocation for the image buffer!
  • MAINT-6585 Research removing as much of ./indra/lib/python from viewer as possible
  • MAINT-6592 Duplicate entries are shown in Object list in Script info floater after clicking "Return" button
  • MAINT-6598 replace all instances of "jelly doll" with JellyDoll in the viewer ui
  • MAINT-6605 Crash in LLClipboard::addToClipboard
  • MAINT-6608 URI parser problem with links with username, password and dashes
  • MAINT-6612 Server release notes in Help -> About Second Life never fetch on any region. (Fix included)
  • MAINT-6614 Typo in InventoryTrashMaxCapacity comment
  • MAINT-6618 Crash in LLImageRaw::scale()
  • MAINT-6620 Buy L$ links should open in internal browser by default.
  • MAINT-6633 Viewer crash browser cannot filter on LOG_ERRS
  • MAINT-6634 "My graphics driver is out of date" appears 3 times in Alerts
  • MAINT-6635 Crash in LLImageGL::setSize()
  • MAINT-6636 [Contribution] Regression - Mesh fails to upload from a folder with a diacritic character in the name.
  • MAINT-6637 DebugAvatarAppearanceMessage incorrectly reports all avatars received COF version as -1
  • MAINT-6644 There is no easy way for users to disable *all* avatar complexity notifications.
  • MAINT-6648 Link tags should filter unicode
  • MAINT-6649 PRIM_TEXT/llSetText upper draw distance limit
  • MAINT-6655 Group inspector doesn't support default icon.
  • MAINT-6657 Media navigation bar beyond the window border
  • MAINT-6658 why do i need an app to enter second life/teleport to a sim which is shown in an sl users profile ?
  • MAINT-6662 At first login release notes are forced to open in media window
  • MAINT-6665 [Contribution] When setting a local texture from a path containing non-standard characters, the viewer either crashes or the local texture silently fails with no feedback.
  • MAINT-6671 Crash in LLFloaterPay::give()
  • MAINT-6676 Viewer crashes when clicking "Default creation permissions" before logging in.
  • MAINT-6682 Viewer crashes when deleting notecards one by one
  • MAINT-6683 Notecard embedded items no longer wrap causing them to seemingly disappear when notecard is resized
  • MAINT-6694 Crash in Gestures floater when starting multiple gestures
  • MAINT-6697 Crash in unpackVolumeFaces()
  • MAINT-6711 "Object view" rotates around the avatar
  • MAINT-6718 [VOB] Can't Wear - Replace current outfits.
  • MAINT-6720 Crash in LLTextBase::onVisibilityChange()
  • MAINT-6723 [VOB] Crash in LLOutfitGallery::buildItemPanel(int)
  • MAINT-6726 LLLineEditor's menus stay in sMenuContainer memory forever
  • MAINT-6731 Replace web profile URL debug settings with grids.xml parameters
  • MAINT-6733 On build disabled land, the build button is enabled when left clicking any touchable object.
  • MAINT-6734 Crash in LLMeshHeaderHandler::processData()
  • MAINT-6735 Teleport offer sound does not play when the the destination region's maturity exceeds the current maturity settings
  • MAINT-6744 Window with message 'System UI size factor has changed since last run... ' appears after installation
  • MAINT-6752 Improvements to UI DPI scaling detection on Windows
  • MAINT-6756 [Espeon] Experience permission dialog should include "Sit your avatar"
  • MAINT-6759 [Espeon] Stand button disappears after attempting to stand from a prim with [PRIM_ALLOW_UNSIT, 0]
  • MAINT-6786 Crash in LLFontGL::getWidthF32
  • MAINT-6791 [MAINT-RC] When region windlight sky is set to a day cycle, clouds jump across the sky
  • MAINT-6792 [MAINT-RC] Fuss Threshold for MAINT-4124 "Your HUD uses a lot of texture memory..."
  • MAINT-6800 Using Snapshot Freeze Frame option causes several issues; blue overlay, forced snapshots, broken animations
  • MAINT-6810 win10, 4k monitor and UI scale of 2.0 makes most web content too small to read
  • MAINT-6811 viewer shows Autopilot cancelled notification toast when interrupting click to walk
  • MAINT-6831 [LibVLC] RTSP assigned to CEF not LibVLC
  • MAINT-6833 HUD warning should not show for temp attached objects
  • MAINT-6837 Text for server notifications: StandDeniedByObject and ResitDeniedByObject
  • MAINT-6914 Increase maximum UI size value
  • MAINT-85 Using mouse scroll while renaming item moves it out of My Inventory tab
  • SL-437 Remove Checkbox from Abuse Report Submission
  • SL-444 Add Abuse Report Submision Confirmation Pop up

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.