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Release Notes for v5.0.1 (322219) - Second Life Viewer

Known Issues
Please see the Known Issues for important information and limitations.

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on December 09, 2016.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This is a maintenance release with lots of crashfixes, bugfixes, cleanup and a few awesome new features as well!

New features

In Abuse Reporting:

  • when you’re trying to file an abuse report and you crash - the floater will stay open and all information we were able to save will persist.
  • Added a new toolbar button to “Report Abuse”


  • Appearance floater will now remember your last selected tab across logins. You like your Outfit Gallery? Enjoy! You don’t like it? Enjoy something you prefer …

Pay floater

  • You can now add an optional payment message when you send money (Thanks Ansariel!).


  • Added an option to cycle through texture faces in edit/build + key bindings to do the same.


  • This build reverts the change in llTakeControls(*,FALSE,TRUE), which caused so much confusion. Current state is in line with all TPV behavior as well. SVC-7532 is closed as Expected Behavior. Let's have no more of this silliness.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-2141 Region Windlight - Fixed Sky Cloud Coverage reverts to 0.27 when toggling view back to region sky
  • MAINT-2465 Viewer crash when hovering in fast timers floater
  • MAINT-4488 [PUBLIC] llTakeControls(*,FALSE,TRUE) prevents left clicks from mouselook.
  • MAINT-4950 Viewer performance is terrible when using the appearance panel on an account with a large inventory.
  • MAINT-5018 crashing when touching mesh
  • MAINT-5456 Button tooltips in Appearance floater are not localisable
  • MAINT-6562 Avatar COF occasionally fails to update because Not Found
  • MAINT-6580 Snapshot window becomes blank after changing the size of Second Life window
  • MAINT-6600 Mac Viewer Does Not Handle Bad Arguments Gracefully
  • MAINT-6737 [VOB] DND allows to add any size image to an Outfit Gallery
  • MAINT-6747 RenderAutoHideSurfaceAreaLimit default is incorrect
  • MAINT-6748 Add Report Abuse as new Toolbar entry
  • MAINT-6761 [CEF] When auto play is user disabled the Play button in the top right corner does not function when pressed
  • MAINT-6770 Appearance floater should remember chosen tab across logins
  • MAINT-6773 Add payment message
  • MAINT-6775 ParserWarning spam in viewer log
  • MAINT-6779 Feature Request - Please have the abuse report floater stay open from a relog and load it's last pic from HDD the same way the log off pic is done.
  • MAINT-6783 Xml parser warnings should show the file name
  • MAINT-6785 Clean up all log spam WARNING: LLView::getChild: Making dummy class 'foo' in 'bar'
  • MAINT-6790 Log spam: LLDrawPoolAlpha::renderAlpha: Missing required components, skipping render batch.
  • MAINT-6813 Opening Preferences floater takes too much time to open on login screen.
  • MAINT-6817 crash when uploading a mesh if Include skin weights checkbox is clicked before preview appears.
  • MAINT-6818 Crash in LLImageBase::allocateData
  • MAINT-6819 Crash in LLTextureCacheRemoteWorker::doWrite
  • MAINT-6828 Unnecessary spam in logs "Couldn't remove file" from Xfer downloads
  • MAINT-6830 [httpmsg] Newly created & renamed favorite landmark saves using the old name
  • MAINT-6835 Material of model is not a subset of reference, cause upload model dialog to stick with error
  • MAINT-6855 Developer > Show Info > Show Render Info is not reporting accurate vertex counts for Selected Objects
  • MAINT-6860 [NEKO] Incorrect behaviour of flatlistview in Appearance floater which leads to crash
  • MAINT-6861 Viewer crashes when attempting to block an experience from the permissions request dialog.
  • MAINT-6872 Account for CTRL+0 zoom when mesh LOD is calculated
  • MAINT-6875 Viewer crashes after double clicking on Upload>Mesh
  • MAINT-6880 Viewer update notification is not centered
  • MAINT-6884 [VOB] Issues with the Outfit Gallery and viewer crashes - out of memory crashes since VOB
  • MAINT-6891 Chat longer than "fade after n lines" doesn't show except in chat history
  • MAINT-6901 Another mesh upload LOD issue - Slash3D example
  • MAINT-6902 Place Profile -> Region displays incorrect information & incorrect group or group is stuck on "Loading..."
  • MAINT-6905 Viewer log may have lots of "WARNING: LLTexUnit::bind: NULL LLTexUnit::bind texture" messages
  • MAINT-6906 Editing landmark name removes the land mark coordinates
  • MAINT-6909 logChattimestamp in Debug settings doesn't work
  • MAINT-6911 Viewer crash in ntdll.dll after using "Clear settings & reset form" in mesh upload window.
  • MAINT-6912 When specifying a physics mesh from disk the name user entered name gets over written
  • MAINT-6917 Setting one avatar to "Do not render" causes all avatars to become imposters
  • MAINT-6918 When viewer language is not set to English, LibVLC version does not display in system information.
  • MAINT-6919 New SKU description doesn't fit in REGION/ESTATE ->Region tab
  • MAINT-6920 Add more information to Help > About Second Life
  • MAINT-6929 [Contribution] E-mail links are not parsed correctly when top level domain is over 6 characters.
  • MAINT-6936 Black screen following toggle to wireframe in photo dialogue.
  • MAINT-6938 Inventory gear menu - disabled entries are enabled
  • MAINT-6949 Visual Outfit Browser - rename worn outfit is not reflected in gallery view
  • MAINT-6951 Closing Appearance window forces avatar and camera movement regardless of circumstance.
  • MAINT-6957 A high object bonus can cause incorrect parcel land capacity to appear in the build tool's Advanced floater
  • MAINT-6961 Some textures(copied from Library) couldn't be set as Outfit image via "Select image" although drag and drop works fine
  • MAINT-6962 Viewer crashes when saving sky preset and clicking "Save" button twice
  • MAINT-6964 Stars are shaped like Pac-man.
  • MAINT-6967 Crash in LLFloaterAvatarPicker::find()
  • MAINT-6970 Crash in LLFloaterPermsDefault::updateCap()
  • MAINT-6974 '[ERROR_MESSAGE]' dialog is shown if try to bulk apload any .txt file
  • SL-448 Implement a limit to block list

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Known Issues

  • BUG-10447 Unable to see group members belonging to any group role in the Roles tab until you switch to the Members tab and back to Roles tab.