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Release Notes for v5.0.4 (325124) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on April 03, 2017.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


We’ve gone back and picked up a bunch of old, dried up bugs and fixed them. Mixed them together with some fresh new bugfixes, put some sweet new features on top and are glad to present you with a nice hot batch of Maintenance Release.


  • Avatar Rendering & Complexity:
    • We will now remember your choices of whether to render or not render certain avatars. You can set this by right-clicking on someone in-world and choosing Render avatar -> Default / Always / Never.
    • Your selections can be seen (and changed) in Preferences -> Graphics -> “Exceptions…” (under) Maximum Complexity. Hit “+” in top right corner of the Exceptions floater to add more.
    • We’ve also added a setting to always render your friends, regardless of complexity.
  • Grid Status: you can now add a Grid Status button to your screen from the Toolbox (Me -> Toolbar)
  • Setting Custom Upload folders: We’ve added a way for you to set it & forget it! Right click on a folder -> Put Future Uploads here -> Textures / Models. You can see the defaults under Preferences -> Uploads.
  • Inventory Offers: we added the name of the object offered to Inventory Offer messages. Because why didn’t we have them in the first place?
  • Inventory floater was missing UI for spawning new Inventory floaters. So now you can do it even if you don’t know the Ctrl+*Shift*+*I* shortcut.
  • Library items can now be worn via a right-click context menu, and not just drag & drop.
  • LLTextBox message lines will extend along with the length of the message now.
  • Snapshot window will now remember what you did last and open with that mode next time. It will also once again fill in the “From” field to the avatar’s full name.
  • Block list: You can now see and change the type of block (Voice / Text / Particles) from within the block list in People floater. We also fixed a few old issues with unblocking and object blocking fails.
  • You’ve always been able to Duplicate an object (when permissions allowed it) with CTRL+D but now you can also do it via Build->Object menu.


  • Some builds wouldn’t link to release notes. Now they do.
  • Multiple minor UI tweaks & fixes
  • Removed several instances of legacy People API usage, thanks to Ansariel Hiller.
  • Build floater used to hide behind other floaters due to wrong Z-priority. Not no more!
  • Appearance editor didn’t “Save as” as well as it should have, but now does.
  • Appearance editor performance used to be awful if inventory wasn’t fully loaded. Better now.
  • Avatar animations wouldn’t play after several operations with editing and wearing objects, but do now.
  • Closing inventory window used to leave an orphaned context menu. Go home, context menu! You’re done.
  • Active listings folder stayed active after everything was cut from it. We don’t need that confusion.
  • Teleport offers and Eject messages will show complete name when that’s what you’ve chose to see.
  • You can now remove friends even when you’re in a Groups floater looking at Members list.
  • Even if you start editing appearance while flying, the camera will still look at you from the front now.
  • Mac Viewer wouldn’t force a breakpoint crash like it was supposed to. Now it does. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B in case you want to do that sort of thing.
  • Meaningless Error in Marketplace was replaced by a more meaningful one.
  • Fixed a crash in LLPrimitive::~LLPrimitive()
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1206 "Save as" only works once when making skins in the new appearance editor
  • MAINT-1324 Warning message should appears that objects can not be linked while user try to link objects in different regions
  • MAINT-1800 One of general menu item appears at the top of the screen if press any keyboard shortcut while teleporting
  • MAINT-1858 Camera is not looking at avatar from the front if enter in "Editing Appearance" mode while flying
  • MAINT-2132 Avatar hasn't animation while moving if wear and detach object in edit mode
  • MAINT-299 [PUBLIC]Inventory not mentioning additional inventory shortcut
  • MAINT-3235 Stand button not centered when left toolbar is empty
  • MAINT-3509 Context menu orphaned when Inventory floater is closed by keyboard shortcut
  • MAINT-3604 Feature Request. Extend llTextBox message lines according to it's length ( similar to llDialog)
  • MAINT-3683 Test Grid Aditi "login failed" notice has an extra character in pop-up notification
  • MAINT-380 [PUBLIC]Expose "Duplicate Object" feature in Viewer 2 (regression from 1.x)
  • MAINT-389 [PUBLIC]No way to wear an outfit from Library besides drag-n-drop on the avatar
  • MAINT-397 [PUBLIC]Confusing behavior: Inventory, teleport and friendship offers are suppressed silently while IMs are received in Busy mode for established IM session
  • MAINT-5556 [VWR] Active listing folder stays listed, with empty Version folder
  • MAINT-6789 Edit Appearance panel's performance is terrible if inventory isn't fully fetched
  • MAINT-6959 Ability to set custom folders for uploading items
  • MAINT-6980 MacOS: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + B does not force a crash
  • MAINT-7036 Communicate Menu - Voice Morphing - Subscribe Now options - update
  • MAINT-7076 Add the ability to see/modify mute type within the block list
  • MAINT-7104 Quicker and easier access to Grid Status from within the Second Life viewer
  • MAINT-7117 "Reason "Unknown error'" warning dialog is shown when try to list an item without filling in the required fields
  • MAINT-7118 Inconsistant and erroneous use of legacy people API
  • MAINT-7132 Feature request - snapshot window should re-open in last selected mode
  • MAINT-7133 Feature request - add object name to inventory offer chat message
  • MAINT-7138 Fix Agent Limit field and spinner cap in Region/Estate floater
  • MAINT-7142 [MAINT-RC] Complete name should be shown in teleport offer and eject messages
  • MAINT-7146 No callback for 'Url.RemoveFriend' in LLScrollListCtrl
  • MAINT-7167 Change snapshot's social features to use "share" instead of "upload" and "send"
  • MAINT-7168 Feature Request - SL Viewer should remember avatar rendering selection
  • MAINT-7199 Snapshot window: Field "From" on the tab "Send via E-mail" should be initialized to the agent full name
  • MAINT-7206 Viewer crashes when you deselect all types of blocking for other residents
  • MAINT-7208 Some messages have links that are not highlighted
  • MAINT-7215 Add "+" button next to filter editor in Avatar rendering settings floater
  • MAINT-7223 Odd placement on box in chat preferences
  • MAINT-7224 Chat logs move down, leaving huge empty space after trying to select new page
  • MAINT-7225 Blocked objects cannot be unblocked till relog and attempting to block a unique object name falsely reports "You have already blocked this name", incorrect object removed from block list when unblocking.
  • MAINT-7237 [MAINT-RC] Flickr upload button label & window title name still called "Upload"
  • MAINT-7238 Meaningless InventoryMarketplaceError - "This feature is currently in Beta. Please add your name to this Google form if you would like to participate"
  • MAINT-7257 Crash in LLPrimitive::~LLPrimitive()
  • MAINT-768 [PUBLIC]mouse hover triggers foreground and background UI
  • MAINT-908 [PUBLIC]Build Tool has wrong screen priority and can jump behind Map/Search tools even when it is last selected