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Release Notes for v5.0.5 (326444) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on May 18, 2017.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


This shiny new Maintenance:Mimosa release comes with improvements to Trash purging behavior, support for Estate Access override, various UI improvements, and a nice batch of bugfixes old & new.


Access Control:

  • Viewer changes supporting new Estate Ban Lines override and overall clarify behavior. Look for them in your Region/Estate and About Land floater.

Inventory Management:

  • Outfit Inventory Links can now be Replaced, thanks to Ansariel Hiller. To replace, right click on one of the links, select “Replace Links”, drag the new item from your inventory to the Target box and click “Start”
  • Performance improvement in Inventory when search is cancelled.
  • Outfit Gallery: double click on folder will switch to My Outfits.
  • Accidental deletion prevention - Trash:
    • Added a new floater to let you sort through your Trash before clearing it. When you empty trash from there, there's a confirmation dialog with item count too.
    • Backspace won’t act as delete on Windows (but will on Mac, because there’s no other delete)
    • Purge trash will tell you how many items you're permanently deleting. (Known issue: if you delete just a folder, the item count is incorrect).
    • You can no longer purge trash from Recent Items tab, because you might think you're deleting just the recent items, but in fact it's everything.

Preferences, Settings, & Defaults:

  • Build floater: new option to lock texture repeats: “lock repeat”. Applies only to chosen textures, not presets.
  • Added highlighting in Block list after an item is blocked.
  • Ctrl+W closes windows even when you’re logged out now.
  • Lowered the default volume for Streaming Music & Media. Ed Merryman, this one’s for you! And all the new users.
  • Avatar Render Settings: improvements to discoverability & usability. For Simon. He deserves it.
  • New Debug setting ScriptDialogLimitations lets you show more than one dialog per object (0 -> 1/script; 1-> 1/channel; 2 -> 1/channel for HUD; 3&4 -> unrestrained for HUD; 4 -> HUD won’t close previous dialogs)
  • Added a preference (Preferences > Chat > Auto-complete gestures in nearby chat) for those times you’re doing something else with the “/” trigger.
  • Added a debug setting “MaxAttachmentComplexity" to increase per-attachment render limit. For you, Lucia Nightfire.


  • Uninformative alerts are now more informative
  • Localized a bunch of newer text in the viewer
  • Changed menu item to better expose the super useful Region Objects floater.



  • Bounding box was sometimes incorrectly defined during upload leading to incorrect LOD and physics mesh stretching
  • Increased timeout for bulk image uploads and added logging to find other causes of Image upload failures.
  • Fixed a crash in Upload Model floater.
  • Fixed insufficient funds notification at upload.

Chat & Notecards:

  • Object IM’s URL would eat some chat. Bad url, chat is not for you.
  • Text chat block now works separately from Voice chat block, like we implied it would all along.
  • Incoming IMs would sometimes steal focus. That’s annoying, so they won’t now.
  • Mixed line endings were causing problems when pasting into a notecard.
  • Chat history layout bugfix.

Inventory & Appearance:

  • Missing inventory update on “Save As” in appearance panel led to some funny effects of multiple skins, shapes, footbases etc. Not that funny, so we fixed it.

Building and such:

  • Build dialog has icons for owner and creator like it should.
  • Deeded to group objects: Permissions should be checked against owning group instead of active one. Duh.
  • Got rid of various spurious “Cancelled Sit” and “Cancelled Autopilot” messages
  • Fully transparent objects can be selected now, if you want to do that.
  • “Repeats per meter” allows you to input negative values and doesn’t reset them in the spinner. Flip your horizontal and vertical all you want, Whirly.


  • A fix for a remote exploit issue, thanks to Joosten Briebers
  • Mac crash from online/offline notifications
  • Logs cleanup
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-1086 Cannot select a fully transparent object with Beacon Highlight
  • MAINT-1239 There is no icon of owner and creator in build dialog
  • MAINT-1463 Permission inconsistencies with deeded object's contents vs. object itself
  • MAINT-1911 Viewer continues to spend time in 'Arrange' after Inventory search is cancelled.
  • MAINT-3221 "Repeats per meter" does not allow direct input of negative values
  • MAINT-3223 (Feature Request) Texture repeats synch feature
  • MAINT-3595 Feature Request: Switch to turn off auto-complete of gestures in local chat.
  • MAINT-6283 Display names that contain 'http:' or 'https:' are transferred to the new line in chat history
  • MAINT-6404 Mixed line endings cause problems when pasting into a notecard
  • MAINT-6477 VOB - Click on an outfit folder from Outfit Gallery tab does not open folder or enlarge image
  • MAINT-6519 [Contribution] [VOB] Renaming of Outfit Inventory Links
  • MAINT-7058 Failure to copy Extents into new face when uploader creates new (secret) materials causes bounding box to include unit cube at origin, which may be outside uploaded geometry, causing incorrect LOD and physics mesh stretching.
  • MAINT-7074 [SECURITY] Interactionless remote memory corruption via <icon> and attacker-controlled TGAs
  • MAINT-7145 Eliminate LLSingleton circular references
  • MAINT-7162 Forced sit on a physical object triggers a bogus "Cancelled Sit" message
  • MAINT-7196 Viewer changes supporting Allow Override
  • MAINT-7210 Image upload failures seen with SL Viewer, Firestorm, and other Viewers - Viewer Issues
  • MAINT-7243 Constant crashing on mac OS Sierra from Online/Offline-notifications
  • MAINT-7247 Crash when closing "Upload model" floater right after selecting model
  • MAINT-7249 [MAINT-RC] Wearing multiple shapes, skins, foot bases, hairbase/eyebrows or eyes each time you use "Save as" in appearance panel.
  • MAINT-7267 UI issue on hi-res monitor causing preferences menu to lose letters when set to higher UI scaling
  • MAINT-728 [PUBLIC]Only the latest of multiple dialogs remains available
  • MAINT-7313 Feature Request: Please connect the recent per attachment reported render weight cap to a debug setting.
  • MAINT-7320 Avatars with muted chat can't start voice calls
  • MAINT-7324 Make changes to Region/Estate and About Land floaters to clarify and add functionality
  • MAINT-7330 Redundant and verbose logging of LLSingleton circularity
  • MAINT-7339 Preferences: Ctrl+W does not close window when not logged in
  • MAINT-7340 Incoming IMs steal focus if "Open conversation window" setting is enabled
  • MAINT-7349 An item is not highlighted in Block panel after blocking it
  • MAINT-7351 New Default volume for Streaming Music & Media
  • MAINT-7354 Feature - Revise bloated Trash alert to display Trash, not prompt to purge it all
  • MAINT-7357 Feature - Disable delete function of the Backspace key on Windows
  • MAINT-7359 Feature request - improve new Avatar Render Settings window
  • MAINT-7367 Change "Linksets..." on Build menu to "Region Objects"
  • MAINT-7386 secondlife:///app/objectim url's eat the rest of chat
  • MAINT-7403 Disallow emptying Trash while in the Recent tab of Inventory
  • MAINT-7413 Feature - Display confirmation dialog after clicking Empty Trash on Trash floater
  • MAINT-7414 "Trash floater" is not shown when removing multiple items at once when above InventoryTrashMaxCapacity limit