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Release Notes for v5.0.8 (329115) - Second Life Viewer

Second Life Release Viewer version

Released on September 22, 2017.

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[ Windows | Macintosh | Linux]

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Release Notes


Moonshine was originally a slang term used to describe high-proof distilled spirits usually produced illicitly, without government authorization. In recent years, however, moonshine has been legalized in various countries and has become a term of art. Legal in the United States since 2010, moonshine is defined as "clear, unaged whiskey".

This deploy is filled with a jigger of crash fixes, a splash of translation fixes and a kick that will make you say "I can't feel my face anymore!"

New Features:

  • Better information on animations: Develop->Avatar->Animation Info
    • all '0000' cases don't happen for own avatar (it is fine for others)
    • inventory animations display animation name
    • in-world animations marked as such
  • Expanded Inventory:
    • Added Worn tab with option to show selection in Main panel
    • My Inventory > Gear menu > Show filters:
      • Created by me, Created by others
      • Search by Name, Description, Creator, UUID

Ongoing infrastructure work:

  • Increased minimum & default cache size. Added cache version guard. Additional work on viewer caches is ongoing.
  • Viewer will no longer hammer login during an outage.
  • Logging changes & cleanup.

Odd UI behaviors fixed:

  • If SLVoice process crashes, we’ll now disable the Speak button, so that you’re not laboring under false pretext.
  • Typing a slash in the internal browser no longer moves focus to the chat window.
  • You were not able to save login credentials on clean install, but now you are, thanks to Nicky Dasmijn.
  • Inventory & Marketplace Listings floaters had oddly small scroll zones.
  • System information was truncated in JIRA issues filed through "Help -> Report bug" when viewer language is not set to English. We like and use that information, so that’s fixed now.
  • Correctly display time & date in all languages in About Second Life.

Other odd behaviors made less odd:

  • Avatar used to stop near the region's border when crossing it with autopilot, but now it will boldly go where you told it to go.
  • In the past, local viewer wouldn’t show seated avatar following the seat object when object would move. Now everything moves smoothly as it should.
  • Changing avatar sex while sitting used to break animations until relogging. No longer!
  • If you cut an item and delete it, it will actually delete.
  • Flexi-prims used to flap wildly in a high-fps viewer, but will now flap no more than 60fps.
  • We now won’t allow you to add your own avatar to rendering exceptions list. Apparently, that makes you invisible.

Bucket of Bug fixes :

  • Videos will no longer keep playing in the internal browser after you’ve closed the browser window.
  • If you log in on a dev grid, you get that grid’s search.
  • Auto-open debug console if any "Info to Debug Console" operations are picked
  • Unicode install path FTL & other bugfixes.
  • Crash report was not generated/sent if appdata path contains unicode symbols. That’s bad, we want all the crashes.
  • Various crash fixes and speculative crash fixes.
  • Outfit Gallery was leaking memory. Now we give it back when done with it.
  • Outfit gallery would duplicate photos for an outfit in some cases. No more of that annoying behavior.
  • The "Confirm before deleting filtered items" notification no longer appears when deleting Marketplace listings
  • Several fixes to Avatar picker floater to better pick avatars with.
  • Search Places checkbox was not showing correctly to non-land-owners. That was weird.
  • Added missing translations.
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Resolved Issues

  • MAINT-142 Speak button remains enabled in case of SLVoice process termination
  • MAINT-2047 Avatar follows the object only once if change object's location in Edit mode
  • MAINT-2701 Missing translations in russian: all languages pending translation round, and pending release
  • MAINT-5013 Changing avatar sex while sitting breaks animations until relogging
  • MAINT-6080 YouTube videos in In-Game Browser persist after closing browser window
  • MAINT-6931 Flexi-prims flap wildly in a high-fps viewer
  • MAINT-6976 Open grid's in Search floater
  • MAINT-7065 Better information on animations running on the logged-in Avatar
  • MAINT-7326 Review default sizes for texture and VFS cache
  • MAINT-7329 Review the 64 motion limit and how we handle it
  • MAINT-7402 Typing a slash in the SL Internal Browser moves focus to the chat window.
  • MAINT-7446 Unicode install path - After viewer installs, the dos box launch command fails to start the viewer.
  • MAINT-7495 Viewer retries multiple times upon receiving a 504 from login.cgi
  • MAINT-7508 Trash says that it will delete items, but some items are being ignored
  • MAINT-7541 Not able to save login credentials on clean install
  • MAINT-7554 Implement Frame throttling
  • MAINT-7565 Inconsistent name format in nearby chat toast and chat history
  • MAINT-7566 Better define 6016 for MAX_SNAPSHOT_IMAGE_SIZE
  • MAINT-7576 Scroll zone might be too small for inventory and market place listing floaters
  • MAINT-7587 Unresolved region name variable when trying to enter skill gaming region
  • MAINT-7593 "Failed to parse parameter" spam
  • MAINT-7596 [Windows]System information is truncated in JIRA issues filed through "Help -> Report bug" when viewer language is not set to English.
  • MAINT-7610 deadobject list increments incorrectly leading to possible memory overwrite
  • MAINT-7625 [Margarita] Wrong warning when deleting an empty folder
  • MAINT-7637 Don't allow adding own avatar to rendering exceptions list
  • MAINT-7649 Crash in LLVolumeFace::cacheOptimize()
  • MAINT-7655 Auto-open debug console if any "Info to Debug Console" operations are picked
  • MAINT-7671 display_startup() is called twice per frame on login screen
  • MAINT-7673 Date/time is not display correctly in About Secondlife - Spanish language only
  • MAINT-7680 Viewer crashes after refreshing Script limit floater when region not set
  • MAINT-7683 Avatar stops near the region's border when crossing it with autopilot
  • MAINT-7691 Crash report is not generated/sent if appdata path contains unicode symbols
  • MAINT-7728 Viewer crashes if trying to send snapshot via email when region not set
  • MAINT-7732 Crash in LLLiveLSLEditor::loadScriptText(LLVFS *,LLUUID const &,LLAssetType::EType)
  • MAINT-7737 Memory leaks in Outfit Gallery
  • MAINT-7739 Make LLOSInfo a Singleton
  • MAINT-7745 After editing an outfit, duplicate photos appear in the Outfit Gallery for outfits that previously had no photo.
  • MAINT-7752 Crash in LLPreviewNotecard::handleSaveChangesDialog(LLSD const &,LLSD const &)
  • MAINT-7753 The "Confirm before deleting filtered items" notification appears when deleting Marketplace listings
  • MAINT-7757 [MAC] Crash in LLViewerWindow::saveImageNumbered(LLImageFormatted*, int, int&)
  • MAINT-7758 Freeze or crash in frame() if loading lsl scripts from unicode named windows folders.
  • MAINT-7760 Crash in LLViewerChatterBoxInvitation::post(..)
  • MAINT-7761 [Moonshine] Inventory UUID search does not exclude assets that are limited perms.
  • MAINT-7762 [Maint: Moonshine] breaks clickable functionality for certain HUDs
  • MAINT-7768 Unable to get Choose to work in Abuse Report means unable to file AR
  • MAINT-7783 Outfit gallery panel is opened briefly when you are quitting viewer
  • MAINT-7786 Crash in LLVivoxVoiceClient::provisionVoiceAccount()
  • MAINT-7794 Wrap getCapability(..) calls to avoid crashes
  • MAINT-7820 Crash in LLEventPump
  • MAINT-948 Search Places Check Box Not Showing as Checked to non-land-owners
  • SL-683 Instrument viewer cache
  • SL-684 Add cache version guard
  • SL-711 Eliminate a some overheads in texture cache.
  • SL-717 Additional search options for inventory window
  • SL-776 Disk cache purge not purging headers if headers are corrupt or cause version mismatch